Devout Christians: Embracing the Omnipresence – Understanding How Jehovah Shammah Is Involved in Every Aspect of Our Lives.

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( Jehovah Shammah means God is there. You could say that He is the omnipresent One. Omnipresent: “present in all places at all times“. You have to stop and just let that sink in. To be everywhere at ALL times!?! Jehovah God is omnipresent, He is not bound by time for He created time. God can move in and out of time as He sees fit. He can watch it go by from the end to the beginning or anywhere He desires. God knows every scenario and outcome for every situation and for everyone who has ever lived.

People struggle with understanding this. I have heard Christians say that when it comes to praying they don’t want to bother God with the small trivial things of life. “God has more important things to take care of than to answer my silly prayers.” That is bringing God down to your level of thinking. It’s easier to do that than to expect God to hear and answer your prayers.

Embracing the Omnipresence - Understanding How Jehovah Shammah Is Involved in Every Aspect of Our Lives.
God is the God of love and He cares and loves us so much that He sent His Son Jesus to die upon a cross for our sins. It is the center belief of ALL true Christians. For God to go to that extreme for His creation; why then is it so hard to believe that the same God would like to be involved in EVERY part of your daily life?

So the question should be how trivial should my prayers be? Yes, God can help you find a parking spot in a packed lot. Yes, He can help you remember someone’s name. Yes, God can help you figure out a puzzling problem. Yes, He can help you understand your homework assignment. Yes, God can find the right person for you. Yes, He can help you find the right house to buy and help you finance it. Yes, God can help you, YES HE CAN!!!

Sometimes His help will show up totally unexpected. I remember talking to a customer on the phone about a technical networking problem that they were having with their computers. What they described was beyond anything that I had ever encountered. As I started to tell them what it may be I suddenly heard myself say things coming out of my mouth that made absolute perfect sense. It was the exact answer to the problem that they were having. After I hung up the phone I just stood their amazed at what had just happened. Yes, it was me speaking the words but what I heard was from beyond me!

It takes faith, understanding and trust to know that God’s will IS already completed, it’s a finished work! That means in God’s time His will has reached it’s conclusion as He desired it. We are part of the time line as it reaches its completion. Does that mean that no matter what you do it’s God’s will? No, for mankind has been given “freewill”, to choose for ourselves. We control our destiny based on our decisions and choices that WE make. Ultimately God in control as His will is fulfilled. God has ALL the time in the world for YOU because you are His prized possession! Will you make some time for Him every day?

Jeremiah 1:12 The LORD said to me, “You have seen correctly, for I am watching to see that my word is fulfilled.” God did not create robots but He created man in His image! It means that God’s will WILL be done regardless if you decide to be part of it or not! You get to choose if you will be playing an active role, witnessing the greatest movement and outpouring of His Holy Spirit ever displayed on earth or just be a bystander.

Are you in the game as a key player or a bench warmer? God has a plan and design for YOU if you are willing and obedient. It’s up to you! If you decide not to get involved God will find someone else who will and they will be blessed for it instead of YOU!

Staff Writer; Steve C.

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