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Crystal Wright; Congressional Black Caucus Gets Black on Obama…

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( It’s about time! After three years of silence, the Congressional Black Caucus (CBC) is finally unleashing its outrage at the nation’s first black president and holding him accountable for policies which have disproportionately failed black Americans. Compared to whites and other minority groups, more blacks are unemployed under Obama and more blacks have lost their homes to foreclosure.

While the national unemployment rate is 9.1%, the unemployment rate for blacks is 16% and keeps climbing. Urban cities are plagued with even higher rates of black unemployment. For example, Detroit and Brooklyn’s rate is 50%  and some areas of Washington, DC are 30%.

Fed up with Obama dismissing black Americans and conveniently forgetting 95% blacks voted for him in 2008, the CBC launched jobs tour “For the People” to help blacks find over 10,000 jobs. Admittedly, I’m not a fan of the CBC and think it’s power as a group is marginal but this is an example of the CBC living up to its 1969 mission of using its political might to address the concerns of blacks citizens.

At the Detroit jobs tour stop, Rep. Maxine Waters , a doyenne of the CBC, suddenly found her voice of condemnation:

“We want to give the President every opportunity to show what he can do and show what he is prepared to lead on… But our people are hurting. The unemployment is unconscionable. We don’t know what the strategy is. We don’t know why — on this trip he’s on now — he’s not in any black communities.”

Madame Waters isn’t the only CBC member displaying public outrage. Rep. John Conyers, the second longest serving member of the US House of Representatives is urging Americans to participate in a jobs protest in front of White House September 20, 2011. Crew of 42 blog does a terrific job of chronicling the actions and legislative record of CBC members, including its lone GOP member Rep. Allen West.

Of course liberals are quick to ask what policies or bills have Republicans introduced to help blacks get jobs or for that matter address other problems plaguing blacks such as the education gap and high incarceration rates? On jobs, the House Republicans passed 10 job creating bills House, which have been stalled in the Senate.

Republican policies or ideas to “fix” the high number of blacks in prison or blacks dropping out of high school are called the ideas of promoting the family, marriage and the bootstrap policies of individual responsibility. The way for blacks close the education gap and prevent high rates of imprisonment is for young black women to stop having babies out of wedlock and for young black men to take responsibility for fatherhood. These are problems that government can’t fix. Liberals and blacks need to stop asking what government can do for blacks and start asking the question what can blacks do for themselves.

It is quite evident so called “progressive,” Great Society policies of social welfare have only contributed to the economic enslavement and decline of blacks as a race when compared to whites. Laura Ingraham recently interviewed Rep. Allen West about this sudden anger at Obama rising up in blacks and West mused Democrats have always taken the black vote for granted and this modern slavery is nothing new.

“The laughable, hypocrisy is the Big Black Bus isn’t going into the black community. When you had unemployment 16.3% in July and dropped to 15.95% in August, that’s not in the right direction. You have this 21st century plantation that has been out there where the Democrat Party has forever taken the Black vote for granted and you have established certain black leaders who are nothing more than the overseers of that plantation. And now the people on that plantation are upset because they’ve been disregarded, disrespected and their concerns are not cared about.”

One would think it would be the role of the president to launch a jobs tour since suddenly job creation is a priority. Curiously, in 2009 when the unemployment was soaring, Obama’s priority wasn’t creating jobs but rather creating $1 trillion Obamacare. It’s astonishing that as the CBC hits the road with a jobs tour that will travel cities nationwide throughout August with 100 employers offering 10,000 jobs along the way, Obama launched a three day Rural Tour to promote job growth in rural white America because he’s popularity is fading among white voters. Tells you where Obama’s priorities are and it ain’t with blacks. If blacks stupidly vote for Obama in droves again in 2012, they deserve the fate that awaits them. Obama’s bus never pulled into black communities and never will. Blacks need to start driving their own bus.

Written By Crystal Wright

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7 Responses to “Crystal Wright; Congressional Black Caucus Gets Black on Obama…”
  1. Bill (:O says:

    Ms. Wright’s view that “decline of blacks as a race when compared to whites”
    is a prime example of the wage-worker is like a slave to the master who hires him.
    Chrystal and Alan West are idiots! Dale is probably a white boy, if not a bother who’ll be dealt with! Some blacks are still house negroes. When the electric and water is turned off everyone will become victims. I’m a blackman from the sixties, with my brown, red, white and black brothers and sisters, meaning of dont tread on me, will be displayed! This revolution will not be televised!
    There is no difference between party struggles and tribal or sectarian struggles for power!

  2. Tino says:

    @Nicholas, I agree and cosign ur comment. @Dale, u sound pathetic, ignorant and arrogant. I skipped through most of ur rant. Ms. Crystal, u sure have the right wing talking points down to a science. As for BROTHER Rep. West, he along with the rest of the right wing nuts have their party on with confetti in that they do reverse psychological politricks. The left wing, they need to find their backbone.

  3. Tino says:

    @Nicholas, very well said. @Dale, u sound so pathetic and ignorant it aint funny. So much so that I had to skip through the 2/3 rest of the shit u post. That ur shit show u so narrowminded and shortsighted. U sound like u dont understand NOTHING. Ms. Crystal, no disrespect but u surely got ur right wing talking points down to a science. As for BROTHER Rep. West, he along with the rest of the right wing nuts have their party going with all the confections in terms of reverse psychological politricks.

  4. Marvincrane1 says:

    I am sure “High Speed Universities” will offer an affordable and flexible alternative for any one seeking a higher education degree at an affordable price in a short time.

  5. Nicholas says:

    I have to take my hat off to Crystal, for crafting those attention getting titles for her posts. Even if her titles have very little to do with the content of her articles. Judging from Dale’s comment it shows that Crystal’s articles are very effective in attracting the kind of reader she identifies with, in my opinion.

    Crystal says she is not a fan of the Congressional Black Caucus. Could the reason be that the CBC has as it’s mission to use its political might to address the concerns of black people? She also states that the CBC is showing public outrage, but I see the CBC holding jobs tour, to help people find jobs. The 10 Job createing bills she is so proud of are all bad jokes.
    Sounds to me she has bought or has been bought by the “make obama a one term president” crowd. Who is Crystal supporting for President, her Congressional person and Senator in 2012?

  6. brandon m says:

    Im sorry to say that no matter who is voted in during the 2012 election, this is a problem that we have to fix ourselves. If we don’t have the education than we will never get jobs that have security. For this reason we have to look in the mirror because we are the ones that decided to not graduate from high school or college. Obama or any other candidate isn’t going to create jobs for us.

    We have to qualify ourselves for careers that have longevity and security. If not then this cycle wil continue because things will not always be perfect and because we are at the bottom of the education chain we will always be hit first and hardest when things go bad. So even if unemployment rates go down we still aren’t in a position of power. yeah we have a job but that isn’t saying much if we are at the bottom of the ladder.

    We will just be content with knowing that when another economic disaster hits we will be hit first and hardest.
    Until we put our selves in position to own or at least have careers (not jobs) with some prestige attached to them, careers that involve thinking and not putting an item on an assembly line, then we will always have to settle for the reality that we do jobs that anyone can do, so we are easily replaceable, which means we are going to be easily laid off or fired when they find a machine that can replace us.
    Instead of even getting mad at Obama like another candidate would make a difference how about the black caucus gets out and help establish jobs rather than pointing the finger.

    I guess if obama participates in a open discussioin forum with jesse jackson, al sharpton, tavis smiley and cornell west itll make him more concerned for us. yeah right we need to stop talking and get out and take control of our own careers and lives and I mean this on all levels. seems all I here us doing is talking with no action.

  7. Dale says:

    The “Welfare Black People” are still slaves. Only this time not of the white man, but of the likes of Jackson, Sharpton, Malcom X, Farrakhan and the liberal democrats. The so called “black leaders” will not condemn the actions of the flash mobs or any other type of civil disturbance conducted by blacks because in doing so they would be showing disaaproval of the blacks and thereby loosing their support. These so called leaders of the black community need the support of the low life welfare blacks when they need to threaten companies, politicians or anything white.

    The liberal democrats are enslaving you by giving you welfare, free housing and food stamps which encourages blacks to sit back, be lazy and learn nothing, causing you to be more dependant on hand-outs and leaving with you with no reason to have a two parent family structure. This allows you to roam the streets with nothing good to do, no need to educate your selves or learn basic skills. This leaves you stupid and unable to provide for your self. Thus further enslaving you and your off-spring to the Jackson, Sharptons, Farrakhans and liberal democrats. But, I suppose I am just wasting my breath because the vast majority of blacks on the dole have been there so long they and their offspring are now too ignorant, unskilled and lazy to make it on their own.

    These welfare blacks don’t even know that when the civil unrest finally does break out, they will be sitting ducks when their food stamps are no longer any good, the welfare checks stop coming and they are thrown out of their government housing. They will have nothing and will have to venture out to steal and find shelter. And you know what will happen to them then.

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