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Thursday, June 21, 2018

Yes, Lame Black Christian Cop-Out.

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( A black Christian Obama voter called me after the election. For years, I have informed him of Obama’s attacks on Christianity and anti-Christian agenda. He praised Romney for saying in his concession speech that we need to pray for our president. Then he added, “I prayed that God will bind everything in Obama that is not like Him.”

Folks I politely, but quickly, ended our conversation. I was sickened by my friend’s weak attempt to cover his sell-out to skin-color under a shroud of  Christian principles.

This guy had the audacity to quote Bible scripture about how Christians are commanded to pray for their political leaders. Maybe he’s praying that God will cause Obama to have a change of heart as more black babies are exterminated. What a religious crock of you-know-what.

Passing on an opportunity to end Obama’s anti-Christian agenda solely because he is black like you is a Judas betrayal.

Before the election I told a black Christian minister friend that Obama was pro-abortion and pro-infanticide. I told him that 40 Catholic groups were suing the Administration for forcing them to fund abortion services in Obamacare. I told him that not only does Obama support gay marriage, but Obama vowed to be an advocate of the gay, lesbian, bisexual and transgender communities.

My friend did not dispute one of my facts. He simply said Romney’s plan would bankrupt our economy and that he was voting for Obama, the lesser of two evils. Keep in mind, folks, that this guy claims to be a man of God. And yet he is in essence saying the murder of innocent babies and the furthering of the homosexual agenda are acceptable collateral damage. His shameful logic is BS to hide his racism and idolatry of skin color.

This same black minister friend called me after the election. I did not take his call.

Staff Writer; Lloyd Marcus

Chairman of The Campaign to Defeat Barack Obama.

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Lloyd is singer/songwriter of the American Tea Party Anthem and author of Confessions of a Black Conservative, foreword by Michele Malkin.




27 Responses to “Yes, Lame Black Christian Cop-Out.”
  1. C. Smith says:

    TO EX-Southern Baptist: Are you a follower of Islam?

    Fact: The purchase of slaves still exists in Islamic countries. Saudi Arabia officially abolished slavery in the 1960’s.

    Fact: It was the power of Christianity that ended slave trade in the Western world a century earlier. Name another country or culture that stated a cultural and political movement to free it’s slaves? That even considered that slavery was ‘inherently’ wrong?

    It was the Christian God that guided the events of history to bring a nation of people out of slavery without them practically not having to lift a finger. The last time that happened was the Exodus of he Jews from Egypt.

    I wish to “co-exist” in respect with those in black community that subscribe to Islam. However, it is insulting to be considered somehow weak or have a ‘slave” mentality because of my Christian faith. The problem is because of ‘sin’, lack of faith and “marginal” leadership most Christians cannot “appropriate” the power that lies in the Word of God in the Bible.

    The root of our problems in this country is spritual.

    Until that is addressed, no political prescriptions will resolve the issue.

  2. Black christians…smh….with the narrow minded slave mentality. I hope one day they all find true freedom to think for themselves. I know i did.

  3. Truth says:

    Obama maybe a christian but he is not the “christian” president. Its called the separation of church and state. How would you like a muslim president to push their muslim agenda into law and expect christians to follow it. Romney is a mormon who supports a religous group that is based on a different bible that is other than the holy bible, and you thinks he is a good choice? The bible says obey the law of the land and render unto ceaser what is ceasar. The law of the land gives people certain rights that may be against the doctrine of the bible, but these people who practice this behavior are not beleivers. The same law protects your right top be a beleiver and live in peace. The situation is more complex than you are presenting it. By the way i am against abortion and homosexuality, but I also support the separation of state and church in a multireligous and multicultural soceity.

  4. C. Smith says:

    AMEN!! White liberals have found a black face to hide behind to promote their social and economic policies that are and have been destructive to the black community for the last 40 years.

    It is sad that a steady 15% unemployment rate and a 30% drop in weatlth among the black community in the last 4 years wasn’t enough to demonstrate that Obama wasn’t their savior after all. However so many of us are to filled with resentment, hopelessness and “revenge” to see beyond color that we can be easily manipulated.

    What is funny is that the Obama administration “now” has absolutely no incentive to help the black community but you all that voted for him got your chance to stick it to the man…

    One silver lining is that the liberals won’t have a black face running next time to hide behind…

  5. Ulo says:

    I Samuel Chapter 8 shows God AND Jesus don’t give a DAMN about politics. O yea – He/She WITHOUT sin cast the first stone. Oh a if you cast it—-the stone will boomerang and knock you butt back to pre-history.

  6. Mack says:

    @ Dcarter910:

    Bruh, I hear you loud and clear. You brought Jesus into the conversation as it relates to politics. So lets deal with that. Jesus ‘voted’ his support for Caesar when he paid taxes to him. (See Matthew 17:24-27). Paying taxes represents support of the government. It also represents submission to the government. Do you disagree with this? And we all know how wicked those Roman Caesars were. They were some of the most sexually depraved men who ever lived. See the movie ‘Caligula’ for further clarification.

    So, was Jesus in support of sexually depraved men; or was a greater lesson being taught here? I challenge you to seek that answer for yourself.

    As for me, I don’t trust in politics at all. Nor do I place all the onus of responsibility for my life on God. I trust God, but I also trust God-in-me; not so much a God-outside-of-me. Major difference. If you understand the truest essence of so-called ‘Christianity’ you would know exactly what I mean.

    People trip me out when they talk about what’s considered ‘worldly’ and whats not. Its worldly to drive modern cars. Its worldly to sip a Coke or a Pepsi. Its worldly to sit at home and type on a computer created by other worldly non-Christian men and women. When you bust up that steak or salad, chances are someone worldly prepared it for you. Voting is no more worldly than checking your emails are.

    And wait a second: Don’t YOU pay taxes too?! So are you not inadvertently supporting the same worldly government you’re railing against? This is what I mean by christians arguing themselves into corners sometimes and come out looking silly.

    But I don’t want to make this too deep. Lets keep it simple: whether you actually vote or chose not to, YOU’RE STILL VOTING! You cannot choose to NOT participate. It doesn’t work that way. Any more than you can choose not to support the law of gravity. But you can always renounce your American citizenship if you truly decide not to participate.

    We’re not talking about spiritual versus materialistic: at the end of the day its ALL spiritual homie, and needs to be looked at with a critical mind.

  7. Dcarter910 says:


    Despite all I said, you can not elevate your response beyond the realm of politics. Comparing Jesus voting to driving in a Honda? One is materialistic in view and other is spiritual. Spiritual people speak in spiritual terms and worldly materialistic people speak in worldly materialistic terms.

    Who Jesus would vote for, represents who Jesus would put his hope and trust in. That is why people vote, it is a action of declaring hope and trust in a person or institution. Ever heard of “Hope and Change”?

    Anyway, you keep Hope in government (see also: Man), and I will keep my Hope in God (See also: Alpha-Omega) and we will see who is let down and disappointed at the conclusion of things. And I will exercise my Hope in God by not voting for a man.

    This is not about politics…something deeper.

  8. Ramses says:

    No doubt @Mack

  9. Mack says:

    Funny how once God is invoked into a conversation, it inevitably goes to crap. Some of these Christian commentators sound like loony cult members. Can I imagine Jesus going into a voting booth? That’s like asking if I can imagine Jesus pushing a Honda Accord or a Bentley. It’s a moot point. I’ve found throughout life that those who think they understand the bible most are those who really understand it the least. They’re also the ones quickest to use the bible to justify their own bullcrap.

    If you think voting for war is more godly than voting for abortion, EVEN THOUGH THE RESULTS ARE THE SAME, more power to you. Just make sure you’re the first to sign your kids up for military enlistment. And if you think that a gay Republican is more righteous than a gay democrat, you need to have your head checked. And probably your drawers too.

    Black folks want to latch onto anything that will keep them from having to face REALITY.

  10. George says:

    I see most are void of understanding, His post is on the money, black Christians professing themselves to be wise have became fools, they have been handed over to a retrobate mind,The creator is not void, He told you what Sin is, and if you Sinned you would not be of his kingdom, Yet some one advocates Murder, Homosexuality, things he said he hated, you accept? I have news for you, You are not of his kingdom.he said: Now by this we know that we know him: If we keep His Laws, He who says: I know him, but does not keep his law, is a liar, and the truth is not in him, But whoever keep His law, in him truly is Love.

  11. George says:

    James, I read your post and now I am wondering who is it you are serving? You mention James, yet you omited 1:27, you by passed Romans 1: 1-26, and finally to learn what Sin is read 1 John2: 1-6,.I don’t answer to Christian, I am a called out one, I follow what is right as layed out by t=my creator, I live in this world, but I have not adapted it’s ways, I Call Sin out when I see it, I don’t go along with it, you cal people that have a deeper knowledge than you Bible Thumpers, That is a indication who you really are, you act as though you Olve the Creator but you really don’t care much for him, If you attack his people what does that say about you????

  12. George says:

    Some people have been brainwashed so much by their phoney prophets they won’t ever see the truth, Your article is 100% correct, and this is what I have seen most of my life from black Christians, They don’t care who is in their pulpits as long as they make them feel good, Most fail to see how the men of The creator were treated, Killed, maby that is why they are afaird, they may have to go through something or people won’t like them if they stand for truth, at the tower of Babel, the speech was changed, he did not create races, their is only one race and that is the human race, There is only one temple, Until they learn that the Creator or Messiah is not a respector of persons they will remain in the hole they are in, because their prayers are not heard.

  13. Dcarter910 says:

    So, I have read all the responses to my post but none of them address the key points I laid out.

    – Can you see Jesus in a voting booth voting for someone who opposes his Fathers commandments?
    – Why must someone vote in an attempt to choose the lesser of two evils? That is like trying to chose who is less offensive to God.
    – Jesus said render unto Cesar that which is Cesar’s and render unto God that which is God’s. So doesn’t voting mean rendering your “hope” (though historically failed) in a President?
    – Yes, in the bible Daniel did server in Babylon but he NEVER did anything that proved loyalty to a false god. Serving for, and honoring your leaders as a government working and addressing the President with respect is what Daniel in the bible did amounted to. But Daniel never tried to chose a leader nor did he care who what leading. His focus was always on serving his God and despite all opposition he was protected and honored for it.

    Keep voting while your family keeps starving and the blood of your sons and daughters flood the streets. Perhaps the man you voted for might give you some new type of tax payer funded assistance. And then maybe your families will not go hungry and the blood of your sons and daughters will not be poured out like waste on the streets of institutionalized ghettos around America. Maybe…but as for me, in God I trust.

  14. Mack says:

    Exactly. The whole purpose to a lawyer’s job is to find a loophole in the law to exploit. Sounds a lot like a politician to me. Hence why Jesus constantly clashed with them. They even looked to find loopholes in the laws of God.

  15. Ramses says:

    Constantinian Christians the worse…convert on their death bed and think they’re to Heaven….Most politicians have law degrees and the scriptures refer to lawyers as “vipers.” Break it down for yourself

  16. Ummm Yeah says:

    Good post. Remember, this is not arguing, in my opinion, whether Obama should or shouldn’t be pro-abortion or gay marriage etc. It is attacking the hypocrisy of the Black pastors who ignore clearly anti-biblical teachings in favor of other factors.

    This is a powerful argument that very few responding to this piece actually address.

    It is the difference in what folks fundamentally say they hold to in their faith and what they practice in reality.

    To me there was a clear choice in this election…neither. But if I had to choose it would be a lessor of two evils choice.

  17. john1513 says:

    Fantastic post and insight; you are wiser than most voting Catholics. Killing the unborn, redefining marriage, and infringing on religious freedom are the three main reasons no thinking Catholic could vote for Obama (many are busy suing him). Without the right to life, there are no other rights. To ignore Obama’s abortion record or ignore what abortion actually is requires a willful ignorance of science and morality.

    “To suggest – as some Catholics do – that Senator Obama is this year’s ‘real’ prolife candidate requires a peculiar kind of self-hypnosis, or moral confusion, or worse.”

    – Archbishop Charles Chaput of the Archdiocese of Denver

  18. Mack says:

    @ Sankofa: LOL @ “Christianinsanity”

  19. ulo media says:

    The hypocrisy of so called Christians is sickening. He who without ANY sin cast the damn stone Geezus

  20. sankofa says:

    “This same black minister friend called me after the election. I did not take his call.” Only common sense!

    When people ask me why I don’t follow Christianinsanity, my new mantra will be i love god, just hate his fan club!

  21. James says:

    I am a Christian.

    I find it hilarious and fairly arrogant that someone would assume that a certain candidate is a “Christian” candidate. If your version of Christianity is weak in that it can be summed up into two stances…abortion and gays…then I’m not sure we worship or understand the same God (and that’s fine too). Some “bible thumpers” only understand “thumping” so let me speak your language.

    James 1:27 – Religion that is “true” according to scripture involves taking care of widows and orphans (notice that voting is not mentioned). Would be nice to see more ministers (and I’m glad that we see a few) who are willing to attack poverty in the name of Christ. Not simply by feeding the homeless, but by attacking a system that perpetuates poverty (ie cutting early education programs, job training, and pell grants but find plenty of cash for bankrupt defense projects).

    Ezekiel 16:49-50 – God destroyed Sodom for reasons I don’t think many of my fellow Christians know. This scripture states specifically why it was destroyed. And among the reasons given…how they treated the poor.

    There are a whole host of others but I’ll not insult your intelligence. I’m sure you have a bible and can find them for yourself. But the thing I think that puts me over the top when talking with people like the author is how quickly they embrace a candidate who nearly every Christian organized faith has labeled a cult…that is until a few months before the election.

    Christianity isn’t some Kanye West “Jesus Piece” you can put on and take off cause you think it will help your candidate. Men are men. And they have flaws. When I vote for a president I vote for someone who can best lead and inspire a diverse group of people forward…not a pope or priest. You want a theocracy? There are many countries that you can choose from. America ain’t it.

  22. Mack says:


    Truth is, he’s your President whether you want him to be or not. Unless you plan to renounce your American citizenship. And while you’re at it, you may as well renounce the US dollar and way of life too.

    That’s why choosing NOT to vote under some religious pretext is silly. You were born part of a system that requires you to participate, either by action or by default through inaction. Either way you still vote.

    What’s amazing to me is when Conservative Christians vilify the Left as being ungodly policy makers: yet they are silent as church mice on issues such as unjust incarcerations, mandatory sentencing, war, the control of government over the church via 501(c)3 tax status, Israel’s treatment of the Palestinians, and the numerous gay Republicans who call the GOP their home.

    Since we’re talking ‘bible’ here for a moment, consider this: Daniel, being Jewish, was taken and trained in all the arts and sciences of the pagan Babylonians. The bible is clear on this in the book of Daniel. This of course included occult knowledge. Yet the bible is also clear that God placed him strategically within the Babylonian king’s administration where he was forced to learn these ‘forbidden’ arts. Was Daniel wrong for serving a pagan king that God assigned him to serve?

    I’m just giving you some things to consider. I understand your Christian zeal; but the Republican script you’re following is not a well thought out argument.

  23. Alfonso says:

    I was under the impression that the President of the United States was the President of ALL U.S. citizens. Would that not include gay, lesbians, and transgender? Is not their movement for equality a civil rights matter and not a religious one? Shouldn’t the gov’t make it easier for you run YOUR house in the matter that you want? Why does he have to cater to one religious group over another? I have never understood why religious groups think they need to legislate their faith. We have Christians, Jews, Muslims, Buddhist and others living here, do we really want laws passed that favor one group over another?

  24. DesJean Jones says:

    Dcarter910 – I am not, in fact, ashamed nor am I diluted. What I am is understanding in an attempt to mimick the actions of Jesus through guidance, truth, and choice–not force. You sound like the folks in the bible who thought the messiah was coming to wreck some stuff and claim his kingdom. Many of them could not conceive of Jesus coming to give His life in sacrifice. Either way, my blessings do not come from the POTUS. They come from God. For that reason, I am completely free to vote my conscience as everyone should be. BUT just because we don’t agree doesn’t make either of us wrong, son.

  25. Dcarter910 says:

    I dont get it. The last two responses to this post are shamefull. You cannot serve two masters, and if you cannot invision Jesus Christ standing in a voting both “checking” a ballot for Obama…then why would you do so. God does not stand with any man that stands in opposition to his word, or promotes opposition to his word. And for you to stand with such a man puts you in opposition to God. I am not saying vote for Romney, but what I am saying is that if satan puts two puppets in front of you…why chose anyone in an attempt to find which one is least offensive to God. When God returns the white house will be destroyed as HE establishes his own kingdom that will never come to ruine. This world is shroweded in darkness and while your voting, your family is still starving, your lights on still on the verge of being turned off and your “honest” hope for the future is still bleak…except those who recognize this world for what it is..”laying in the power of the Wicked One” and that they are “no part of this world, because they are in the world but they are no part of the world” because through faith in Christ Jesus they have been bought out of the world as “first fruits” to God.

    When Satan attempted to tempt Jesus in the wilderness, he offered Jesus all the kingdoms of “the world” if Jesus would bow down and serve him (Satan). You can only offer something you have in your posession. If you put your color or nationalistic ideas above God commaments then you have already accepted the anti-christ perhaps before he has even arrived.

  26. Realman says:

    Here we go again, King Sambo Llody Marcus with his weekly rant about President Obama. Llody is just like a turd that won’t flush, can’t get rid of him. This website should be ashamed of this Negro but since thyblackman is controlled and funded by conversative whites that showcase phoney blacks as being the owners, I’m not that shocked.

  27. DesJean Jones says:

    I am a Christian. By extension, I reach toward being worthy of God every day. But I’m still not worthy. And I’m not perfect. I agree that the President is capable because he is–not because he is perfect and certainly not because he is black. It is not for me to gauge his belief in God. Unlike you, however, I will not gauge that belief simply because of his position on one issue. If that was the test, NONE OF US could call ourselves believers. For the record, I am in favor of a person’s right to CHOOSE even if they are choosing something I may not like. I believe God calls that Free Will. Like Jesus, I won’t cut off anyone with my stiff-necked stance, robbing them of the chance to grow…especially those who need unconditional love the most. Try this out, dude…hate the sin, love the sinner–up close and personal not from a distance. I’m sure if you unlock your own closet, you’ll find more than a few bones with which someone will have a problem. But hey, I’m willing to let you grow from ’em. And hope that you will learn to let others grow, too.

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