Devout Christians: Don’t Settle.

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And suddenly there came from heaven a sound like a mighty rushing wind, and it filled the entire house where they were sitting. Acts 2:2 ESV

I want to say from the outset that I want all that Christ has and wants for me. When it comes to our spiritual pursuits we must guard against being too easily satisfied. That is, as soon as we get a glimpse of what we’re seeking we cease our pursuit and rejoice as if we’ve obtained all that God intends. Dear Christian I must urge you to keep pressing because God can always do more. We settle for a few droplets when God desires to pour the former and latter rain. Or, we accept the drizzle in place of the deluge that God wants us to experience. What I mean is that God has within that great storehouse otherwise called His Spirit so many things to bestow upon us, so much fruit to produce within us that it could be easily called immeasurable! There is an abundance of qualitative Christlikeness that God seeks to produce in our character that it may be unthinkable to settle for seeds when we could bear trees.

Devout Christians: Don’t Settle.

Whatever you are, you can be more. Surely, I don’t need to prove how God is deserving of more out of our lives. By nature of the sacrifice and propitiation for our sins through Jesus’ suffering, we ought always to seek to walk worthy of the vocation of being His children and representatives. I couldn’t be the only one that believes there’s more of God that can be displayed in my being. This is why I’m so moved by the saints of the ages that weren’t content with “nominal Christianity”, that is, a Christian in name or title only. Rather, they wanted more of God in their lives and labored to receive it. Men like Charles G. Finney would seek the Lord in the woods and stay there, sometimes on his face, until he prevailed with God. Or, men like David Brainerd wouldn’t be satisfied with meager success but would take time for fasting and prayer because they knew God could do more through them. Or, of Amy Carmichael who served as a missionary in India for 55 years while her body was ravaged with neuralgia. What prompted these men and women to seek more of God? They knew God could do more and refused to settle.

Child of God, I don’t want to be a mediocre saint. And, I don’t believe God has called any of us to a life of mediocrity but rather a meaningful life where the attributes of Christ radiate from within our personalities. This is what occurs when the Holy Spirit, the wind, and the “ruach” of God fill our souls. That He enhances your Christian walk is an understatement; He’s the Divine auspice that brings into our hearts the fullness of Christ. All that Christ represents as a new creature, a child of God, or the resurrected life is endowed upon us by the Holy Spirit, and thus it would be a shame not to have Him and His influence in our lives. Indeed, it is living beneath your privilege to settle for a touch or a temporary move of the Spirit when He desires to dwell within us. Whether you call it a baptism, a second step of grace, or complete obedience, much is left on the table if this “other Comforter” isn’t inhabiting our lives.

Yes, a Divine habitation. This is what the disciples sought in that upper room; they looked for the promise of the Father to be enacted in their lives, and they would not settle. However, some were content with being able to say that they saw Christ after His resurrection. The Scriptures let us know that Jesus was seen by over 500 people at one time yet only 120 were present for the Spirit’s filling. Some 380 dismissed the unction of Christ to wait in Jerusalem until the power came. To Jesus, witnessing His resurrection wasn’t enough, they needed another experience beyond that “third day morning.” An experience that would empower them to exemplify Christ’s likeness to the world, and thus bear witness by their conduct that Jesus still lives.

One thing is for sure, Child of God, we should desire all that God has for us and seek to obtain this down payment of eternity and the Spirit of Christ. Don’t settle my brothers and sisters, press in into His fulness and thereby testify with the Apostle Paul that “it’s no more I, but Christ that lives in me.” Galatians 2:20

Staff Writer; C. E. Davis

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