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EveryBody Can Fight Crime…

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(ThyBlackMan.com) Crime fighting begins with childhood experiences and of course personal choice. Regardless of quality, upbringing explains extreme behavior but doesn’t excuse it. Membership in the security profession; what the media calls the real life superhero movement and other concerned citizen camps offers me ample insight. Talking to suspects caught or subjects approached educates us on the real complexity of crime fighting. Any list of unlikely crime fighters must include clergy members. They are crime fighters despite most not actively combating criminals. They combat nagging spiritual poverty which creates criminal conduct. A 1990s Boston clergy/police partnership dramatically lowered violence statistics and made national news http://www.phillyblueprint.com/PDFs/Boston_Article.pdf. The pulpit houses crime fighters just like the police precinct.
Crime fighters come in all pigments and professions. Some are bulky like myself or Savannah, Georgia’s ace street patroller Big Norm. Others are little Nadra Enzi old ladies whose nosiness and telephones actively monitor neighborhoods. Confining crime fighting only to law enforcement robs society of millions of protectors. A colorful contribution to these ranks are colorful folks using comic book motifs to address real problems. We’ve shortened the media term ” real life superhero ” to an acronym, “RLSH.” Skeptics may refer to former RLSH critic Big Norm’s comments during the February 2010 episode of my internet radio show. He said, ” If I’m doing a citizens arrest you think I’m going to turn down help because somebody’s dressed funny!?! lol. ”  That says it all. Mounting disorder demands uncreasingly creative solutions. During the same episode I said I didn’t care if someone called himself the Flying Porkchop so long as he did good. Crime fighting requires a big tent approach where all are welcome. Participation depends upon personal skills and crime fighting comfort level.
No one should throw terrified Walter Mitty-type day dreamers into Dog The Bounty Hunter scenarios. People comfortable with anonymous observation and communication aren’t less effective than high profile options like the Guardian Angels or RLSHs on patrol. Police departments routinely field citizen observer patrols to increase much needed eyes and ears. Private officers in the security industry add even more coverage. Securing their assigned posts also provides chances to keep nearby communities safe. Any occupation under the sun has a crime fighting application. My preference for the real life superhero approach isn’t to the exclusion of others. We can’t afford limiting how citizens responsibly protect life and property. If criminals aren’t choosy about motive, opportunity and method, crime fighters can’t be either! The phrase is a misnomer because there is little actual ” fighting ” involved. Violence isn’t required to privately protect society. Commitment is the biggest requirement. 
Real life superheroes inspire fellow citizens to toss excuses aside and help society. Colorful outfits and creative methods pull folks out of complacency. RLSH energize individuals from literally everywhere. We show everybody can fight crime because everybody benefits from a safer society.
All that’s needed is suiting up in your own way and going to work!


Written By Nadra Enzi

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One Response to “EveryBody Can Fight Crime…”
  1. yoy50 says:

    This is an excellent article! Love the reference to Walter Mitty (and “the flying porkchop”). Cleaver and witty. And I agree 100%… it takes each of us doing our part to keep us all safe.

    It’s funny for me to read this on all days, b/c I posted this piece today (as luck would have it): http://yoy50.wordpress.com/2010/03/08/finally-an-officer-breaks-the-silence/

    I think there’s some irony somewhere! 😉

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