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Rihanna, Evelyn Lozada, K.Michelle,; Domestic Violence and Celebrity Priority.

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( Last night marked the end of the first season of Love & Hip-Hop Atlanta. I’m sure many Black women, young and old, tuned in to watch the final episode of the ratchet fest whether they truly wanted to or not. The episode was promoted to be a big bombshell with K.Michelle once again expressing her pain and rage over being beaten by music industry insider and husband to Toya Carter; Memphitz.

The timing of K.Michelle’s “final” words on the subject comes at a time where domestic abuse captures headlines and makes for ratings bumps. Oprah’s heart to heart with Bajan bombshell Rihanna Sunday night has had tongues wagging since news of the interview became public. Everyone knew Oprah would ask about “the incident” and unlike in other interviews it was highly likely Rihanna wasn’t going to be too quick to reveal her explosive temper; which she didn’t.

But K.Michelle and Rihanna are not alone in their struggles with overcoming domestic violence. New to the club no woman should ever be apart of is Basketball Wives’ reigning bad girl Evelyn Lozada. The fiery tempered Latina  was inducted into the female society of shame after getting into an argument with her new husband Chad “Ochocinco” Johnson. A head butt later and Ochocinco is minus endorsements, a spin off, and a wife while Evelyn Lozada must contend with the head butt and how to handle it in her personal and celeb-reality life.

These stories of abuse have raised comments far and wide as to what really happened in every scenario. No one will know what happened between Rihanna and Chris Brown Grammy Night 2009. But we saw her battered face. No one will know what happened between K.Michelle and Memphitz but we saw her all dolled up in a wedding dress with makeup recreating wounds from her abuser as she spoke through clenched teeth and tears about becoming her lover’s punching bag. No one will know what happened between Evelyn Lozada and Ocho but the released 911 call from a neighbor implies at the very least a dispute occurred.

The only people who will know what happened in these instances are the people involved. Yet speculation abounds over how the actions of these well known celebrities affects those inclined to live their life by the celebrity playbook. In an hour long interview the best soundbyte gotten from Rihanna after appearing on Oprah’s Next Chapter is she still loves Chris Brown. The clip has been played on every morning show, entertainment news show, cable news entertainment segment, and embedded in blogs and websites. It would seem as if Oprah asked one question, Rihanna gave one answer and the interview was over.

Similarly with K.Michelle, her story arc on Love & Hip-Hop Atlanta focused more on the abuse she endured from year’s ago then her struggle to break into the music industry as a viable R&B artist. The girl can sing. Her talent was showcased on the show but it was the opening act for the main event; constant pain and rage and defending the truth of what happened to her.

As for Evelyn Lozada, she’s made a career out of snatching wigs, throwing bottles and jumping off tables. Now the table’s are somewhat turned and she finds herself a victim of some of the same verbal and physical brutality she’s bestowed on others.

Each incident these women have gone through will now forever follow them and their careers. It is the infamy they will forever be associated no matter what they do in the future to leave their past behind.

We don’t think of Tina without Ike and “Eat the cake Anna-Mae.” We won’t think of Rihanna and not remember her hospital photograph. We won’t think of K.Michelle without hearing her ranting and raving about her painful past. We won’t think of Evelyn without maliciously thinking she finally got what she deserved? Yet while we’re all caught up in thinking about the abuses these celebrities endured we don’t think about the abuse not publicized.

The Domestic Violence Resource Center reports:

  • 1 in 4 women has experienced domestic violence in her lifetime
  • Between 600,000 and 6 million women are victims of domestic violence each year, and between 100,000 and 6 million men
  • 74% of Americans personally know someone who is or has been a victim of domestic violence
  • 30% of Americans say they know a woman who has been physically abused by her husband or boyfriend in the past year
  • On average, more than three women and one man are murdered by their intimate partners in this country every day

K.Michelle, Evelyn Lozada, and Rihanna are the new public faces for a crime that too often goes unacknowledged. But instead of being agents for change and empowerment the discourse about the abuse they endured is constrained to the media bubble in which they reside. Rihanna’s pain and hurt is relative to her being called the sexiest woman in the world and staying on top of the pop music charts. K.Michelle’s abuse is the ransom paid to reignite her fledgling career. Evelyn Lozada’s abuse will play an important, albeit old, storyline when Basketball Wives returns for its next season. Each woman because of their celebrity has had to sacrifice a moment of extreme hurt and embarrassment in an effort to keep their own hype machine going no matter if they want to break from the world or not. A small price to pay to live the lifestyle of the rich and the famous.

These women will be watched for the rest of their center of media mind days. It is up to them to define themselves and the direction of their lives instead of allowing media manipulators and social media trolls to discuss their abusive details without even acknowledging abuse.

Domestic violence is a serious crime completely cheapened when the poster children for its eradication fall victim to their own hype and promotion of how an incident of their potentially lowest moment can catapult them to apex level Hollywood status.

Staff Writer; Nikesha Leeper

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10 Responses to “Rihanna, Evelyn Lozada, K.Michelle,; Domestic Violence and Celebrity Priority.”
  1. Nicol says:

    I am glad this article talked about the statistics with violence against men which is ignored. We dont know what happened with chris and rihanna. Yes her face was bruised up but I cant bring myself to say he is the abuser if I dont know what happened in their relationship. There is a possibility that rihanna could have been beatin d shit out of chris dis whole time and maybe he cudnt take it anymore and snapped. do u still label him an abuser. in that case i wud label rihanna the abuser. u dont get a pass to hit sumone jus cuz ur a girl!!! I am a woman and I never have and will never hit a man!!!

  2. Amber Gantt says:

    I can’t understand why Rasheed said that stupid shit to K because if she was not there than be quite about it. I can’t understand why they think that this girl would lie about being beat. I know that he want do his wife like that because look at who her baby daddy is he is not crazy. Yes those kind of man live two different life sometime. I was in a abusive relationship for years and he would tell people that I was lying because I wouldn’t never call the police because I didn’t want him to go to jail, but he was beating my ass behind close doors. Now today he is with another lady and he tells her that he never put his hands on me and she think that i am lying but when he snap on her ass I will be right there to say I told you so.

  3. genie says:

    I agree with Steffi 1,000,0000%

  4. yis'sh'yah says:

    let the truth b known rihanna is a devil worshipper her name means daughter of satan youtube wicked evil music industry evelyn and k.michelle are dykes who adorn themselves and use their beauty to destroy men once they don’t get any fame or publicity they either divorce or utterly destroy the men they r what they call harlots and vile profane women fornication brings reproach upon man sadly alot of brothers r learning that the hard way my message to black people is go to and get some understanding we as a people r destroyed for lack of knowledge amerikkka is not our home this is the battlefield where the heartz of men,women and children r tested 400 years in a land that is not ours and our enemies rule over us THINK ABOUT IT!!!!

  5. Jamie says:

    Ive watched basketball wives and I seriously doubt based on her own aggresive, violent behavior that she was innocent in this whole incident with Chad. My question is did she strike him or violate his space? Not that there is an excuse for hitting our head butting someone, but how is it she comes off as the victim here… We’ve all seen this woman get physically aggresive and go after folks because she lost her cool. I believe she had a bigger role in this than reported to police.

  6. Tmj says:

    I think this should be an eye opener for Evelyn hopefully she’ll change her nasty ways. To be as old as she is she had a lot of maturing to do. Stop being so evil, I guess it just came back she always talking about everyone else look in the mirror poo poo!3

  7. Gail Cloy says:

    All of these women are volatile and aggressive. My question is this…”Who passed the first hit?” Are they crying when the male counterpart gets the best of the situation. These couples seem to fight each other as a way of romancing each other. When the first fight begins in the situation, one of the parties must walk away. We have a generation of agressive women who has a way of dealing with anger by striking the persons they are angy with. The allegations of abuse begins when the blows are returned. When you hit someone, whether you are a man, woman, child…you give them permission to hit you back no matter what degree the return blow may be. We have all observed K Michelle and Evelyn as loose cannons. They love to put their business in public. All three ladies need to practice how to be ladies. Men involved with women who likes to slap, scream and make a scene need to walk away or they will eventually be labeled an abuser the first time they respond to their abuse.

  8. Ayanna Costa says:

    I agree with @Steffi. I could have not put it better myself. Evelyn is an abusive violent person. No one has the right to be abused or headbutted etc. But we really need to stop the double standards, it’s okay to throw a bottle at a person because you disagree with what they say, or jump on a table to attack a women you once called a friend. Abuse is ugly regardless of whose the abuser.

  9. Don says:

    Evelyn is crazy.

  10. Steffi says:

    Rhianna is a beautiful talented woman, I hope she gets the guidance and support to continue to be super successful. The other 2 just want to use anything they can to stay relevant. Evelyn is a violent and abusive bully. I think she attacked Ocho and as is her style, she’s going to throw him under the bus and use the situation to drag out another 5 mins of fame….boycott BBW it creates violent young women, teaches people to resolve conflict through violence and Evelyn is the evil ringleader. Shame on anyone who supports her and what she stands for. Shaunie – grow a pair..

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