Devout Christians: From Lost to Found – Embracing Your Identity as a Child of the King.

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( Too many men walk around wondering who they are. I Believe they are asking the wrong question. It’s not about who you are … It’s about whose you are. When you realize that you are a child of the king, you have no need to walk around with your head hanging in shame, acting like your life is insignificant or waking around filled with pride and arrogance like no one can touch you. You are a prince. Don’t you think it’s time you start acting like it? The reasons so many of us are walking around aimlessly and like we don’t have a clue is because we don’t. How can we know who we are, when we don’t know whose we are.

Devout Christians: From Lost to Found - Embracing Your Identity as a Child of the King.


We need to take the time to get to know Him, like in any relationship. A relationship is an investment; you get out of it what you put in. We need to be honest and ask ourselves how much time are we really putting in. How  much time during the day, do we take to read God’s Word, or how much time do we take to pray, Do we even realize what prayer is? Prayer basically is a conversation … A conversation with God. How do you develop a relationship with Him, get to know Him, if you don’t take the time to walk and talk with Him? Again, how will you ever know who you are, if you don’t know whose you are.

This is the reason why so many boys never grow up to become men, why there are so many fatherless children, why there are so many husbandless wives. This is the reason why the feminism movement has grown so rapidly during the years. When men walk around with no identity and not standing in their place, they are useless. This causes the women to have to step in and step up, because too many men are either stepping back or stepping out. What about those who walk around with cases of what I call “convenient temporary amnesia? These are men who have known whose they are and had a relationship with Him, but have chosen to forget Him. If you keep living that lie and choose to keep denying Him … The time will come when He will deny you.

If you want to see a perfect example of a man who was focused on who he was, instead of whose he was, all we have to do is look at the life of Samson. Samson had been separated for God’s service from birth. He was destined for greatness but his focus took him from greatness to disaster. Instead of growing in wisdom, he chose to grow in foolishness. Was this because he was not taught correctly?

No, he chose to do the wrong thing. He chose to focus on the gift instead of The Giver, (he let the gift define him) Taking his focus off whose he was and putting it on who he was. As we study the book of Judges we see all the great feats of strength that Samson did, but as we continue on reading we also see his weakness. While he was committing these great feats, he was totally focused on himself, instead of on God and this is what caused his downfall. His focus on himself opened the doors so that Satan could take his sight and sap his strength.

The good news is that we don’t have to end up like Samson, we can learn from his mistakes. We don’t have to become victims of ourselves, but instead we can become victorious Men of God. How do we do this? By repenting, asking God for forgiveness, and taking the time to develop a relationship with Him. When you do these things, the focus will be taken off who you are and end up on whose you are.

Staff Writer; Louis V.