President Joe Biden and The Democratic Party continues to Play with Black People.

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( There are two things that I feel embody the American free spirit. The first is based on its founding principles and the second is on common statements we all hear regularly.

I carry around a pocket copy of the Constitution and Bill of Rights. In addition to these documents and the Bible, two writings also of major importance to me are the Articles of Confederation and the Treaty of Paris. These establish the primary groundwork of the United States of America. The first was the national frame of how the government of the United States would operate and the last was the document that formally recognized the United States as an independent nation. Signed on September 3, 1783, between the colonies and Great Britain, it confirmed the end of the American Revolutionary War.

President Joe Biden and The Democratic Party continues to Play with Black People.

In a similar vein, certain statements and phrases are codified in history and culture which I hold equally in veneration: “I thinktherefore I am (cogito, ergo sum).” This represents the main tenant of the philosophy of René Descartes. In football, there is the phrase “first down” and in general “A Fish out of Water” and “Barking Up the Wrong Tree.”

I would like to make another statement just as readily factual and acceptable for common use – Democrats think black voters are stupid.

Well, maybe it is true. We have allowed and enabled them for years to just use us for their purpose without any gain or profit. From slavery to sharecropping, democrats have benefited from the existence and labor of black folk without any compensation. After these were no longer considered acceptable practices and lynching became frowned upon, they pursued a different effort directed at aggregating the black vote. Nowhere as clear is this than through their domestic political desires as enacted through policy.

We see what has come about as a result of welfare policy from the 1960s and truth be told, the policies encouraged by democrats presently reinforce the generation of similar outcomes.

Even with strong support from the Black community, Democrat policy seems to neglect to implement policies that benefit their most consistent supportive constituency – blacks.

Instead, they are content to shout racism and white supremacy on our behalf, without consultation, as being what we are most impacted by as if we live in the Democratic South of the 1950s and 60s. Shouting very loudly I might add without ever offering solutions to what ills our community. If they did then they would speak on crime, education, illegal immigration, and public health versus what they would lie to keep people free and obviate us from our agency. Instead, they speak on gun control, us being victims, and climate change, shit we DGAF about or benefit from.

Democrats are the only ones who benefit from their policy. Create a non-profit to help homelessness, they are all run by progressives who get six-figure salaries as the result of increasing homelessness.

Let us take education first. The typical democrat preference seems to highlight social and racial injustice and police brutality while ignoring the injustice happening daily in classrooms across the nation. The question is why?

It is an objective observation that liberal political policy adopts the notion that due to skin color, blacks are intellectually and mentally inferior to whites. This has been their position since slavery. Consequently, this has been a continuous and conscious position of the party to date.

In 2012, when the predominantly Democrat Florida’s Board of Education advanced lower academic achievement goals in reading and math for black students, supposedly due to socioeconomic factors, it was not instituted to improve outcomes but rather to treat this segment as a group of victims. It did nothing to address the fact that just 25 percent would graduate proficient in another subject still. So what if it would likely result in more black kids being assigned to special education classes, more important was signaling they care about a perceived helpless and permanent victim class.

Nationally, around 18% of black 4th-graders were determined to be proficient or higher in reading. By the eighth grade, just 15% compared to 42% for whites. Also nationally, 84% and 85% of Black eight grade students accordingly, are not proficient in mathematics and reading.

No more clearer can this be seen in the state of California where around 75% of Black male students consistently fail to meet proficiency standards in reading and writing and consistently score in the lowest category on the English section of the test.

The Democrat fixation on race and seeing blacks as help lab rats is also on display in Oregon, where now the state Board of Education has decided unanimously that high school students can graduate without knowing how to do math or read up until at least 2029.

To simplify this, instead of increasing academic standards for students, the policy that has been implemented to decrease standards, by the Oregon Department of Education and members of the state school board under the guise that having high academic standards is harmful to black and ‘historically marginalized’ students of color. It is they cannot see how such a policy is no different from policies of reconstruction that reinforced the eugenic principle that skin color determines intelligence and a person’s academic success.

Even if one removes educational policy from the equation, you do not have to travel over the river and through the woods to look at how the Democrat party Democratic Party relates to Black America, by taking advantage of our past and incessant goal to progress towards the American dream. Whenever they have a problem they freely fall back to using the black community to achieve or maintain their political power and objectives. Look at their vehemently voraciously concern for having to provide identification to vote.

Although in the US a person needs proof of Identification to get a job, fly on a plane, rent an apartment, cash a check, buy alcohol and tobacco, or obtain a loan, the only use considered to be racist is when it is for validating a person eligibility to vote (see above video to show how dumb they think we are). If a person cannot get a valid ID, then they do not or should not be able to do any of the things I listed above. Close to 90% of Blacks of voting age in America report having an approved form of photo identification.

Although Democrats suggest requiring ID to vote is racist it isn’t to require it to get a job, fly on a plane, rent an apartment, cash a check, or buy alcohol and tobacco, is because they want illegal immigrants non-citizens to have the same rights as black citizens. This is anything that is racist. As I have written before, criminal illegal immigration will have a “disproportionately negative effect on the wages and employment levels of blacks, particularly black males… One reason for this is just like most illegal immigrants, blacks typically are disproportionately likely to be low-skilled wage laborers who frequently compete for the same jobs. Consequently, this incessant surplus of low-skilled illegal immigrant labor reduces wages for both populations.”

Case in point at ground level zero now is the State of Nevada and Chicago, Illinois.

Regardless of the situation, the claim is that all democrat policy is designed to aid black and minority populations when in actuality it only enables learned helplessness. Even worse, it can be reduced to the basic remedial level ‘Wimpy Wellington’ pandering for our vote approach. Let us examine the Biden administration’s proposed policy to ban menthol cigarettes.

Over a year ago, the Biden administration directed the US Food and Drug Administration to make a new rule aimed at banning menthol from cigarettes in the name of public health. On the surface, this is a solid objective it it is sincere.

However, this past week it was tabled because of his falling support among black voters. Specifically, it was reported that:

“The Biden administration will further delay a long-awaited ban on menthol cigarettes after fierce lobbying from critics who warn that a prohibition could anger some Black smokers who favor the products and could hurt President Biden’s reelection prospects, administration officials said.”

Before this, the ACLU asserted that such a policy would have:

serious racial justice implications” which would likely result in “criminal penalties which will disproportionately impact people of color and prioritize criminalization over public health and harm reduction.”

For Democrats, I take it that crack pipes and syringes are cool but not that pesky Menthol. Pretty plain to see who this targets although consistent claims of racism always flow in the direction of all but Democrats. Data notes that Menthol tobacco products are below 40% of the entire cigarette market but 85% of Blacks who smoke select menthol brands.

The moral of the story being f#ck their health as long as you can get the black vote. Funny isn’t it, on the one hand they argue not having a ban on Menthol tobacco products is a racist disregard for black life, and on the other, Democrats have to risk that black voters will get upset if you ban them.

For the typical Democrat, screaming racism or white supremacy is their standard get-out-the-vote template. They are quick to call other people anti-Black racist and engage in performative outrage rather than look themselves in the mirror.

These people didn’t care about black folk, just our vote. They think we are stupid. They care about power, control, and internal polling. If they did, the health impacts of smoking Menthol would matter more than the outcome of Biden’s reelection campaign. If they did, there would be more policies directed at correcting a system when 81% of black high school seniors graduate annually yet less than 16% can read or do math proficiently. They think we are stupid and if folk cannot see this, then we are just a self-fulfilling prophecy. Because it is not the Carbon in the atmosphere they want to reduce, it is you.

Staff Writer; Torrance T. Stephens

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