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Santa Claus Exposed.

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( He knows when you are sleeping. He knows when you’re awake. He knows when you’ve been bad or good. That is too much personal information for a “jolly” fat white guy (or of any color or ethnicity) to know about you and your personal business. He magically and mysteriously comes down the chimney to leave you presents, even though many of us don’t have a chimney. I do, but that’s not the point. And anything or anyone that is coming down my chimney trying to do anything in my home while my family is fast asleep is going to get a ho-ho POW from my AR-15. My Rudolph has a red dot laser.

 Santa Claus Exposed.

It is amazing that for somebody who is not real, most parents have no problem lying to their children and telling them that Santa Claus is. Yet most of those same parents would tell their children not to lie. Hmmm. I never told my children, now adults, that Santa Claus was real. Because I did not want to give them the gift of hypocrisy. And I definitely did not lie to them about all those toys I had to pay for. Therefore, one might ask if we parents are preserving a the innocence of children or conditioning them to accept deception?

So, Santa Claus is all about fun and games? Well, maybe you’ll think a little differently after reading this article. While my intention is not to be the Grinch, I do need to tell you the truth in hopes that you will think about why you do what you do and why you tell your children Santa is real. That being said, let’s cut our way through the bottom of the stocking down the rabbit hole a little.

First of all, part of the origin of Santa Claus, relates to Saint Nicholas, a bishop, who would gave gifts to young people. Supposedly he was a bishop of Myra in the fourth century. But documentation on him is hard to find. Why, I wonder? Also, it has been said that “Saint” Nick wanted something in return. Maybe he should not have been called a “saint”. That is the origin of Santa Claus being known as Saint Nick. But now it gets interesting.

Sometimes, myths, legends, fables, and folklore or wives tales are innocent. But not always. And sometimes the actors in the story are a lot darker than you may know. Still, just like we read nursery rhymes to our children, most people don’t even think about what lies beneath. You would be shocked, especially since the truth slips by most of you, because you never thought to check.

I always made it a point to check what I share with my children and what I expose them to. Do you? Did you? Parents are responsible for much of what is introduced into the lives and belief systems of our children. And when we ignore that responsibility, bad things happen later down the road. Bad things that were connected to areas we never even thought about.

Have you ever noticed that the word, “Santa” and the word “Satan” are the same word, with the letters just rearranged? Am I reaching? If you think so, I challenge you to create another word from the word “Santa” so quickly, easily and obviously. Furthermore, one of the names for Satan is “Old Nick”. Now connecting the dots is getting a little too close for comfort.

Regardless of your beliefs and mine, Santa distracts people from the Christ in Christmas. Not likely a coincidence that likewise, Satan distracts people from Christ. An odd parallel.

When I was growing up, I remember hearing people tell their children that if Santa caught them awake while he was in the house, he would throw ashes in their eyes. Wow that does not sound too jolly. Wow, the things people tell a child. So apparently the goal was to scare the child into going back to bed and staying there. At least until in the morning when this “Santa” character had already left the presents.

Now think about it for a minute, even if you are laughing and shaking your head. Would you really trust a stranger who can come in your house, come down your chimney, know what’s going on in your household, throw ashes in your children’s eyes, leave some gifts and disappear out of sight by magic? A stranger who seems to know a lot about what your children are doing and not doing. Apparently that means Satan (oops I meant Santa, I guess) is watching your children or has somebody else watching them. In American law, there is a name for that. Anyway, I hope you let this poem soak in.

Santa Claus (Claws?)
Satan Cauls or Satan’s Claus,
Just the same two words,
Both hiding under dark of night
Exposed since you have heard.

Subtle distractions
For the young minds
And adults, oh just the same
He watches you, this Kringle demon
Oh yes, he knows your name.

It may all seem so harmless now
For those who are not awake
But his gift for you this season
Might be your soul to take.

So you better stay on watch
The truth, do not deny
And don’t you let him in your house
Because he is a lie.

Well, what about if you want to enjoy Christmas? That is your call. Just like it is your call to tell your children, the truth about Christmas, Hanukkah, Ramadan, Easter (Ishtar), Catholic Mass, the Easter Bunny, Halloween and the tooth fairy. All that apply. Why are so many people Reluctant to simply tell the truth? That sets a dangerous precedent during the formative years of a child. I guess that maybe is the overall point of this article. To get you to take a look at why you do what you do, why you believe what you believe, why you so easily accept what you accept and why you are so ready to pour it into the minds of your children. Happy holidays, happy AWAKE holidays!

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