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Why parents need to step their game up.

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( There’s all this talk about what President Obama needs to do about gun violence and what schools need to provide programs so that our children can succeed. But the key to the success of our youth starts at home with the parents.  A parent is someone who gives birth to a child, raises, and nurtures, educates and protects that child.

Now it may be hard to believe but there is a difference between a parent and someone just having a kid. Just having kid is well just getting pregnant or  getting someone pregnant and that’s pretty much it. But a parent actually takes the time to prepare their kids for the harsh realities that this cruel and unforgiving world may bring sometimes.

The biggest problem that not just the Black community is facing but our society in general is facing is that we have too many people just having kids and not raising them. It’s funny how everyone always brings up dead beat dads which are at the top of my “You need your ass-whipped list” but another group of people who I have an issue with are lazy mothers. A dead beat mother is a woman who has a child but does the same exact thing as a dead beat father and that’s not taking care of her responsibilities as a parent.

I can’t begin to tell you how sick I feel when I see young mothers out here teaching their daughters to go after men only for their money at the age of nine or ten. Another issue I have with these types of women is that when they have a child with a man and that relationship turns sour they use the child or children as pawns to get back at their ex.

The point that I’m trying to drive home is that our children are the future and if we want them to reach their true potential then we as a community need to stop blaming everybody else and expecting everybody else to raise our children for us and step to the plate or simply just step our game up……..

Staff Writer; Shawn Hudson 

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4 Responses to “Why parents need to step their game up.”
  1. Shawn Hudson says:

    I saw Don’t Sleep last night about the violence in Chicago everyone wants to blame rap for their kids bein dumb enough to kill each other which is sad and why i wrote this article because the parent is a childs first teacher and if you set a solid foundation for a child then no one can influence them.

  2. jabrill rahman-bey says:

    During the 80’s and the early 90’s we waged war against each other the priciples that our mothers and fathers had got lost in the process.SO WE SEE A GENERATION THAT IS COMPROMISING WITH IGNORANCE.

  3. This has been happening for the past 2. – 3 generations, mothers and fathers have relinquished their responsibilities to raising their children to tv, radio, the internet, and schools. Even our childcare is unacceptable. Teachers no longer care about students the way they used to care. In all fairness to single mothers, they do have a hard time because of having to work, but that’s where the lack of having a real community comes in. From the 60’s on back, the community helped to see that children were doing the right thing. Now we’re doing all this on our own, which makes raising a child that much harder, on top of this, by following behind people who don’t look like us, our morals and values have changed.

    So we no longer think as a community, we think as individuals now. This is and will always be our downfall. Our past gives us a guide in the direction we should go in, but we’re too afraid to do what we need to do because we’ve become so dependent on outside resources for everything we need, rather then independently creating the resources we need for ourselves. I would say this is working for 30 – 40 percent of our population, but the rest of us are still struggling. Black people need to realize, we are the problem and the solution. We can continue on this path of self destruction or we can come together to help each other reach our full potential as a people.

    Black Unity means financial independence and happiness

  4. Mack says:

    Great article. Its just that deadbeat moms get a societal pass. They get the option to deflect back onto the guy. The prevailing thought is they don’t GET pregnant; the guy GOT them pregnant.

    There’s also a difference between raising a kid, and simply watching one grow up. Too many parents are watching their kids grow up, and not actively RAISING them. Not helping to raise your kid is some punkass nigger sh!t. I don’t know any other way to put it.

    And any woman who intentionally keeps a father out of his child’s life is a suckerass negress heifer. I’m being polite here. And if that offends any of you negress heifers out there, you can kiss my yellow ass, because its the truth…

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