The Fictional Ambivalence and Meaninglessness of Intersectionality.

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( I was trying to rationalize the concept of intersectionality this past Thanksgiving holiday. The way I see it, intersectionality is a synthesis of Marxist ideology and the concept of oppression insofar as it exists in the modern sense. More specifically, the moral equivocation of collective identity in politics and how (if it is) connected with, for lack of a better analysis – a coaches poll top 25 of oppression. I am sad to state I was unable to do so. Intersectionality cannot be rationalized any more than a man can decide to be a woman just because he thinks so. It is as delusional a concept as the aforementioned.

The Fictional Ambivalence and Meaninglessness of Intersectionality.

Looking at what is happening in Chicago and New York related to illegal immigrants, school districts around the nation pertaining to the penchant to want to teach other people’s children about sex and sexual identity, and growing anti-Semitism and support for overt terrorism, I was driven to outline a simple outlook on the proposition that the concept is fictional, ambivalent and idiotic.

Around the nation, especially in primarily democratic cities, the practice of intersectionality is resulting in some bad feelings between the political class and traditional democrat supportive populations such as Blacks. Central services are being cut to take from actual citizens and given to actual criminal non-citizens. Consequently, like many Americans regardless of race, Black residents of Chicago have loudly vocalized sentiments against providing millions of dollars for illegal immigrant care.

This is really serious and demonstrates the lunacy inherent in a worldview that equalizes oppression in areas where it is created where it did not exist. Many around the country, with small children and who have lost their jobs, are being forced to compete with criminal immigrants for limited resources. In this environment, we see NYC as an example. Political leadership admit this yet this past Thanksgiving, food giveaways and providing hot meals prioritized illegal aliens over long-time lifelong residents.

What other nation would give first access to free Turkeys and hot meals for Thanksgiving dinner to illegal immigrants over its own struggling taxpayers? It is disgraceful these politicians think about illegal aliens before servicing the needs of homeless veterans and low-income families in states the likes of Illinois and New York.

This is intersectionality – grouping people together for reason not based on reason. This is also shameful: to treat illegal entrants into our nation better than our own. It’s beyond absurd how this group, who by the way committed a criminal act from the start by illegally entering into our nation, are treated like special individuals who our elected officials bend over backward to please in every way possible over the citizens of this country who themselves are in need of assistance.

Like I asked prior, in what other country can you break in illegally, behest food and other accommodations, and actually receive all of your demands? Only the progressive identity politics driven Western nations of the U.S. and Europe. Anywhere else you would be deported, arrested, or killed.

Another comical aspect of the outcome of using fictional expressions to fight sexism, racism, patriarchy, capitalism, and heteronormativity is that it actually does the opposite. In this example, we have economically disadvantaged poor whites and blacks in competition with poor illegal immigrants from around the globe. The same can be said for the LGBTQ collective being in contrast to heterosexuals, Muslims, and Christians, but I will get to that later. Think about it, under the cloak of identity politics, it is asserted that Americans should feel bad for celebrating our tradition of Thanksgiving, but migrants should be honored and happy to celebrate Thanksgiving. So much for the importance of decolonization, go figure.

Kind of messed up but the truth is the majority of these citizens were all for alien migrants coming to America as long as it wasn’t in their cities. But the leaders they elected into office screamed sanctuary and now they are on their front porches and doorsteps and feeling the effects. Again, this is what they voted for and the black community along with other progressives will have to live with this for believing the falsehoods of Democrats with their policy as a reward.

Maybe it’s time for people to make different choices. Chicago and New York City citizens voted for this and will most likely vote for it again. Because U.S. citizens will never have the luxury or the opportunity to cross our Southern border to obtain free health care, housing, cell phones, and monthly living expenses without any vetting or identification.

Hard truths are confronted when the equivalency between oppressions of groups interact. Case in point, when people think that it is acceptable to teach other people’s children what they think other people’s kids should know.

We have come to a point in our nation where teachers, especially of the queer and transgender orientation, are so focused on sex that they won’t actually teach something useful to children. Serious query, when did teachers decide that it’s ok and important to discuss their sexual preferences with students? They seem so caught up on individual identity that they think it should not be seen by others as being more important than the equality of oppression.

But what happens when Muslims and Christians have a different perspective? Well, it is enough to make a queer transgender drag queen proclaim to be oppressed although they may be gainfully employed, married, and successful. What is oppressive is for them to force their choices on other kids and other parents’ values who disagree.

If we would all just keep our beliefs to ourselves, these idiotic conflicts wouldn’t exist. Just teach science, history, civics, reading, and math, and keep your own feelings out of it. No clearer is this is when they are confronted by Muslim parents in schools (who they treat differently from Christian parents with the same beliefs) who are strongly against such topics being presented in school. Reckon I don’t understand why queer parents who want their children to read these books insist on subjecting other people’s children to their beliefs.

These insecure mentally ill so-called teachers need to go somewhere, maybe even to prison because in their world, solidarity means everyone converts to their beliefs. Never that they adopt the views of others.

The equivalency between oppressions and groups will never exist because the collective is made up of individuals with different perspectives and life orientations. Climate change activists cannot be equal to Palestinians nor can Palestinians have the exact same interest as queer individuals. Nor is or can there be just one way in which identity can be related across all structural conditions.

The only goal of intersectionalism I can recognize is to divide and conquer for others to have so much control and power they can tell you that you will own nothing and be happy. They will never recognize that Hamas and supporters want to destroy all Americans and kill all gays. Meaning they cannot understand that they will not stop with Israel and the Jews but the Christians and all other infidels for they are taught via Islam to value death more than life and there is nothing more dangerous than a man who does not fear death. Those who care little for their own life will also care little about the lives of other’s.

When one stands for the actions of Hamas, they stand for terrorism. Terrorism isn’t bravery but rather savagery. So one cannot claim oppression and play the victim or “Islamophobia” card if they do not fear death, or war, or killing.

The one thing I notice when it comes to people advocating intersectionality is that they respect your right to speak until you disagree with them. It is then when they refuse to engage with the person who disagrees with them or hear whatever it is they have to say. They will set and make demands of you and everyone else because they often lack the faculty to see that postmodernist identity groups they claim can never be marginalized.

I am sure many posit a similar perspective as mine it is just that I have the nuts to say and tell a person “no, I don’t respect you or your ideology, because you disrespect everyone that doesn’t bow to your neurosis.” Once I made one of these people cry after I laughed in their face. If what they preached was real, they would be able to tolerate folk that disagree with them but they cannot. This why intersectionalism is meaningless, contrived and cannot be rationalized.

Staff Writer; Torrance T. Stephens

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