Securing America’s Borders – A Call for Presidential Action and Fiscal Responsibility.

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( Why should funding go to any foreign nation to help them secure their borders until an obstinate President Joe Biden secures America’s border from an invasion via the use of our military or any other effective means?

We spend trillions of dollars to ostensibly protect America, yet Biden refuses to fulfill his constitutional responsibility to protect America from an invasion. He does not need Congress in order to do his job.

Black Americans, Asian Americans, Mexican Americans and White Americans: Securing America's Borders - A Call for Presidential Action and Fiscal Responsibility.

Since an August 2022 NPR/Ipsos poll, most Americans feel that we are experiencing an invasion at the Mexican border. Biden and the Democrats are up to their old tricks. They would say, remember this one; it depends on the meaning of “is – is.” Today, it seems to depend on the definition of “invasion.”

Biden is clearly not abiding by Article 4 of the Constitution, which states that “the United States must protect each state from an invasion.”

Securing America from an invasion and passing immigration laws have little to do with one another.

Once the flow of people has been stopped or at least brought to a drip, then we should fix the pipes and develop meaningful legislation that does not economically harm America but treats all individuals seeking to enter America equally. Entry for economic reasons means “get at the end of the line.” On asylum, we must force the Mexican government to change its behavior instead of allowing Mexico to be a “pass-through” country.

Regarding the fall of the Roman Empire, let us look at what happened after the invasion of its borders.

The invaders eventually turned on the Romans because they were not satisfied with the social services and related fulfillment of their needs. They revolted. They actually waged war with the Romans who were “gracious” or, should I say, stupid enough to let them inside their borders in the first place. Interesting.

The writing is on the wall.

Our major city mayors and many state governors have been screaming that they cannot afford to let this invasion at the border continue. Biden does not seem to hear them.

Our FBI Director, Christopher Wray, has been forcefully stating that the threat level of another terrorist attack is higher than he has ever seen it, much higher than prior to 9/11. In the last two years, we were able to stop hundreds of undocumented immigrants at the Mexican border who were on the terrorist watch list. This begs the question: How many got through? Biden seems blind or deaf to this possibility.

Our top money man – Federal Reserve Chairman Jerome Powell – has stated that our current trajectory with our ever-growing national debt (today topping $34 trillion) is unsustainable. If we continue on this path, the interest payments on this debt could gobble up a significant chunk of our annual budget. Undocumented immigrants will only add to our nearly $2 trillion annual deficit in social services and Medicaid costs.

We simply do not have the money, which Biden has ignored.

Biden is often left with two conclusions, neither of which are positive.

Either he knows what is happening and cannot do anything about it. Or he does not understand the ramifications of his inaction and “chooses” not to do anything about it. Neither conclusion would be good for America.

Here is a second disturbing scenario: If you read the transcript of Biden’s recent deposition per his alleged mishandling of classified information, you can surmise only two possibilities given that he has failed to answer so many questions. Either he is not answering questions because of the decline of his mental faculties – due largely to his age – or he is averse to telling the truth and refuses to answer questions because they may incriminate him. The latter would be the old “I do not seem to recall” defense. Regardless of which is true, it would raise fundamental questions about his fitness for office.

Johnny Carson and his sidekick Ed McMahon did a comedy routine that I found hilarious. Johnny would say, “Things are really bad in America,” while shaking his head.

McMahon would query, “How! Bad! Is! It!”? Johnny would retort with a smile, “It is so bad that a man indicted more times than Bonnie and Clyde, John Dillinger, Billy the Kid, Machine Gun Kelly, and Al Capone combined is leading in the race for president of the United States.

Former President Donald Trump uses a pro-Trump Super PAC (Save America), usually reserved for political campaigns, to pay his legal fees in all indictment proceedings. To date these fees total a reported $50 million.

Trump and the Catholic Church – the latter has paid over $4 billion to settle priests’ sexual abuse cases with children – have something in common. Both seem to have taken funds given to them for one purpose and have used them for a different one – to address legal difficulties and possible inappropriate activities.

Like millions, I contributed weekly to my Catholic parish. I never imagined the Catholic church would use my money to pay off victims of sexual abuse by priests.

I am sure that many contributors to Trump’s campaign were giving money to help him combat his political opponents. I do not believe they saw their contributions going to help fend off scores of indictments.

Campaign money is supposed to be used for one’s campaign. Duh. Weekly donations to the Catholic church should be used to help the community and support the church.

My guess is that over 98% of America’s largest corporations would not hire either of these two guys simply because they are both too old. Yet, they can be a U.S. president.

We need an age-limit constitutional amendment. (Being 80 or turning 80 during a term would prohibit anyone from running or serving).

We need to pray for America. We need a political reboot.

Written by Gary Franks

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