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Yes Ten Tips…Does Your Online Image Match Your Offline Image?

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( No, I am not talking about catfish or people faking profiles online.  I will cover that in later posts.

But today I am discussing Business Etiquette and your professional image!

This will help ensure that your online persona gels with how you want to be perceived offline.

Social Media for some us began as a way to connect with friends and family and could totally get a little raunchy.  Especially if you were college age, like me, when you started tinkering with blogging, social media and electronic photos.  So switching from a party online profile to a professional one is a struggle that I understand completely!

Your Business Etiquette Supergirl is here to rescue you!

Who knew that the internet would be this big or be used for transacting so much business?

Here are 10 Business Etiquette Tips to Make Sure that Your Image online is consistent with your IRL (In real life) Image.

1. Make sure that your profile picture is of YOU.  Not a logo or your cat.

2. Make sure that your profile picture shows your eyes so that your clients and potential clients can connect with you.

3. Make sure that your profile picture is consistent with doing something that somebody in your field would be doing.  So good Business Etiquette ExpertsBusiness woman working in office will usually be seen in a smart blazer, crisp shirt and neat hair.  I usually show my picture with me signing my books because there is eye contact, I am well dressed and I want people to know that I have authored a book.  But maybe I would not be as effective if I was surfing.

4. Be mindful of your comments online.  I know, this is not the sexiest of Tips.  I personally struggle with this all of the time because my strong and wacky online personality does not traditionally coincide with Business Etiquette.  So I have had to make major changes to what I was sharing online.

If you feel like you need an online polishing, please contact us so that we can give you a professional polishing prescription.

5. Update awesome professional accomplishments, events and speeches with favorable pictures.  Pictures are the most compelling form of media besides video.

6. Keep your LinkedIn profile up to date. Many professional people refer to LinkedIn to look for professionals and to check up on the people that they are potentially going to work with.

7.  If you have a personal twitter or facebook account, make sure that you have your privacy settings high so that you are not easy to locate by those who you do not wish to find you.  Do not forget to remain mindful of your post even when your updates are protected.

8. Blog, I know that this may sound strange, but if you Blog and Blog often, your personal brand will have positive content to push up to the front of Google to push down the negative ranked info on Google.  This will be so helpful and it will help to establish you as an expert in your field!

9. Post Videos.  This also helps your google ratings especially when posted on YouTube, but people will also get to know you so it will be easier to relate to you.  You will acquire more clients from people who like your personality!

10. Truly be yourself.  While Business is all about being professional, not being yourself is just way too much work!  Professionalism is required, but be uniquely yourself.  Speak in your own language, offer value and remember that the interenet is where MANY people get MOST of there business.  So it IS Real and how you behave online can have a considerable effect on your business and its bottom line!

Staff Writer; Sharelle D. Lowery
Her Team at Classy, BlackGirl takes the Urban Business and Upgrades It! that YOU can do business equally in the playing field!  Contact them at 510-414-2369 Direct or online at

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