Is Age Your Issue With Joe Biden.

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( While sitting in a waiting room waiting to be seen by an orthopedic specialist random conversation is happening all around me. In this waiting room there are people from various different walks of life discussing life and living with the stranger sitting next to them. There is a TV on and though it just seems like a fixture, it becomes a focal point and begins to guide the various conversations in this waiting room. The conversations would reveal political affiliations, opinions on different local / state / federal matters of policy, and who’s fit to lead our nation…and why or why not. As I observe I watch people shift from relaxed conversation to tense and even heated discussion. A few people were so vexed they decided to get up and move to another part of the waiting area.

One of the subjects that riled people up was President Biden not being fit to runt he country, and he shouldn’t run for reelection, based on his age. Some felt that he was simply too old for any public office, he’s delirious, and out of touch with the needs of America. No one wanted to be told that a lot of the issues they were upset about were matters for which congress should be held accountable. Remember, politics is one of those subjects that should not be discussed in some places as it is a bit too telling, and passion can quickly turn to anger.

Joe Biden Age.

As I tried to tune out the political fussing, I realized most of the people in the discussion were heavily right leaning Republicans and they spoke as though the Presidents age was indeed a crime and dereliction of duty. I found myself laughing, and the laughter was caused by both the defense of and advocating of Donald Trump. Regardless of whether you voted for President Biden or not, if one is non bias, they would have to admit the presidency right now looks more like what we would expect from a president regardless of party. One would have to admit there was entirely too much out of order both on the domestic and foreign side of the Trump Administration. We had a president that felt he was above the law…above the Constitution of the United States and that is dangerous. Yet, people are sitting here arguing about President Biden’s age. They aren’t saying he’s a horrible president, they aren’t saying he’s committed crimes, they aren’t saying he’s sexually assaulted women, they aren’t saying he’s racist, they aren’t saying he’s insensitive to military families, they aren’t saying the international community is laughing at us because of our leadership, they aren’t saying he won’t participate in presidential briefings and the list could go on. No, folks are sitting here arguing about the President’s age. I must admit I was astonished and not all at the same time.

One of the biggest issues in our country is it seems that we have chosen party over what’s best for the country as a whole. Even if people bicker over personal preferences, we have become a rather selfish nation that doesn’t care much for their fellow neighbor if they don’t agree with every position taken. Look, people are literally voting against their own best interests for the sake of party alignments and to support people that don’t care about them. One of the most telling moments of this is after the January 6th insurrection there were people involved that truly believed in their hearts that their president had been robbed, they were there at his call, and that he would not only stand with them…but defend them. They felt he would protect them…and he did not. They were left stuck out to live with the consequences of defending someone that did not protect them. I say that to say if your only opposition to the President is his age…while having no opposition to the previous administration it might be time to evaluated self, and what you legitimately believe is good for this country.

Everyone has the right to support the candidates the feel represents their interest…or at least that’s why we should support them. We have a right to hold them accountable to their campaign promises…that’s why we voted for them. There should be no reason why we support criminal activity, and then harp about another leader’s age. The waiting area was an eye opener and to be honest it was quite disappointing. There was no acceptance of truth, and feelings outweighed having real dialog about what we need in this country as citizens. It really was an opportunity missed; unfortunately, this waiting area looks like so many spaces in America.

Staff Writer; Christian Starr

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