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Gun Control Deception In America.

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( Amidst killings every week in Chicago and across the country, active shooter incidents increasing in frequency, gun buyback programs, and government sit-ins, the controversy about gun control has taken center stage. But this article is going to tell you the rest of the facts and how you are being deceived by those who say they want the guns off the streets. Yes you are being deceived by government officials and leaders in the African American community alike. As a former detective who carried/carries a Glock .40 (and then some) as well as a former firearms instructor,  I am going to tell you what they are keeping from you and why guns are not the problem.


Crime and criminals are the problem, not guns. Sociologically it is a well established fact that violent crime is caused by economic conditions, the breakdown of the family unit, poor character, glorified bad examples, hopelessness, greed, ignorance and sociological conditioning. If you want to see the impact of guns on children, take a look at the research on how they are being programmed by video games like Grand Theft Auto, movies and “gangsta” rap. Where are the political and African American leaders on that and why are they strangely silent? Guns do not cause violence and de-sensitization is a primary culprit for violence coming from young people.

Guns - Gun Control in America.

WHY DO THEY REALLY WANT THE GUNS?                                                           

By allowing a number of strategic FALSE FLAGS nationwide and the rise in gun violence, certain powers that be are creating a scenario to scare the public into allowing our citizens to be disarmed. If this sounds like “conspiracy theory“, wake up and look at what is happening. It’s fact, not theory. Read the section of this article labeled Adolph Hitler and Gun Control.

GUN BUY-BACKS:  A BAD IDEA                         

While African Americans are trading in guns for X-boxes and gift certificates, Caucasian people are buying every gun they can. Gun shoes are selling out and it is no secret. Informed citizens know the dangers of a population that has been disarmed, a population where crime is high and a population where there are not nearly enough police officers to protect it. If you have a legal firearm, keep it and buy others. Learn how to shoot and how to safely store your weapon. Learn the gun laws and the consequences. Learn weapons retention and cleaning. Know what is the best weapon for you. Learn about ammunition and holsters. Most novice gun owners do not have a decent holster for their weapons. There are single, double and triple retention holsters so don’t be cheap. You do not want someone to take your weapon and use it on you.


Here is the text of the Second Amendment to the United States Constitution: The Second Amendment of the United States Constitution reads: “A well regulated Militia, being necessary to the security of a free State, the right of the people to keep and bear Arms, shall not be infringed.”  The irony is that the Federal government, state, city, county governments and even businesses have always infringed upon our right to bear arms. They have told us where we could not carry weapons, what we could not carry, whether the weapons had to be exposed or concealed, if we need permits etc. So should it be a shock when they take it further to restrict us even more?

STOP FEARING PLASTIC, METAL AND RUBBER                                                                            

Guns do not kill people, people kill people. A gun is a piece of plastic, metal and rubber. It takes on the nature and character of the person who buys and uses it. Guns are clearly deterrents to crime. Why do you think a bank security guard is armed? Or a  Brinks guard? Or a police officer? Or a secret service agent? Guns deter just as much as they protect and even kill. If you have never owned or carried a gun, guns may scare you. But they are not alive, and with training, you don’t have to be afraid of a gun. Be more afraid of the criminal who has one when you do not.

GOVERNMENT AND SUSPECT AFRICAN LEADERS                                                                     

From Joe Biden to Al Sharpton to Kamala Harris, they all seem to be on the bandwagon to get the guns as if the guns are the problem. This is not only a deception, it is also a distraction. They seem focused on disarming the population of private citizens any way possible. But if people kill people (not guns), we have to ask why they are so focused on distracting you from the real issues. I also find it interesting that they are making it seem African Americans with guns are the main problem by implication, yet almost all the active shooter incidents that killed dozens and dozens of people were not done by African Americans. The shooters in the movie theater, S. Carolina, the military base, Columbine, Sandy Hook and many others you do not know about were not African American. And I have to wonder if Sharpton, Biden and others complaining about guns are turning in their guns. Likely not. Finally, it’s amazing how they never did a sit-in for all the gun violence in the African American community. They only did the sit-in after a lot of Caucasian people got scared from active shooter incidents.

VIOLENT CRIMINALS AND GUNS                     

Do you really think a violent criminal, active shooter or gangbanger  with contacts and connections will be stopped by laws that restrict citizens from protecting themselves? On the contrary, these gun restrictions will make law abiding citizens sitting ducks because they cannot carry what is necessary to protect themselves. Even though guns are not allowed in night clubs, one thing i for certain. If an active shooter starts shooting people in a room where people are armed, he is not likely to kill 50 people. That room could have been a night club, a school, a military base or even a movie theater.

WAITING PERIODS ONLY HURT LAW ABIDING CITIZENS                                                                                    

The only people restricted or disadvantaged by waiting periods are law abiding citizens. The only waiting period for the criminal is until he/she can get to the illegal supplier, steal guns from a pawn shop or find another legal way to get them. If a criminal buys a gun legally (like in Orlando), waiting periods will do nothing to stop him. If a criminal steals a gun, waiting periods will not slow him down. If a criminal has resources, he/she can get friends, family or other criminals to buy the guns. The problem is not the guns, the problem is the criminals. And people need to stop making it seem they are one in the same.

GUNS ON COLLEGE CAMPUSES                                                                   

There seems to be a fear from some students and most administration about students carrying guns on college campuses. But there is an even bigger problem. College campus police usually receive minimal police training. The police staff on a college campus is also far too small to protect all or even half of the students. At Georgia State University, for example, there are over 36,000 students who go to class from 6am to 11pm at night. However there are likely no more than 2,000 police officers to cover the entire campus – and that is split up in 3 shifts. The numbers clearly show there are not enough police officers. Therefore it is common sense to allow students to protect themselves if the campus police cannot protect them. Apparently  the governor does not understand that.

If we do not change the character, culture, behavior, justifications and contributing factors that breed crime, guns will only be replaced with more guns or something worse.

From a legal standpoint, colleges and universities could incur what is called premises liability if they know there are crimes against students on campus yet do not take reasonable steps to address the problem and protect the students. They can say “at your own risk” or proclaim they are not responsible for student safety all they like, but that is not guaranteed to erase all of the college or university liability. If administration and faculty are worried about students with guns, they must not understand that a Judge issues a permit based on the law and the second amendment – and college staff knows far less than the judge does. If I were in college today, I would get a concealed weapons permit and keep rolling.

THE SIMPLE TRAINING SOLUTION                             

If they still worry, a simple solution is to require a training class in order to carry a weapon. The class should include the following:

(1) Current gun laws and consequences,

(2) weapons retention,

(3) weapons storage, safety and cleaning and

(4) a gun range test for competency.  Problem solved. And for those who would say “students might go crazy and start shooting people” I say this. That is not what has been happening and if someone is that sick, they will not abide by the rules regarding guns on campuses anyway. Thus the restrictions will do no good.

ADOLPH HITLER AND GUN CONTROL                                         

“In 1933, the ultimate extremist group, led by Adolf Hitler, seized power and used the records to identify, disarm, and attack political opponents and Jews. Constitutional rights were suspended, and mass searches for and seizures of guns and dissident publications ensued. Police revoked gun licenses of Social Democrats and others who were not “politically reliable.”

In 1938, Hitler signed a new Gun Control Act. Now that many “enemies of the state” had been removed from society, some restrictions could be slightly liberalized, especially for Nazi Party members. But Jews were prohibited from working in the firearms industry, and .22 caliber hollow-point ammunition was banned.”

Now you know more of the truth than politicians, “black leaders” and the media are willing to tell you. Buy your guns but do so legally and follow the guidelines I outlined above. Get the required permits. If you are ever stopped by the police and you have a firearm with you, make sure the first thing you do is to calmly let them know what you have and where it is. Protect and defend yourself but never take a firearm lightly. Guns are not toys and toy guns are a sociological programming game of deception. No child should play with a toy gun because guns are not toys. Share this article everywhere, be safe and be responsible.

Staff Writer; Trevo Craw

A Free Thinker, who loves to talk about Politics, etc. Also, all about uplifting the Black Community even if it doesn’t fit your mindset. One may hit me up at;


26 Responses to “Gun Control Deception In America.”
  1. RET says:

    An article about gun control that deals in truths rather than emotion = refreshing. Kudos!

    That said, the person that uploaded/proofread this piece should be fired.

  2. DennisJavens says:

    In California, the state is trying to pass a law to tax all gun and ammunition sales by 11%, added to the local taxes makes in my area a 20% tax the is wrong. I work at a gun store and many of our clients are people of color, who do not have high-paying jobs. This bill would be very harmful to them. We who look at this bill see nothing but racism against people of color. The next bill they want to pass will very much eliminate where a Concealed Carried gun can actually walk into. For example, they want businesses to post signs saying guns ok.
    All the big anti-gun groups flood into California to support these laws, and guess what they may come to a state near you.

  3. TSgtB says:

    Very concise and well-written article, and exactly on point. A firearm/gun is an INANIMATE OBJECT INCAPABLE OF INDEPENDENT THOUGHT OR ACTION, therefore it cannot kill or injure ANYONE.

    Robert Keating could not be more incorrect: he obviously does not like firearms OR Freedom, and wishes to be a slave.

    I am a retired military man, still and forever LIVING BY MY OATH TO PROTECT AND DEFEND THE CONSTITUION OF THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA AGAINST ALL ENEMIES FOREIGN AND DOMESTIC. That includes our so-called “leaders”, who seem to have forgotten that they are our SERVANTS, not our “masters”.

    If you don’t have a firearm, sell your garment and buy one; IT IS LATER THAN YOU THINK.

  4. John says:

    Well written, but seems largely a well-founded opinion. There are plenty of facts and statistics to support this opinion and their inclusion would lend more gravitas to this article.

    However, I do agree with what is presented.

  5. Alan says:

    I’m a white guy and could not agree more with the author. I would like to have explained why many Black people agree with “gun control” and for Whitey (and some Blackies) wanting to have guns taken from the citizens. It was the Democrats and their party that would not allow Blacks to have guns…only Whitey could have guns. Who gave that ‘right’ to the Blacks? The Republican party and Whitey.
    And for the Hitler comments…read “Gun Control in the Third Reich,” by Stephen P. Halbrook. While many historically unique factors ultimately led to the Holocaust, Nazi policies prohibiting possession of firearms helped to consolidate Hitler’s power.

  6. Ray Martin says:

    The discussion of the intent of the Second Amendment is supported by “The Right To Keep and Bear Arms – Report of the Subcommittee on the Constitution of the Committee on the Judiciary United States Senate Ninety-Seventh Congress Second Session”. The research confirmed the individual right to keep and bear arms and the intent of the people who framed the amendment. Note that the politicians have said repeatedly what they want to do about guns but have not touched on what they expect to do about the violence. Since the amendment assumes both personal defense and national defense as well ‘Assault Rifles’ were included by intent. Note that machine guns can be purchased by individual citizens as a result of the various laws in the 1930’s but sawed off shotguns are explicitly excluded since they are not considered legitimate weapons of war. Thank you for the clear and concise review of our rights and the attacks on same.

  7. Verne Bowers says:

    Absolutely agree with the author! Many of the comments contain factual errors.
    Fully automatic firearms manufactured and registered before 1086 are legal to own in most states, per 1934 National Firearms Act. Gun show “loophole”, “assault rifle AR-15”, and “ghost guns” are political terms to scare uninformed people, just like “Saturday night special” was used to demonize mostly small, imported firearms for the 1968 Gun Control Act. Read the Constitution, people!


    Nice well written article. The Democrat Party enslaved millions of black people in this country by keeping them disarmed and uneducated, all for economic gain. They even fought a war to maintain this vile economic system. Many people wrongly believe that slavery ended with the American Civil War when in fact it simply evolved to include everyone. As a white man, I will never understand why a black person ever would vote for a Democrat whom to this very day continues to keep all people poorly educated and is aggressively attempting to disarm the entire globe so that they can profit from our labor. Considering history of disarmed people, I will never be disarmed, especially if I were black.

    Jim Crow laws were designed to prevent citizens from exercising their constitutional rights. Things like literacy test and poll taxes kept many from voting. These were all deemed unconstitutional and struck down by the Supreme Court citing that the government could not impose such measures on constitutional rights. I wonder then, how does the government get away with charging people permit fees and having to take proficiency tests so that citizens may enjoy the rights afforded in the Second Amendment? Why not apply the same measures to all constitutional rights? That answer is self-evident, unarmed people have no rights they are subjugated to those that are armed.

    The twentieth century was the bloodiest time in all of human history. Two world wars and numerous other conflicts resulted in the deaths of over 100 million people. Ask yourselves, who did all that killing? Was it the guy down the street with a firearm in his closet? Of course not, it was the governments of the world. We should all be very careful and take notice that it is the government who is pointing guns at people and telling them what to do.

  9. Kay says:


  10. Emery C Childress II says:

    I am impressed by your article , I am Gun collector , a builder of Guns and would Die before I ever had to give up the 2nd Amendment . I was a soldier who still stands tall for my country . I think that people have forgotten what it means to be an American or what an Honor it is to become an American . Thank you for the Truth .

    • Jr says:

      Thank you sir, for your service. Your comments are on point. Firearms are like our vehicles, they can only do what we program or tell them to do. So at some point, a man or woman, uses their hands or voice to instruct them how to operate. NO machine, vehicle, or firearm operates under its own intelligence, it has to have someone tell it or manually force it to operate in the way you want it to. Wake up people, our government, with the help of many foreign governments are working to brainwash Americans. What was wrong a century ago, is now by government standards, right. And what was right, is now considered wrong. But more people had the Love of God in their hearts. They were ready to help a neighbor or in many cases a stranger. We need to do as God’s word said, “seek out the old paths and walk therein” If you don’t know how to protect yourself or your family,, contact the National Rifle Association. They can teach you all you need to know about guns and protecting yourself as well as family. Thanks for allowing me to comment.

  11. RM Parker says:

    Refreshing to read and on point. The political party wrangling gets us nowhere and just creates more division. It’s time we started having real discussions and start removing the politicians that seem to just stoke the flames to divide citizens.

    A firearm can be used for good or bad depending on the person holding it. The unlawful person should be the one held accountable. Restricting firearms is just restricting the lawful. The unlawful will just unlawfully acquire what they want regardless of the law.

    I didn’t spend so many years serving our country in the military to just watch it destroyed with hate.

  12. FELIX GORDILLO says:



  13. VNVet69-70 says:

    I would like to contact the author or someone at this organization who might be interested in supporting a nonprofit I am considering setting up that would assist those with lower incomes with obtaining a carry license in Maryland. As I see it, the nonprofit could pay for everything except the gun and self-defense ammo. In Maryland, it already costs about $750 to obtain a license and the General Assembly appears to be moving to double that. I have recently retired and have some experience with running a company and I was trying to find a way to best serve the community. I look forward to hearing from you.

  14. Robert Keating says:

    This article really made me mad.
    This guy is so full of crap and hate and fear.
    . and he only some of Blacks and not everyone. First he does not know how to read Old English, The second comma changes the entire meaning. also most people want a waiting the entire meaning.

  15. Chuck Dixon says:

    Very well written article. As rick says this article should be read by every American citizen. I work at an HBCU and most of my co-workers were concerned that Biden would come after their guns. I told them it would not happen until enough of congress got on board to back it up. Be careful who you vote for. Gun control allowed Hitler to get into power in Germany, and there are those who believe that they know better than ourselves what we need.

    • Robert Keating says:

      He is full of crap. Also. most all Americans want a waiting period so an angree person cannotn just walk into a store an buy a weapon and kill anyone because they are mad. And gun show sales without good record keeping is dangerous. Automatic fire weapons nobody needs at all. He is paid by the NRA to convince easy targets. also. he does not know how to read Old English or he would know the second comma changes the entire intent.

      • Philip Rohan says:

        I recomend that you take a fire arms safety course, and listen to what you are saying. There are no gunshow loop holes, even in conservative states, so look on Google and you will see that most politicians are only trying to stay in power, nn matter their affilliation.

      • Flash Gordon says:

        Unfortunately, it appear there are some things that you do not fully understand.

        1. Automatic weapons of any kind have never been legal or sold to the general population. They are only available legally for military or police use.

        2. The waiting period is observed by all people who are obtaining weapons legally, this applies to all guns sold at gun shows, gun stores or otherwise. This applies only to handguns; long barrel guns can be carried out the day of purchase.

        3. As the author wrote, “guns do not kill people”. Are spoons to blame for 70% of Americans being overweight? – Point made

        4. Take another look at history and Adolph Hitler, take the weapons from the people and the only people who will be armed is criminals. Both legitimate criminals and the corrupt people in our government.

        I am sorry, but you are so far from being factual and correct. They will only take what I have when I am dead, I will never surrender or participate in a buy back.

        • James says:

          1. Contrary to popular belief, there are currently about 180,000 registered pre-NFA items (machine guns) in private hands in the US. Added to that are the items that are restricted and made available in the past years after 1983, the total is somewhere around a half million NFA items currently on the books. A quick search on the internet and confirmation through the ATF, and you’ll find these numbers to be reasonably accurate.

          2. Waiting periods are established by states, but the ATF or other federal agencies do have waiting periods for some transactions. You can go to almost all gun shows and see new purchases leaving the event within a half hour of the initial contact with a licensed firearms dealer. There is paperwork involved and a background check that takes place prior to the release of the handgun. If there is a question regarding the application, a waiting period may be required. There is a defined period that expires, and barring any issues with the application, the firearm will be turned over to the purchaser.

      • RichKid says:

        The Bill of Rights is the Codification of all American Citizens God given Rights.The Milita was and still is every adult male capable of fighting a war if called upon. Well Regulated in Old English meant WELL TRAINED AT ARMS.
        Read the Federalist Papers and you will be enlightend to the fact that an armed citizenry was a major factor in passing The Bill of Rights.Too many subversive lefties pervert the Constitution to suit there goals of subjugating the people to their will. Greed in sheeps clothing is the way of the democrat party.If you will recall your history lessons, the american Revolution started with the King trying to take the peoples guns and powder stores. If the gun grabbers would just cease and desist the NRA could go back to thier core purpose , which is gun marksmanship and safe handling of weapons.

  16. Simon says: says:

    Very good article! When I grew up my dad and mom left our firearms out where they could be seen, they were not loaded, but we all knew where the ammo was located. The guns and ammo were never locked up. My parents taught us they are not toys, they were tools for hunting and for putting food on the table. I grew up in a family of 13 of us children, and they were never used in anger against anyone. We were taught to respect life and to respect one another. The point I am trying to make is that these life skills and values are just not taught as much these days. These life skills and values are not bonded with morals in society today. And one has to wonder if these criminals have a conscience or a connection with GOD.

  17. Rick T says:

    This article should be read and reread by every American citizen.
    The author writes reasonably and factually about a major issue facing this country today.
    Almost every proponent of gun control has their facts skewed.
    Reading this well written article will set the stage for a reasonable discussion about the gun problem facing the public today.

  18. Phillip says:

    Very good article. Why would any person, especially a black person in America, support gun control? Why is any black person asking to be disarmed by the government?

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