Devout Christians: Accepting A Call to Ministry Can Be Difficult.

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( Having a known purpose in this life, and a passion for said purpose, is a blessing. So many people are wondering through life trying to find out what it is they truly want to do with their life. Some. Have chosen careers based on how others have directed them, and there are those that float from one thing to the next. What is certain is there tends to be a brick wall that is despair when we can’t seem to figure out what is driving our heart. To know is beautiful…liberating even, but what does one do when the purpose makes you want to run in the opposite direction. Let’s be honest, it is possible to love a things, and have a deep passion for it, but be turned off by the adversity that will come with the pursuit.

I’m not talking about challenges in obtaining the credentials for one’s purpose, though that can be daunting at times. I am speaking of the actual purpose itself and the madness that can come with it. Yes, every position has its own issues that are off putting, but some can make you question if the purpose is worth the headache. Having a call to ministry can pose this difficulty for some. If one feels called to ministry, accepting said call can be difficult in terms of deciding to walk within that space. Anyone that understands church culture can come up with some immediate reason as you are reading this.

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The practice of one’s faith is very personal; leading others in their faith is a great responsibility. Realizing one’s call to ministry can be a wonderful revelation. To know purpose your purpose is aligned with helping become the best versions of themselves as they navigate life though their spiritualty can be humbling and exciting. However, accepting all that comes with said calling can be difficult, and for some discouraging. There are those that acknowledge the importance of the work and may question if they are best suited for ministry. Sometimes there is an expectation of perfection, or more so the perception of that expectation. This can lead to pressure and stunted growth as the concern for perfection and how one is seen can lead to internal turmoil, and anxiety.

The reality of the hypocrisy along with expectation can also create difficulty. For so many it’s not the person in the pew that can give one pause, but those that are leading. This is not from the position of expectation of perfection. However, some that are called embrace intelligence and they now have to battle with the anti-intelligence that has taken over some parts of the church community. There are women that will deal with challenges that arise from the idea of women in ministry. Some that are called what the doors of the church to be truly open to all. Yet, some that are called may be more traditionalist and feel though we come as we are there should be a respect for the sacredness of the worship space. There are so many thoughts that can make accepting the call to ministry difficult even if it is the purpose, and something that is loved.

Some of us are called to various different areas of ministry. If you get the urge to run like Jonah it might be a good idea to take the time to ponder over what is causing that feeling. If there is someone in the family or ministry you trust, they might be able to help you work through the things that appear to challenge your ability to move forward in your purpose. This can take time, and I will never say it is easy. However, doing the work to confront and conquer the difficulties is its own reward.

Accepting one’s call to ministry is embarking upon a life changing journey. Everyday there will be something to learn and the challenge to become a better, balanced, spiritual individual and leader. You’ll have the rewarding experience of helping others conquer challenges and become their best selves through their spiritual journey. Yes, there will be days when you can’t seem to understand which direction is the right one. There will be days when you will encounter heartbreak as someone is lost, or you want more for someone that they can want for themselves in the moment. Then there are the days you will face those that are in ministry with you.

Leadership should hold each other accountable so that they are stronger and walking in integrity as they lead others. All of it can be demanding and feel overwhelming. The beauty is it’s your purpose…your calling, and you’re built for it. When nothing else makes since knowing that the work you are doing is meant for you is fulfilling, in it there is joy.

Staff Writer; Christian Starr

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