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Tuesday, June 19, 2018

Rihanna, Chris Brown dating again.

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(ThyBlackMan.com) It wouldn’t be a shocker if Rihanna and Chris Brown started dating again. Victims of domestic violence often return to their abusers. They’ve reportedly been seen at parties together, possibly holding hands, and have apparently collaborated on a remix of the Rihanna song “Birthday Cake.” As upsetting as it may be for those of us that still have vivid memories of Rihanna’s face after her violent encounter with Chris Brown three years ago, it is her choice.

It would be incredibly easy to say to ourselves ‘Rihanna has gotten over it. She’s forgiven him. She’s moved on. We should do the same.’ A lot of people have been saying this exact thing for the past three years. That misses the point entirely.

Earlier this week there was a huge uproar over a video posted on hip-hop magazine XXL‘s website, in which veteran rapper Too Short offered “advice” to teenage boys on dealing with girls that amounted to sexual assault. Apart from the petitions and apologies, the backlash prompted a wide-reaching discussion on the messages sent to youth about sex and sexual violence among community activists, journalists, and scholars across the web. On Twitter, it led to the creation of the hashtag “#ItsBiggerThan2Short.”

It’s bigger than Chris Brown, too.

It’s bigger than Chris Brown because he didn’t invent domestic violence. It’s bigger than Chris Brown because he isn’t responsible for hitting every woman that has ever been a victim of domestic violence. It’s bigger than Chris Brown because he won’t be the one to punch your sister, niece, aunt, mother, grandmother, or daughter.

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6 Responses to “Rihanna, Chris Brown dating again.”
  1. DaTruth says:

    Both Ri and Chris are two idiots but what’s really pathetic is the chorus of black women defending Ri and saying they are both in love. These are the same dumb women who will scream and complain the moment Chris goes off on her again for whatever reason

  2. shell517nj says:

    no its not ok to be beaten, its not ok to be abused, but it is okay to be civil towards each other. some condemn this young man for something he regrets to have ever happened at such a young age. I am inspired by his hard work and perseverance to get his fans back and go after his dream no matter what. my message to young people, “you are not doomed if u make a mistake. mistakes are a part of life, learn from them. don’t let anyone tell u different.”

  3. AreYouSerious says:

    Are you serious? People NEED to stop acting like he is a woman beater. He beat up a woman one time. Rihanna has never once said that this was reoccurring thing that happened in their relationship. It was one, ONE time, he has learned from it, and has never hit any woman since or even prior to that. LET IT GO. If that is the case, that the minute you do something thing that is what you always do, then you are liar, and always will be one, because I know you have lied at least once in your life. So in other words, we can’t trust anything you say.

  4. beejay says:

    Just leave dem alone,I think both parties av already learnt 4rm d lesson and dey are trying to move 4ward with dere lives. people should stop judging chris brown,he has already paid enough 4 his crime so give him another chance

  5. El says:

    “Our young people need us and they need to know violence against women is wrong and why.”

    But see this can’t happen when there are pictures of Rhi Rhi and C Breezy laughing, smiling and hugging each other.

    When she gets back with him that sends a very clear message to a lot of girls.

    It’s ok to be beaten, it’s ok to be abused, because if you really love someone, it’s ok.

  6. aldri says:

    I think they need to let them be they were both young and chris brown did wrong and riihanna did to but we aren’t in their positions and how they feel about each other and how much lov they hav for each other so we can’t call her stupid or anything for goin back to him he prob was very sweet and generous to her and tht nite some other stuff prob went down tht either of them told us cuz I’m wonderin why he got tht mad becuz she was mad bout text messaing on his fone sonthin else happened but anyways best of luck to both of them

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