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Black Men: Male Grooming Is Important To Us.

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( Brothers you love a woman that keeps her self together right? When the hair is in place, nails are done, the feet are prettied up and the body is tight and right you are a happy camper. It’s just the way you like it. Well don’t be surprised to find out that your woman wants the same. We love a man that’s clean shaven or at least donning a neatly trimmed beard and wearing nice smelling cologne.

We’re not looking for a GQ Model, but we have no problem with other women turning their heads to get a second look at our man either.   Since some of you demand that your woman keep it together I believe we have the right to ask the same of you.

  1. Dirty nails are a no no.  I love a man that works hard. I also understand that some of you have work that calls for you  to get a little grimy and that’s fine. But when the day ends a sista wants to hold nice, clean hands and not hands with residual oil hanging around.
  2. Scrubby Feet. I understand that some brothers are against getting pedicures.  I suppose it’s a man law violation or something.  Well truth be known we women have no problem with a brother taking care of his feet.  As a matter of fact we love it. We also love saving our sheets from the rips and tears of your roughened and clawed feet destroying them. Believe it or not women like nice feet as well as the next man.
  3. Polished shoes.  If you are going to wear dress shoes, loafers or other types of shoes that are run over or dusty let me inform you that this is not a good look. Trust me a little polish goes a long way.
  4. Brothers have at least one nice suit and tie.  I understand that some of you dislike wearing suits, but they are called for on some occasions. Just as sistas have at least one black dress for special occasion, bothers also need at least one suit.
  5. Shower after the gym. Let me just put it nice and simple. Brothers you can’t get much loving smelling like a gym room and that includes hugs and kisses.
  6. Lastly here is my favorite. Sagging Pants is a definite no no. There is no need to go any further.  We are not asking for a suit and tie on a daily basis (even though some sistas may require it).  However, showing the crack of your butt is not manly nor is it sexy. Please wear a belt.  Come on repeat after me “Real Men Do Wear Belts”.

Now brothers I wrote this with no intent to offend anyone. Actually it was all in fun, with a little truth mixed in.  If none of the above pertains to you that’s awesome and it means that you are right on track. If there is a point or two that you can use, then simply take heed.  Remember brothers if we can do it for you, you can do the same for us.

Staff Writer; Eleanie Campbell

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One Response to “Black Men: Male Grooming Is Important To Us.”
  1. You make a few interesting points. I do remember a song a few years ago called “Roughneck” where a rapper declared that she wanted, basically, a roughneck, not a manicured gentleman. Tastes vary.

    I prefer my face clean shaven, however my wife prefers it when I’m a few days unshaven.

    The 6 points you list above are important and every man should take heed. Let me add one more: Wear Clean Clothing. Line of work doesn’t have anything to do with this. Keep yourselves clean and neat. Bring a change of clothing to the job if necessary, but be clean and neat. Not just for your spouse, but for your greater self-image.

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