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Black Americans, Asian Americans, Mexican Americans and White Americans: Marxism in America – A Vision of Law, Class Struggle, and the Erosion of Individual Rights.

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( The aim of Marxism is to establish a classless society whereby the means of production, distribution, and exchange are owned by the community as a whole as opposed to private ownership. The question is, what would such look like in America if these principles were to take hold? This ideology teaches that oppression and all its manifestations—including the nuclear family, objectivity rational thinking, and the idea that hard work is the key to success and prosperity has to be eradicated. It rejects the primary tenets of our nation, that all are equal under the law and should have the same opportunities for the pursuit of happiness based on individual merit.

Black Americans, Asian Americans, Mexican Americans and White Americans: Marxism in America - A Vision of Law, Class Struggle, and the Erosion of Individual Rights.

At its core, it rejects any emphasis on equality under the law, neutral legal principles, meritocracy, and individual rights. It dwells on racial stereotypes and teaches that the way people think and act is related to their skin color similar to the racist views of the segregationist South sixty-plus years ago.

According to Brian Leiter (who took 20 pages to conclude the obvious), Marxist theory on the explanation of law, is that it is only to exact historical change. But being the layman I am, I will attempt to describe, in the current historical precedent, what such would look like to take hold in America.

For Marxists, the state is a weapon of the ruling class to be used in the class struggle. They perceive constitutional laws are only a tool for the conventional conquest against the old feudal order, and they flow, in content and form, directly from a system based on commodity production.

As it stands, Marxists wanna be communist coteries of individuals in America today only desire to use the law to restrict and orderly alter individual human behavior. Let me explain.

In a Marxist world, laws will only serve the benefit of the ruling socialist class. They will target their political enemies and those with free will who object to their chintzy worldviews. Take Alvin Bragg for example. The people and common citizenry are of no import to him but rather the collective political goals of the party he represents. As George Orwell wrote in 1984, “The Party told you to reject the evidence of your eyes and ears. It was their final, most essential command.” In the Marxists’ perspective, crimes against the citizen are paramount and they side with criminals over the victims.

Bragg along with Letitia James and Fani Willis are the most partisan district attorneys in America. From charging people who defend themselves, and others, from violent criminals he sets loose, it is telling what his priorities are. He would rather try to charge people who bought fake COVID-19 vaccine cards than illegal immigrants who attacked NYC police and fled while regularly ignoring and going easy on others charged with far more serious crimes. Bragg for example, sent a man to jail, a bodega clerk who he charged with murder for stabbing an attacker with a weapon in his store.

For the Marxists, the courts and laws are to be weaponized to validate their policy positions. We saw this recently in Oregon where the state Supreme Court ruled unanimously against GOP state senators who recorded more than 10 absences last year barring them from running to seek reelection. The same can be said of the efforts targeting President Donald Trump.

We saw Putin do this with Alexei Navalny and Daniel Ortega in Nicaragua and Congo presidential candidate Jean-Marc Kabund getting seven years in jail for insulting the president. The same was observed recently with Senegalese jailed opposition leader Ousmane Sonko, who was just reinstated by a judge to be permitted to run for the leadership of the country. Biden is no different although he railed against the aforementioned leaders in their countries for their actions.

Socialist and Marxists have no problem with obviating rights from the common man. They show this by promoting the dumbest laws and policies. In Colorado, House Bill 24-1163, Rep. Regina English (below), a Democrat, has introduced a pet tax for all pets (vertebrate and invertebrates) that would impose a tax of up to $8.50 on every pet and an annual fee. Making this even more ridiculous is that it would require all pets to be registered and taxed by the Department of Agriculture, with a “designated caregiver” for the pet. Failure to disclose this would result in a $25 fine. God forbid the dog or cat pet is not spayed or neutered, just add an additional $16 annually per pet.

Water laws, specifically collecting rainwater are even problematic for those who desire to control the average citizen. Many states, including Arkansas, Colorado, California, and Illinois require a permit before rainwater catchment can be implemented.  Several states require permits for rainwater harvesting systems which involves submitting plans and specifications, paying fees, and meeting willy-nilly standards.

Now I know some will consider me to be a flibbertigibbet or slightly tiddly for considering this premise, but I honestly take it seriously. It is when we overlook the nuance that we fall prey to madness and lunacy.

Marxists have always desired to take over America and in their slow piecemeal sort of way, they are doing it through lawfare. Looking at America, laugh if you want, but the 45 goals of Marxism albeit crafted in the 1930s, are not as out of date as they may seem. Anything associated with governments where the people have learned to govern themselves is an obstacle for them and gaining control of the World Court and the UN is their first step. After that, which is clear for most to see now, is getting the American citizens to rise against our government. So look out of the window and tell me if you see what I see. One stupid law at a time is all it takes because if that doesn’t work, we are back to Mao. Mao was Chinese Marxism and woke is American Maoism.

Staff Writer; Torrance T. Stephens

Can also purchase any of his books over at; Amazon – TTS Books.



3 Responses to “Black Americans, Asian Americans, Mexican Americans and White Americans: Marxism in America – A Vision of Law, Class Struggle, and the Erosion of Individual Rights.”
  1. Pelvo White, Jr. says:

    One understands better when he or she perceives the whole picture.The Germans, Karl Marx,and Friedrich Engels expressed their ideal concept of individual freedom in the writing known as ” The Communist Manifesto .”These ideas about freedom originated in what is now known as the Western World ( i.e.what is now called Europe ). Karl Marx,s white man thoughts about freedom which encouraged political structures that supposedly led to the idea that “everyone is free when everyone is equal” originated in Europe where white man leadership, not black man leadership prevails.There are still examples of Marxian political theories that exist in Europe today.

    There are noteworthy differences in contemporary American U.S. Constitutional political theories such as the concept of the “ownership of property”and the manipulation of such property to facilitate a pluralistic representative government with a capitalist economic base that encourages an unequal distribution of available goods and services based on merit. Merit is defined as usefulness to the republic.In the American political system, everyone is not equal in social class. Class consciousness is rarely discussed in America, but our political structure encourages unequal social classes.

    Given the political disposition of the western world, it is not hard to conceive of an America that is willing to become autocratic in the white man conception of the word ” autocratic .”All of these political structures discussed originated in the minds of white, European men and are still useful to be deployed globally as viable white colonial concepts.

  2. Leslie Barker says:

    Is it believable that this could actually happen in America? It’s difficult to comprehend how my fellow citizens are simply going along with this movement. We are indeed living through troubling times, and it seems there might be no future for our children and grandchildren.

  3. George Brown says:

    This article has been enlightening. It makes me question whether the government aims to control everyone, abolish the class system, and dictate our lives. I’m motivated to further explore Marxism, especially since many believe it could be relevant or necessary in 2024.

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