Devout Christians: From Rage to Grace – A Christian Perspective on Navigating Anger in the Age of Distraction.

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( There are plenty of examples all over the web of rage.  People who seem to have lost their minds, their common sense, their rational thinking and all logic.  It’s like watching a child throw an outrageous temper-tantrum but sadly these are supposed to be adults!  It’s not just limited to road rage but happens in any public setting.

Devout Christians: From Rage to Grace - A Christian Perspective on Navigating Anger in the Age of Distraction.

I remember one video I saw of a woman stuck in traffic.  She was in the middle lane with her head out the window yelling EVERY name in the book at the car in front of her.  She looked to be in her late twenties or early thirties.  The incident was caught on camera by the car next to her driver’s door.

As she was yelling and screaming you can see young children in her car.  She is now going ballistic.  She turns to the passenger side of her car and notices the car on that side staring at her so she starts in on them.  But what really got her going was when she turned to the car on her side who was capturing it on their phone.  That sent her into orbit as she screamed at them.  All the while her poor children got to witness their mom go insane spewing obscenities.

I was born and raised in the heart of Phoenix.  Growing up you would occasionally see someone “flip off” another driver who cut them off and hear a car horn to go with it.  But I don’t remember watching or hear anyone yelling at the top of their lungs at others in stores, restaurants or other public areas.  Not that there wasn’t disagreements now and then but you didn’t hear of someone chasing down another driver and shooting at them!

It seems as society becomes more self absorbed with our smart-phones, tablets, cell phones and texting we become more withdrawn and selfish.  Over the last fifty years God and His Word has been systematically removed from all public areas which leaves a deadly void.  I’m not trying to blame it all on technology but when your source of ALL information comes from your smart-phone instead of the Word of God “you will reap what you sow”!

Frustration, discontentment, anger, hatred, murmuring/complaining, being offended and not having your way are all part of the rage that you see today.   The Bible best describes rage as “the gnashing of teeth”.  That phrase is most often used in conjunction with “where there is weeping and the gnashing of teeth”.  That also describes those in hell.  They have no peace, no joy, no hope and no future, that does describe the behavior of those who rage, they’re in hell!

That is where we God’s children come in.  It is our duty, responsibility and job as Christians, (Christ-like), to shine God’s love to the world everywhere we go every day.  It’s not an easy job but requires LOTS OF PRACTICE!  The object is to display His character by example to those around you so that when people see you they SEE Jesus in you and through you!

I have to admit that as easy as it is to say I fail miserably at it most of the time.  Do you rage?  Do you lose your cool?  Do you “fly off the handle” behind the wheel?  Do you blow-up at the least little things while letting the obvious sins around you go by without comment?  Do you show kindness to strangers in stores or on the road?  Do you stop to help someone or just ignore them?  Does your countenance and demeanor exemplify God’s peace and calmness or do you let the world’s troubles dictate your attitude?

Showing God’s love is when someone needs help and it’s within your ability or means to do so that you take the time to do so!  As a Christian your words and actions are closely monitored by those in the world.  The way you know you are dong it right is when those around you say to you. “I want to know YOUR God”!

Staff Writer; Steve C.

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