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Jeremy Lin It For The Money.

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( Jeremy Lin’s Cinderella story continues on but nit in the city of bright lights, not at the World’s Most Famous Arena, not where it all began in New York City. The former New York Knick over night sensation turnover prone “not really a point” guard signed a three year contract with the Houston Rockets for $25 million with almost sixteen of that total due in the final year. I don’t want to bore you (or myself) with dull contract numerology but that back loaded contract was the straw that broke the Knicks back. With the league’s highest paid front court consisting of multi-millionaires Carmelo Anthony, Amare Stoudamire and Tyson Chandler (all who would be under contract during Lin’s three year deal) the team found it very difficult to pay $1.50 per million of luxury tax for all three of those players PLUS Lin.

The potential to make billions off of the league’s sole Asian-American guard did not seem to be a major factor either. In my opinion I believe this decision  will come back to haunt the franchise but enough about that, I rather discuss Mr. Lin taking the game of professional basketball by the balls (pun clearly intended) and making his career the top priority like no other player with the exception of Lebron James two years ago with his “decision” has in quite some time. 

A Harvard grad, Jeremy Lin’s early no dummy and figured like the rest of us that if he ends up being a fluke (he only played 26 games this past season) at least he’ll have $25 million in the bank, not to mention all of the endorsements he’s about to gobble up. There has been a bit of backlash because of these menuvers but I say the heck with that. How can you be mad at any man or woman for that matter that finds a way to make the most of their present situation? We can make overnight celebrities of reality television “stars” but can find a problem with a young man that has the physical ability (short-term or not, fluke or not)  to will his way on to a professional sports franchise in a major market and succeed.

Jeremy Lin is a great example of the American dream personified. He fought hard to make his dreams come true by working hard and most importantly working the system to his advantage. Recently Jeremy Lin made comments that he’d rather have stayed in New York but wanted to go somewhere he was wanted. I can only take that to mean wanted financially, and what’s wrong with that? We all take jobs, leave jobs for new jobs, marry people, divorce people etc, etc because we feel like the grass is greener on the other side. This is exactly what Jeremy Lin did to put it in perspective.

Living in Atlanta I will have  only get to Jeremy Lin play live once a season and that will have to be enough. I wish him well on his new journey to a mid-sized market for to a team that has missed the playoffs the last couple of seasons and despite his signing probably won’t make it during the 2012-13 season. I said he made a great personal decision, I didn’t say it was a “basketball smart” decision. Harvard my ass.

Staff Writer; Donnell Suggs

One may also connect with this talented writer via twitter; Suggswriter  and also facebook; D. Suggs.


21 Responses to “Jeremy Lin It For The Money.”
  1. Rashad says:

    I enjoy looking through a post that will make men and women think.
    Also, many thanks for allowing me to comment!

  2. Umm Yeah says:

    Donald, I suggest you don’t write about basketball unless you understand basketball. Here are the FACTS:

    1. The Knicks never offered him a contract, instead they waiting to see what the market would bear. It bit them in the ass.
    2. Houston was the only team that offered him a contract. Houston was the team that changed the terms on the Knicks NOT Jeremy Lin. So when he went to sign the contract it had nothing to do with him taking more money, THE KNICKS NEVER OFFERED A CONTRACT IN THE FIRST PLACE.
    3. As a restricted free agent, the Knicks would have to match any contract that Jeremy received. They chose not too.

    We can talk about his game all we want, but to say he is about money means you don’t understand the process.

  3. Shaq says:

    I am black but will never think like you, Mr. Suggs. This is exactly why people think we black people are shallow, narrow minded and stupid. I can see the potential and the talent in Jeremy Lin. I can also see his humbleness and his good character. So stop writing and saying things about him that aren’t even true. For your sake, mind your own business and keep your mouth shut!

  4. Eddie says:

    Judging from the article the author has to be black. Most black men are jealous about Jeremy Lin because he is a star in a game dominated by black. Ha ha, this article further validated what they are thinking.

  5. Jake says:

    What an idiot writer! You’re a loser for thinking and saying Jeremy is only after the money. Name me a NBA player who is as talented and as humble as Jeremy Lin. Name me a NBA player who graces the court as much as he does, and who makes NBA fun and exciting again. Name me a player who carried his team to 7 straight victories after their star players got injured. Name me a player who unselfishly passed the ball to his teammates and made everyone looked good in the court. Jeremy Lin made his teammates better. He is not a ballhog like Carmelo Anthony. He is also not being ridiculously paid like most NBA star players who do not even lead their teams to championships. Jeremy Lin is a decent, professional, talented and humble NBA player who is getting paid now for his skills and what he can bring to the team and to the fans. Shut up Donnell Suggs. IDIOT! LOSER! RACIST! STUPID!

  6. j says:

    I know a lot of black people are very reasonable, classy people who respect others. I am sure they represent the majority of their community.

    I also see many disrespectful black NBA writers, players and fans constantly talk trash about the most low key, humble guy like Jeremy Lin.

    I really wonder if the majority of black people resent the minority bringing them down to such a low level?

  7. Noemi says:

    Don’t worry, Jeremy, we are always here for you!!! Don’t mind these stupid writers. We believe in you! You will continue to be great! We love you. Continue to enjoy playing basketball. We will continue to cheer for you! Be happy that you are no longer with jealous Anthony and J.R. Smith. They will fail, I bet! They will never have the charisma that you possess. I hope they get boooodddd when they play! They deserve that!

  8. Angie says:

    Now you, Mr. Donnell Suggs, are STUPID! I bet you couldn’t even make a decent living. I bet you are one of those people who find mistakes from others! I bet you are just like the Knicks players who are just as stupid, ridiculous and awful, just like their boss! Leave Jeremy Lin alone, and do not write any more negative stuff about him! He is one professional athlete who deserves respect and admiration for what he has done in NBA history. I only started to watch NBA games and liked basketball because of him. To me, he will always be admired. I am so happy for him that he is no longer with the jealous-type and unsupportive team players and management. You are a jerk, Donnell Suggs!

  9. Mark says:

    The ONLY reason why the Knicks won a lousy 2 more games than the Rockets was because of Jeremy (please count the number of games Jeremy helped win if you know how Donnell dumb ass Suggs); otherwise, the Knicks would have been behind the Rockets. The Knicks have not even won a championship since 1973, c’mon now, weren’t cellphones invented in the 1970s.

    Jeremy was able to negotiate a great contract and will be playing for a team who is thrilled to have him run the show (isn’t that better than being the 3rd or 4th go to guy?). To any decent intelligent person, he/she would think that Jeremy made a smart basketball decision as well; that is what you call Harvard smart unlike you.

    Don’t be jealous of someone who was actually graduated from Harvard just because you couldn’t get in Donnell Suggs.

  10. Jeremylinforever says:

    Donnell Suggs, don’t write anymore article about Jeremy Lin if you have nothing but the truth to say. Your stupid for even thinking that all Jeremy Lin cares about is money. If this is what he was after, he could have taken all endorsements patiently waiting for him. What Knicks did to him was very unfair, unprofessional and ridiculous! I was a Knicks fan, but after hearing what Anthony and J.R. Smith said about Lin’s contract and jealousy in the locker room, I changed direction. I am now rooting for the Rockets because they are a more decent and professional team who knew how to correct their past mistake of cutting Lin, and who recognized Lin’s potential and true skills. I dare you not write anymore Donnell Suggs because you are the one who is ridiculous, stupid, and racist who has nothing good to say about other people!!!

  11. Kissmybums says:

    The writer did a lot of rambling and downplaying of Lin’s skills. On top of that the writer can’t spell. His grammar is also atrocious. Did he go to school? Did he sleep in school?

  12. Jennifer says:

    NBA players, fans and writers seem to create an unspoken fraternity club with different rules for Jeremy Lin. His first two years salary is $5M per year, essentially the same as a lot of rookie players who have not even played as a starter in NBA. His 3rd year is high, but that is what Houston is willing to pay, and is exactly the same as Asik. Why do people like Melo, JR, Felton etc call him out? Is it because Asik looks like he belongs to the fraternity club and is more deserving hence he gets a pass?

    He did not boast, unlike Felton, to be the best. He just wants to play for a team that wants him and appreciates him. He signed the only offer sheet presented to him. Why so much hate? Why not wait for the 3rd year and let’s the facts determine if he is a winner or bust?

    Black people have been victims of discrimination. Now they seem to be the bullies in NBA at all levels (coaches, scouts, players, fans). How disappointing!

  13. Danny says:

    You dumb jealous loser. So you don’t think it was “basketball smart” to choose Houston, a place he will have a starting job and will be the leader of the team (as mentioned by the Rockets’ management)? Instead, you think he should have stayed a Knick and perhaps be benched by them or continue to declined in production because he will ONLY be making a limited amount of shots while his jealous teammates will be making most of them. And, why stay with a team with teammates who will not support you; Carmelo and J.R. Smith already spoke about their true feelings (sure unprofessional and poor display of a team player).

    Also, the Knicks were only 2 games ahead of the Rockets in the regular season and won ONLY 1 game in the playoff (so the Knicks are not all the great, so please don’t be stupid).

    Having said that, Jeremy is obviously much smarter than your dumb ass; he got more money and the team leader job he wanted. Don’t publish anymore articles and make yourself sound ignorant.

  14. vincent says:

    How can anyone take this clown seriously if he can’t even spell properly.

  15. Thank you all for your comments, be them positive or negative. Keep ’em coming people.

  16. gosuckballs says:

    Yet another racist black with no real logic but hellbent on hating Jeremy Lin cuz he’s Asian.If Lin was in it for the money he wouldn’t have turned down all those endorsement deals.But for sure if Lin was black he would probably have taken all those endorsements, squandered it, then complain about how he needs more money cuz it ain’t enough for his lifestyle as this happens over and over again with black athletes.Landry Fields had two bad seasons but he’s getting a 20 million dollar offer sheet for 3 years.Why you ain’t saying nothing.Speaking of playing only 25 games what about Kwame Brown and all those other black NBA players who have never played any NBA basketball games yet got paid millions to join the NBA and end up being bust?LMAO.Why you ain’t saying nothing..cuz they are black?

    Notice all he did was copy and paste from other so called writers and inject his racist fueled negativity in his opinions.

    See it seems many blacks like to play the race card and don’t want whites to be racist towards them only because they want to do it too and want to be accepted into the white man club and be racist like the white man.

    You are a joke and just like your other black brothers who troll on Lin videos pretty much with the same simple minded lazy generalization hating on Lin cuz he’s Asian.

    You don’t hate on Tim Tebow cuz he’s white and you lick white ass.

    I’ve gone through alot of racism from blacks and so have other Asians.The white man taught you to hate yourselves and Asians.You pathetic piece of tool shit.

    BTW speaking of all about the money, I hear from the white man blacks make up only 13% of the U.S. population yet intake 75% of blacks are on welfare.

  17. Messi says:

    This is ridiculous!
    Why do most college to NBA players only stayed a year in college? Why do athletes even turn professional at all if not for the money?

    You should be asking why D.Wade and Ray Allen after having already made over $150 million in their career are demanding to be paid for representing their country in the olympics.

    A professional athlete’s career is short, don’t begrudge a young player signing his first big pay check … its ridiculous.

  18. Donnell ass Suggs says:

    Donnell Suggs my ass, how is that sounds.

  19. Kitman says:

    Now is the time for Jeremy Lin to show his value in Rocket and bring another excitment to NBA.

  20. Tim says:

    wow, another character assassination article.
    the market has spoken, the public has decided.
    your opinion is the minority.
    you’re in the camp of those who got rich through no work of his own (Dolan), are jealous (melo: “ridiculous” contract, JR smith: “resentment in the locker room”, felton: “I’m better than Lin etc etc…), blatantly obvious stereotypical assessments (“he wouldn’t last that long; he’ll get hurt; it was just a flash in the pan”) and those who demands “fairness” (“if jeremy lin weren’t asian, he wouldn’t be getting all this attention”). affirmative action, nuff said.

  21. Jeremy Lin says:

    You can at least do a spell check before publishing this article…just sayin.

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