In Search of The Beloved Community.

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( In the 1960s and 1970s political scientists and social philosophers theorized and predicted that as Blacks, Latinxs and women obtained greater numbers of elected, managerial, policy and decision making positions the very fabric of American society would undergo a radical if not revolutionary transformation.

These political scientists and social philosophers maintained that due to the unique experience that Blacks, Latinxs and women had endured once in the position of power and authority they would alter the DNA of American society. That they would produce a far more humane, just, fair, compassionate, caring nation.

A new America which for the first time since its establishment as a nation was finally a great America. An America for which one could truly be proud to proclaim that they were an American. An America which finally upheld and embodied the spirit that it propagandized to the world.

In Search of The Beloved Community.

It would become a nation in the words of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. where love, justice and solidarity were the norm and the  “Beloved Community” was a reality and not just a dream.  The radical, revolutionary transformation of American society to make it a better nation, more human and just nation was one of the prominent components of the Black Consciousness/Black Power and feminists movements.

Roughly 60 years has passed since political scientists and social philosophers envisioned the impact of Black, Latinx and woman political, social and economic power. It is fair to say that the  political scientists and social philosophers who envisioned a radically and revolutionary changed American as a result of Blacks, Latinxs and women coming to power would be extremely  disappointed and disillusioned that their theory and prediction was not realized.

Record numbers of women, Blacks, Latinxs and other people of color have been elected to public officials and have attained positions of authority within government, the corporate sector and other elements of American society. However, America remains just as reactionary if not more so than 50 or 60 years ago.

As a society, America remains more divided with more segregated schools than existed in the 1960s and 1970s especially in the Northeastern US. The income gap between the haves and the have nots has not diminished but has only gotten larger, significantly larger.

America was supposed to become a more humane and gentler society as women brought their supposedly naturing, caring posture into the public arena. However, America seems more violent, hostile, angry, fractured, uncaring, desensitized and dehumanized than 50 or 60 years ago.

Fifty or sixty years ago the US was ranked in the top ten among nations in regards to being one of the safest countries to live in. It is no longer one of the top ten. Fifty or sixty years ago the US was ranked in the top ten among nations in terms of quality of life.  It is no longer one of the top ten.

Fifty or sixty years ago the US was ranked in the top ten among nations in terms of best for children. It is no longer one of the top ten. Fifty or sixty years ago the US was ranked in the top ten among nations in terms of healthcare. It is no longer one of the top ten.

As for life expectancy, maternal mortality rates, wealth inequality and mental health well being the US instead of seeing improving numbers has gone the opposite way.

Unfortunately, collectively, Black and Latinx politicians have engaged in politics not for radically and revolutionary transformation of their communities but too often the betterment of themselves, their families and small niche of friends.

These Black, Latinx and woman politicians and potentates have been merely interested in getting a seat at the table. They were not interested in turning the table over, destroying it and building a new and better table for greater numbers of people, people that looked and sounded like them to sit and eat real food and not just the crumbs that fell.

Instead of seeking to pry wide open the doors of opportunity for greater members of their community to enter, these politicians and potentates have been effective gatekeepers to ensure only a small select few, primarily family and friends, gain entrance to political, social, and economic opportunities. Their rhetoric and pronouncements were large, yet their vision and legacy were limited to the end of their nose.

A smaller group of Black and Latinx politicians ended up chasing pennies and dimes eventually being led out of offices heads down, hands tied behind their backs. For some it was just personal greed.

Others were subject to having the rules changed in the middle of the game. Whereas white politicians for decades were able to amass personal fortunes from business as usual, once Blacks and Latinxs found themselves in greater numbers in such positions the rules changed. Receiving a $10 tie became grounds for some zealot prosecutor looking to make a name for themself to target and bring down a Black or Latinx politician.

As for women in positions of authority and power they have proven themselves to be even  more of a disappointment. During the early days of the feminist movement there were those who proclaimed that women once in greater numbers of authority and power would infuse compassion and a sensitivity resulting in a kinder, more caring and benevolent society. A society in which wars between nations were a thing of the past and where the lion would sit down next to the lamb.

Not only has American society become less kinder and compassionate, but women in positions of authority and power have too often shown themselves to be less fairer and less compassionate and more ruthless than men. Many who have worked in an office in which a woman was in charge can bear witness to that statement.

The irony is that it would be understandable for women in positions of authority to be somewhat hostile towards men. However, that does not seem to be the case.

Women seemed to receive the worst treatment from their women bosses. This seems especially true at times when compassion and sensitivity are required.

It seems that somewhere along the way someone whispered into the ear of the woman boss that “you can’t appear to be weak, you must think and be tough like a man. You must always show that you are in control.”

A man in the same position who is confident in their authority and power and not preoccupied about being in control or losing control will without hesitation resolve an issue strategically with care and compassion.

This lack of care and compassion on behalf of women in positions of authority and power is on display everyday in courtrooms around this nation. Too often women prosecutors and judges seemed to feel the need to show just how tough they can be.

Too often it seems that they seek the most stringent, harshest penalties and sentences. A male judge or prosecutor might be more inclined to try and understand the circumstances that resulted in the defendant being before the court as compared to a woman judge or prosecutor feeling that they needed to show just how tough they were.

Despite all the rhetoric about softness, tenderness and mothering tendencies, women are showing themselves to be just as ruthless if not more so than many men. They have shown themselves to be just as evil if not more also.

Perhaps in future years, hopefully sooner rather than later, the Beloved Community that Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr., spoke so passionately and eloquently about will be realized. Until that time, it is just another dream that unfortunately like so many dreams has been deferred.

Staff Writer; Al Alatunji

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