Why Do Successful Black men Married Leftover European American Women?

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(ThyBlackMan.com) We have all asked the same question regarding our successful black American men such as athletes, musician, entertainers, entrepreneurs, college grads, movie star etc.. who always get involved in relationships with snow bunnies, snow flakes also known as Leftover Caucasian/European women. Indeed, for some unknown reason our best talented, rich, educated and successful African Americans men living in the United States of America resort to having relationships, entanglements, friendship, girlfriends and wife’s with the leftover and undesirable women of America that are pushed aside by the Alpha and Beta European men of America. Yes, you heard it right, even the Beta Caucasian men’s do not entangled themselves with leftover Caucasian women.

Black men Married Leftover European American Women

So I asked myself as a proud black man, the same question that millions of single professional black women, Asian women, Hispanic women etc. have asked themselves.. Why are the best of the black male community gravitates towards the trashy, snow bunnies and she devils of the European American community?. and What does a successful strong black man sees in an uneducated, worn out, ugly, out of shape, broke, poor left over Caucasian woman that a Caucasian man has thrown to the trash since it is used garbage? As we have witness over and over and countless of times the destruction and incarceration of every successful black men upon getting involved with leftover European women and how quick those leftover women become rich and powerful at the demised of our great and talented black brothers, who chose to entangled themselves with low quality women that have been discarded by Racist America.

Now, we have our successful brother Johnathan Majors rising as a superstar in the movie and TV industry ,have now been lynch and crucified in the eyes of our public opinion in America; due in part to his snow bunny and she devil aka ” Leftover Women” girlfriend, who accused him of assault and battery for which he was arrested and charge with domestic violence:; More so, He has now become the face of black arrogance, violence and intimidation for which White America has intentionally and effortless destroyed the image of every black men in America by using the tools of the Neanderthal cave dwelling Leftover women. Indeed, another strong alpha successful black man has bitten the dust for bunny hoping with Snow bunnies and dating outside of his race.

Snow Bunnies in America have been destroying our best talented brothers in the last 50 years; yet, our brothers continue to entangled themselves with them and have fail to see the big picture and realize that whenever you date out of your race you are setting yourself up for destruction at the hands of the Racist people also known as “White Supremacy” disguising themselves as Democrats. There are so many African American Men who have lost everything they work hard for and acquired by allowing their self hatred of their skin color to be the number one reason pushing them onto the hands and claws of European American women, who are known to only use black men as a fetish to satisfy their sexual desires and to enrich themselves at the demised of the successful and educated black men.

Lets, remember our Talented golfer Tiger Woods, who is a rich black man that also fell to the spell of the leftover women of America and got involved with a beautiful Swedish blonde babysitter snow bunny woman, who could barely speak English properly and neither had a college degree, a home or had any valuable assets in her possession: Yet, upon dating and marrying Tiger Woods, she became a rich snow bunny woman, who will eventually divorced tiger woods and leave that marriage with over $200,000,000 Million dollars in her pocket; even though, she came into that relationship with only $200 Dollars in her purse. Yes, our black brother (half black & half Asian) chose a leftover woman over a professional and college educated black woman.

We all understand what happens with black women who marries a Caucasian men, which is a topic that I have discussed previously in the article ” Who wears the pants in a bi-racial marriage and relationship”. (Akiit.com), I discussed how a black woman cannot and will no longer be loyal to the black community once she married someone of a different race which creates a state of ambivalence, confusion, stress, anxiety, fear and jealousy within each person involved in the relationship and within their respective family members, relatives, friends, neighbors and co-workers. Now, What happens when Black Men Marries European American Women? Well, the answer is simple, the black men looses his job, career, gets arrested, goes to prison and losses his entire fortune and reputations by the words, statements and accusations spoken with a fork tongue by his lovely leftover Caucasian wife and or girlfriend.

When a black man marries a leftover woman, it is the European American woman who wears the pants, the hat, the jacket and smoke the cigar; while, the black man becomes the beta male, a simp, a lame and a slave to the demonic enchantments of European American women, who with a simple word could cause the imprisonment, incarceration and even death of successful black men. These leftover women with no natural buttocks or natural lips, will use the wealthy negro money to buy herself a new set of puffy lips, a Brazilian butt lift, and a breast implant, so her lame successful black husband will see her as an Egyptian Goddess. Indeed, our greatest and best talented African American men turn into pussy dolls and house negros every time they meet, date and or married any leftover European American women, who will eventually destroyed their career and take all their wealth away and give it back to the European Alpha Male of America.

I must asked all my fellow succesfull black men of America to stop swirling and dating out of your race and to instead married, date and love your own kind. We are at war with Racist America; therefore, we should stick with our own kind and married our own kind for the survival of the black race in America. There are millions of good, honest, nurturing, submissive black women who are single, working, educated and looking for a good black men to married, so there should not be any need for successful black men to go out of the black community to find a wife in another community. Remember, black brothers! if you were not successful or rich then those European American women wouldn’t even give you the time of the day. Do you think if Tiger Woods was a security guard working at that golf club, He could have a chance of dating or been friends with the Swedish babysitter? The answer is No and Never

When ever a black man marries a leftover woman, She will tell him what to do and when to do it, how to dress, what to eat, who to talk too, when to smile, when to jump, when to sit down, when to shut up and as always the successful black men will do whatever she says. Sadly, our strong and successful black men will followed the she devil’s and snow bunnies to the depths of hell and bend the knee to her; even though, she was thrown to the trash by her own people because she was a leftover and a burden to the Caucasian men of America. A leftover European American woman will convince her black slave husband to abandoned and forget everything about his community and birthplace and she will then force him to denounce his African Heritage and roots; As well as, demand that he turned his back on his black parents and everything he knew about the African American community.

Yes, it appears that when our Successful African American men married one of those leftover She Devil/ Snow bunny European American women, they become the weakest link in that bi-racial relationship resulting in their life becoming a living hell and their careers hanging from a thread due to the control, manipulation and ulterior motive of leftover Caucasian women who are stealing all the saucerful good brothers from our professional, educated, career oriented, black women of America. Sadly, our black men of America have not learned from the mistakes of many successful black men that have lost everything after getting involved in a relationship or entanglement with a leftover European American woman.


Stewart, E. “Who Wears the Pants in a Bi-racial Marriage and Relationship” Akiit.com Nov. 25, 2021

Staff Writer; Eugenio Stewart

One may contact this brother at; islam4infinity@yahoo.com.