Reversing Justice: A Critical Look at America’s Shift in Criminal Policy and Public Safety.

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( Sometimes I try to make sense of things that are beyond the terms of pragmatism. For example, I do not need to understand why many life forms need water or how gravity works. These are not issues that do not require any serious action other than evaluating and accepting documented facts. Unless in the case of gravity, if one is suffering from Barophobia. But now, I find myself more than I used to trying to make sense of this new-age approach to criminality that has just flown over my head.

Reversing Justice: A Critical Look at America's Shift in Criminal Policy and Public Safety.

What is now criminal activity is acceptable in most respects, and what was once considered normal behavioral actions are now criminal in most respects. It is as if the new American motto in jurisprudence is to protect the criminal at all costs and punish the victim.

I see this with the jerkwater cases against former President Donald Trump and the languid amount of attention given to things that I as a common man would consider to be of extreme importance.

Crime nowadays is ass-backward. They regularly act like the murderer is the victim, albeit the victim is dead. How disgusting can one be to even think criminals need protection? A person or group of people can steal from a person’s business day after day, up to about $900 and such behavior can not be considered felonious by law, yet if a businessman makes a business decision to close and leave to start anew because they desire to make money as opposed to loose money, a new law is created to make the business owner the criminal. Similar to the ilk of lawmakers who go after Trump for something that happened decades ago when the statute of limitations had run out.

In Houston, 17-year-old Mario Young was charged with murdering a store clerk during an altercation that started when Young boosted a bag of chips. Now he is free after a Harris County grand jury chose not to indict him under the claim of self-defense for shooting the unarmed clerk. Not to forget, there were not even any charges for shoplifting and possession of an illegal firearm. By law and correct me if I am wrong, there is no such thing as self-defense when you are committing a crime. Let’s get real, he stole a bag of chips and had a gun at 17 but the jurors think it was self-defense? Hurtfully, sounds about par for the course these days. Meanwhile, in Austin, a man had an AK-47 pointed at him in his vehicle by a BLM protestor, shot the guy, and is now in prison.

I thought and do understand that in theory, all Americans are entitled to the same rights and protections, regardless of where we live or the color of our skin. This is no longer the case in this time of fake scientists like sociologists and criminologists for in their world, the criminal is observed and portrayed as a victim. Do not take my word for it, just take what I found doing a random Duck-Duck-Go search.

Criminal illegal aliens have flooded our country to the tune of 10 plus million since 2021 and recently, in New York over a thousand African criminal illegal aliens collected outside City Hall for a hearing on “the black experience in the city shelter system,” under the false promise of getting work visas or green cards if they showed up. The last part was found to be a lie and neither the illegal aliens nor the NGO who started this were arrested albeit there are criminal offenses to go around for both. Illegal aliens already understand that none of the rules apply to them.

Sticking with New York, there was the Christmas Day stabbing of two teenage tourists who were eating at New York City’s Grand Central station with their parents. The attacker, Steven Hutcherson was charged with attempted murder and had been arrested twice in the previous six months, once for attacking a man in the Bronx with a knife – he was out on bail. Or the 19-year-old twins, one of whom died, who were stabbed to death in front of a deli in Brooklyn. The 20-year-old killer, Veo Kelly, was out on bail and had at least two prior arrests. In the East Village, a 26-year-old woman was walking and out of nowhere was smacked with a hockey stick and in the Bronx, a 19-year-old was stabbed to death by his neighbor over a parking spot.

Must be something in the water in NYC. They remained some of the first search results until I got to the end of the first page. A 30-year-old Haitian illegal alien, was at least indicted in the Hudson Valley region of New York on two counts of first-degree murder and two counts of second-degree murder for stabbing his roommates to death.

But this is not just in New York, it is nationwide, mostly a result of catch and release and this cashless-bail, no-bail folly. Democrat lawyers who firebomb police vehicles only get 15 months behind bars. Rioters who set fire to the federal courthouse in Portland one day after the fencing was removed are not charged or arrested. Squatters in Atlanta cannot be arrested for taking over someone’s home. Not to forget, our memory of the illegal alien gang who were released on bail after they attacked and jumped police officers in New York City’s Times Square.

In Indiana, 32-year-old Dacia Lacey, who confessed to police that she used couch cushions to smother her two-month-old daughter, was cleared by a judge and allowed to walk free. The left-leaning Judge, Mark Stoner is facing a recall for not giving a career criminal the maximum sentence after being convicted of reckless homicide for killing a police officer and the attempted murder of his girlfriend.

A woman was released on her recognizance in Memphis, Tennessee after hitting a Memphis Police officer with a car. In the same city, a Memphis Police Officer – Joseph McKinney – was shot and killed by a man who had previously been freed from jail on felony charges without bail by a Shelby County judge. In St. Louis, a man with a lengthy criminal record assaulted a 15-year-old female McDonald’s worker by dragging her by the hair and stomping on her head repeatedly at her place of work. The assailant had been released from jail after he was arrested for aggravated assault in April 2023. Why was he out in the first place?

An illegal alien accused of raping a child in Massachusetts after being released into the United States by Biden’s Department of Homeland Security (DHS), was caught after being arrested but let go by local law enforcement without notifying ICE. He was released because the state is self-proclaimed to be a sanctuary state for criminal illegal aliens. Again in NYC, investigators arrested a woman who stabbed a 1-year-old boy and a woman who was out on a walk. Thankfully, she is being held on $4 million bail.

The prior outcome is rare because liberal policy promotes catch and release and cashless bail like a Bass Master fishing tournament. Four illegal immigrants were arrested and then released after allegedly robbing a Target store in NYC. During the incident, they attacked two police officers. Hopefully, they will face deportation. Ranging in age from 31 to 19, they were originally from Venezuela and Colombia. Add to this the homeless criminal illegal from Ecuador who hijacked a New York City Fire Department boat and was released without bail and promptly tried again with a larger boat in Manhattan.

Shit just over the weekend we saw a Jewish female Yale student reporting on a pro-Hamas protest for a newspaper stabbed in the eye with a Palestinian flag without any punishment being levied to the attacker. In my hometown of Memphis, in a neighborhood two minutes from where I grew up, 8 were shot, with 2 killed during a block party at a community center in Orange Mound Park.

This is Looney Tunes. A jury trial of your peers is one thing, but a grand jury refusing to indict as with the teen in Texas, is just a bizarre perversion of justice. If they are not arrested and released instantaneously, they are often not found. Police are looking for a person of interest who slashed a subway rider in NYC in an unprovoked attack as I write this. All of this has to be intentional, especially if we compare how these large protests are treated.

We were told that 2020 was the firey but mostly peaceful Summer of Love. From Seattle to DC and New York to Chicago, mostly peaceful resulted in anywhere from $2 to $10 billion in property damage. That includes a minimum of $500 million for the 1500-plus buildings destroyed in Minnesota and $2.3 Billion in Portland. However, DOJ and FBI prosecutions were few in between when compared to the events of January 6 in DC.

No one was arrested for the protest in front of the Supreme Court justice’s home except a California man arrested near US Supreme Court Justice Brett Kavanaugh’s home who wanted to kill him. Strangely, the DOJ is considering a pretrial resolution. Or in other words, a slap on the wrist. Can they not use news video footage of the unmasked and go after them the same way they did J6ers?

More than 300 were arrested in a Capitol Hill protest urging a cease-fire in the Israel-Hamas war but none have even been considered to be punished as strongly as J6 defendants. I cannot find anyone charged harshly for the events at the Whitehouse and the historic St. John’s Church after riots took a ruinous turn. The media describe them as “peaceful.

Appears that Antifa or BLM are never held to the standards of others. White House staff had to be moved just recently after pro-Hamas rioters damaged anti-scale fencing, threw objects at cops, and covered the wall gates with red-painted handprints. Can’t they use news videos of the faceless and track them down? If not it is intentional. If you went down the street screaming at news outlets to kill Asians or I am ISIS, you would be picked up and given 20 years, but not if you scream at the same news cameras kill the Jews, death to America or I am Hamas.

Over 100 students were cuffed and taken away from a pro-Hamas protest at Columbia by NYPD cops in riot gear last week. The question is what type of slap on the wrist these entitled ill-informed brats will receive? They claim it’s to fight genocide yet the bich type cats ain’t blocking traffic or standing against China’s genocide against the Uigurs. Why because they support the CCP, Communism, socialism, and marxism. Prove to me I am incorrect. These mutha fuckas don’t care mane, they just signaling they pretend to care for attention.

To those who say you can’t arrest your way out of this, I say Yeah, you can. Guarantee this drops off 99% when you start showing the consequences are serious. Imagine a city in which the criminals are allowed to run free and the citizens have to live in caged developments with every place of business having to have courtroom or aircraft-style walkthrough security measures in place to protect the innocents. Now imagine the same city with a functional law enforcement and judicial system putting the criminals in cages and the citizens could walk freely.

Yet Democrats will say crime is down. I would love to have them explain how businesses are closing in areas because of crime. They have been there for decades and decided to relocate now, yet crime is down. This mess has to stop.

There should be no reason that a high school student in North Carolina can get away with slapping a teacher in the face three times and just get charged with 3 misdemeanors and the act is recorded on video. No rationally mind agent of law enforcement should release over two dozen pro-Hamas activists who snarled traffic on San Francisco’s Golden Gate Bridge because the city’s top prosecutor lies and says she doesn’t have enough evidence to charge them.

When normal folk do stand for their rights, they are treated like George Kelly and Daniel Penny, we are punished. Arizona rancher George Kelly was arrested and charged with second-degree murder and aggravated assault after shooting back at criminal illegal immigrants crossing his land defending his wife and property. Yes, charged and arrested for shooting back at folk shooting at him trespassing on his land via illegal entry into the United States.

Former U.S. Marine Daniel Penny was accused of murdering a homeless mentally ill vagrant on a New York City subway via a chokehold in May 2023 after the man entered a subway car and began shouting at passengers. Citing witness testimony, defense attorneys for Daniel Penny asked a New York judge to dismiss the case.

Just like Manhattan bodega clerk Jose Alba, who was sent to Rikers Island jail charged with murder after a video of the clerk being assaulted by his alleged victim in the bodega and not being able to post $250,000 bail. A charge specifically demanded by District Attorney Alvin Bragg’s office.

We have taken God out of society, we have taken consequences and fear of retribution out of society. So these people no longer have anything to fear from authorities. I suggest locking up folk based on the cost of the items they are stealing. A year for every dollar in value stolen – a year = $1, 7 years for $7. If you’re 15 or younger, you go to juvie, 16 or older and you go to jail. This means if you’re 25 and you steal something that costs $75, you spend the rest of your life in prison. If you steal a car, obviously you’re not going to outlive the value, so you spend the rest of your life in prison. A juvenile who steals a car at the age of 14, spends 2 years in juvie and the remaining years in jail. This country would be crime-free and guarantee no repeat offenders. Crime should not be tolerated at all.

I could say any city or state that defunds their police departments and puts in place all of these pro-criminal laws gets what it gets. They voted and railed for this and now they are paying for this. So what. These people don’t care about law and order. They don’t care about their families, they don’t care about their communities. Always with their hands out. Wish they would rise and take a stand. Make a stand and save what’s left of their communities.

If police were allowed to be police, this clerk wouldn’t have even tried to follow the murderer over those stolen items. If the police won’t arrest thieves, and business owners can’t secure their merchandise, wtf else do you expect them to do? End liberalism. The US is becoming so bent it’s getting to the point where people are going to have to take the law into their own hands. Either you deal with crime or crime will deal with you.

I suggest that 45 stand up for America during all of this nonsense he is confronting and say FU, I am going to the U.S. Supreme Court anyway. What is the difference, he is already facing contempt charges for alleged violations of the gag order he’s been threatened with 30 days in jail and we have numerous instances where the jurors have a clear and literal overt bias. Hunter Biden was allowed to just not show up to his court trial. Trump isn’t allowed to go to his son’s high school graduation.

The way I see it, if Trump complies with fake charges it legitimizes them.

Just tell me, where have we come to? No borders, no genders, no free speech, no parents’ rights, no oil – what a future they have in mind for us. The Biden administration is even suing Sheetz Gas Station the place he recently held a photo-op in Pittsburg) for the discriminatory practice of conducting background checks on all applicants (regardless of sex or race) because the Biden DOJ assumes it is structurally and presumably prejudiced to “Black, Native American and multiracial” people. This is giving ‘I am a racist without saying I am a racist’ vibes. Why, because the assumption is that law-abiding citizens cannot use the law to screen criminals and two, it screams that background checks only hurt minorities; saying minorities are criminals.

This is what they consider criminal, not that four were stabbed on a party boat in Brooklyn, 5 teens were shot in a Maryland park during “senior skip day” and cats stealing historic lamp posts in San Francisco. Yet their choir sings “Crime is down!” Yeah, it has a tendency to do that when the crimes aren’t being reported and when the criminal is venerated and the victim is ignored.

Staff Writer; Torrance T. Stephens

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