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Barack Obama – The Great Democrat Enchanter.

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( In 2007 a relatively unknown Senator from Illinois by the name of Barack Hussein Obama entered the frays of the public spotlight by running for President of the United States. His charisma, his young looks, his family, and arguably his mannerisms and articulation made him a very attractive – yet ideal person for the Presidency. There were one – well – a couple of big problems. Barack Obama had to make America identify with him. His handlers made sure to bury his community organizing days since such works were largely linked with Socialist provocateur Sal Alinsky from the 60s and 70s. They also had to take him beyond the idea of coming from a bi-racial couple, then being raised by a White family in Hawaii. How can he truly identify with Black America? That wasn’t important – nor was really the impeding question. The question was, can he appeal to white America enough but look Black enough to win over the Black vote? The answer was astounding; YES, WE CAN!

Barack Obama - The Great Enchanter.

The Obama campaign understood this dynamic very well. He had to appeal to White America – never mind Black America. Black America was happy enough with seeing a – well – appearing so Black man running for President. That was good enough and garnered their vote, hook, line, and sinker! White America needed a little more. They needed some assurance that he wasn’t going to play the “Vote for me because I’m Black and if you don’t, you’re racist.” card. So, Obama brought substance and valid talking points that Americans by and large wanted to hear from a Presidential candidate. As I spoke to many Obama enthusiasts during the 2007 campaign cycle many didn’t care what he had to say or what he was about. He was Black. He had a (D) next to his name. And his family was Black. Check. Check. Check. Some Black Americans wasn’t buying it, however. You mean to tell me that a Black man coming from a mostly White family is going to walk into the White House with no strings attached? Now there’s a thought most people, including me didn’t think about. How is it that a Black man will become the nation’s first Black President with virtually no push back in 2008? Did we really come that far? Did change really happen that we could believe in? NOPE.

Was America ready to elect Hillary Rodham Clinton, the wife of former President Bill Clinton? No. Not because she was a woman, but because she was Bill Clinton’s wife. It wreaked of nepotism and corruption that Americans wasn’t really ready to grapple with. That is largely why Bill stayed out of the picture for most of her campaign run. Did we want to see Senator John McCain as President? A decorated war hero and prisoner of war, yet moment’s notice away from handing the reins over to former Alaska Governor Sarah Palin. This was another NOPE. This is where the “lesser of two evils” idea comes in. Barack checked nearly all the boxes for Americans. We could stomach him for four years and see what happens. Black America just knew they were getting reparations! Black America turned out overwhelmingly for Barack in 2008. On election night chants in Grant Park in Chicago were heard, “We put him in the White House!” “We got him elected!” Now what?

A lot of Black Americans felt disillusioned with the Obama presidency. The common themed “Black issues” in America were not addressed, fixed, or even offered a solution by Democrats after the 2008 election and definitely not during the 2012-16 years. White Americans saw Obama as an opportunist in stoking racial tensions. Obama interjected himself in nearly every controversial matter surrounding violence towards African Americans from cops. He commonly remarked about the newly created buzzword about systemic racism. But was elected by this very same system. Of course, this was a talking point to appease the far-left crowd that espoused this rhetoric. His presidency was the typical establishment politics with a favoritism towards the LBGTQ+ agenda.

This is what mostly made Black America upset about former President Obama. He sold lip-service to the Black community while committed full-on service through the stroke of the pen to ALL other communities. While he tried to portray the ideal role for what Americans envisioned how a Presidency should be and what it should look like, at the end of the day President Barak Obama was par for the course.

Staff Writer; Randy Purham

This brother is a Former US Congressional Candidate for the House of Representatives for the state of Alaska At-Large. He is the CEO of Purham & Associates, LLC and Host of Purham & Associates Show on


2 Responses to “Barack Obama – The Great Democrat Enchanter.”
  1. Eugenio says:

    I agree 1000% with the author of this article.

    Indeed! smooth talking Barack Obama Did Nothing for Black America. He received the vote of millions of African Americans and in returned He gave them nothing but jokes and false promises. Every democratic elected buffoon have done nothing or gave nothing that was specific and tangible for the black men, black women and black children of America; yet, they give every other race in America whatever they asked for and everything they did not asked for. So the million dollar question is Why Do Black People Continue to Vote for a Democratic party that does nothing for them?.

    I hope for the upcoming 2024 elections, that black people will wake up and not vote ever again for any Caucasian Candidate or house negro candidate; unless, they put in on paper that they will give us what we want and if they don’t then we take it by force in the same way that the Haitian slaves got their freedom by fighting the racist slave masters and the French Armada to the death.

    If you are a proud black men, black women and black LGBT who love your people and look forward for the betterment and empowerment of our African American community, then it is our job to do it for us by fighting back by any means necessary and by creating and economical power that is control by us for us. All African Americans must deposit their hard earn money and or savings in a black owned bank and or black owned financial institution. We must spend our money in black business only, we must send our children to black schools, HBCU’s, We must have a father and a mother figure at home with our children, we must stop purchasing alcohol and tobacco products, we must stop anyone from bringing drugs into our community, We must stop the kumbaya with other races and cultures and we must stop doing anything that tarnish the image and reputation of a black man and a black woman.

    Additionally, All African Americans must exercise their second amendment rights by legally purchasing guns, rifle, ammunitions, body armor, Kevlar helmets from African American gun stores that are owned by retired black military veterans, retired, former black police officers and from members of “NAAGA” which stands for National African American Gun Association. Remember, there are over a dozen or more license guns stores that are owned by black men and black women who are loyal to the prosperity and safety of our black Christian children. We must protect ourselves because other races are purchasing weapons in large numbers in order to destroyed us and wipe us out from America.

    We are at war America and if you have not notice yet, the State of Florida is no longer safe for black people since Governor Ron Desantis has set forward several bills and mandates statewide to eradicate black history month, black education, black jobs, black schools, black banks. Ron Desantis has given the green light for racist white people and Hispanic living in the state of Florida to shoot and killed black people on site and use the words ” I Fear For My Life” to justify the killing of any and all African Americans.

    If you are a black soldier station in a base in the state of Florida and or if you are a black police officer working in the State of Florida, I asked you to protect your fellow African Americans from these racist demons because at the end of the day, they will still see you as a negro regardless if you were a military or police uniform.

  2. Vader007 says:

    Obama’s political strategy was no different than 99% of black American politicians across the country. That is to pimp your black electoral base into voting for you and don’t offer any real domestic policy that will benefit the black massed. And then once elected, run to every other group out there to do their bidding while ignoring the voting base that got you elected. The Congressional Black Caucus has made this tactic an Art Form.

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