Why America Fears African American Identity.

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(ThyBlackMan.com) Call us “black”, even though we are not the color of our shoes, belts and car tires. Call us “negro”. Call us “Afro-American”.  But hesitate to and avoid calling us African-American, unless you just have to? Why? Because there is a fear that America has about the real identity of the people it calls “black”. America has tried desperately to erase the nobility, belief systems, family structure, unity, phenomenal history, achievements, memory and ancestry of the African American in order to replace it with a history of slavery, a “black” title or label filled with denotatively negative definitions and expectations set by the very captors and oppressors who made this country what it is.

It’s not just a matter of semantics or a play on words when we discuss real identity and what people of color are or are not. If you believe that it is, the socio-psychological protective mechanisms to hold the deception in place are working in your mind, even as you read this article. Still, no matter what you call yourself, don’t be afraid to “show them who you are” as you look in the mirror and see for yourself.

African Americans.

Regardless of what “race”, nationality or ethnicity you are, do you feel something stirring inside of you as you read this article? Is the truth reverberating or the denial emanating? Today the African American community still searches for identity because America stripped that identity from us as a people and replaced it with another one which served and still serves dark and oppressive agendas. Hit the nail on the head and the Caucasian racist (not all white people) or the programmed and brainwashed “black” gets offended and upset. Why? Because the truth has that affect as it exposes culprits, agendas and indoctrination.

Any discussion on race, ethnicity, accountability/culpability, heritage before America and real identity is often met with hostility and accusations that the truth stokes fires which are best left alone. So be a “good little black and don’t stir up no trouble for Massa now”? I don’t think so. Sadly, even many African Americans have been brainwashed into believing they are defined by a color-based identity they never were, all the while making excuses to justify the deception. But why?

Why all the false and obviously inaccurate propaganda to hide the identity of the African American man (and woman) in this country? What are the “colonizers” afraid of? Why put in all the effort from the slave ships to the plantation to Willie Lynch to the burning of Black Wallstreet to the assassinations of King, Malcolm X, Fred Hampton and sooooooo many others to a propaganda campaign of racism that rivals Hitler’s propaganda ministry itself?


Real identity produces knowledge of self, knowledge of your potential, knowledge of your mightiest ancestors and the breaking of mental chains. Real identity produces and reproduces  King Tuts, Pharaoh Akhenatens, Nefertitis, Zulu warriors, Nubian powerhouses, Queens of Sheba (Makeda, the Ethiopian), genius mathematicians, superior scholars, artists, scientists and astronomers, explorers, metallurgists, architects, medicines, engineers and a list that would shock most of you. Real identity produces real relationships with clearly defined roles of father, mother and children, a perspective America has made to seem chauvinistic because of the damage of feminism. https://www.asbmb.org/asbmb-today/science/020113/great-achievements-in-stem-in-ancient-africa

Before the Egyptians ruled Egypt and the British invented Egyptology so they could “try” to steal the sacred knowledge, the Nubians (my ancestors) ruled the land. And when the Caucus mountains were the cave dwelling places of those who call themselves “superior”, Africans were much more advanced than what you were shown on TV in America. When the European “nobility” and aristocracy promoted themselves adorned with diamonds and other rare jewels, where do you think they got them from? And who do you think they were emulating? Oh yes, America hid the history, camouflaged part of it, took credit for a big part of it and disconnected the “black” man from it. It’s time to get back to real African American identity.

Our real identity reminds us to value unborn life – to birth, keep and raise our children up in the way they should go. Real identity helps keep African American families together instead of filling up the courts, child support offices and jail cells. Real identity works against self-destructive hip hop elements in culture, black on black crime, minds clouded with marijuana and other drugs used as coping mechanisms.  Real identity builds economic stability in the home, the community, African American owned businesses and churches that empower, not just the self-seeking ones that milk you dry. Real identity is a power base and a launching pad for excellence, achievement then superiors results.


Real African American identity overcomes fear, intimidation, anxiety, reluctance, procrastination and hesitation. Real identity empowers the African American to overcome adversity and to realize that you do not fail until you stop trying. But wait, real identity embeds in your spirit or psyche that there is no such thing as giving up and you stop that task only when you succeed at it. Then only to undertake and conquer another. Real identity is about taking stumbling blocks and turning them into stepping stones. Learning from your mistakes fast and learning even faster from someone else’s. Real identity is about notifying victory that it shall not evade you forever. And realizing that failure is not the opposite of success, but rather part of the road to it. My ancestors knew this and I know it today. What about you?


Real African American identity is the bloodlines and ancestral identity of the African ancestors working in the African American to impact his or her situation and the world around them. Such identity does not tolerate being enslaved, oppressed, controlled, indoctrinated, brainwashed or broken by those who have made themselves your enemies and oppressors. The true identity of the AFRICAN American is about solutions, resourcefulness and power. Do you hear the roar?


Now you have a glimpse of what America is afraid of. If African Americans as a people should ever wake up to the full potential of who we are, the rest will take care of itself. Wakanda won’t just be a fictitious place. It will be where African Americans make it and then some. Black Panther won’t just be a movie to entertain you because you who are African American will realize something very different. You who can hear me probably should be watching The Lion King instead.

This is not intended to be a biblical article, but maybe the truth automatically and unavoidably is. One thing is for sure. God did not say He was trying to be, He said “I Am”. The real Christ (not the white-washed Europeanized one) rose and reigns as a LION. A Lion fears nothing. A Lion was born to reign with nobility, strength and power, not to be a timid slave.

The Lion is the King of the Beasts, not the panther. And the Lion is what many of you are. LIONS BRING THE NOISE! The roar of the lions is heard across the plains and all know who he or she is. So this message is not for everybody, especially not for those of you who just want to criticize, complain, insult, be afraid, make excuses and live in denial. I am done teaching, encouraging and persuading the sheep and the goats. Now is the time to wake the rest of the Lions. If you are an African American who can hear me down deep within, and the roar is stirring, it’s time to wake up and break the chains that bind!

Staff Writer; Trevo Craw

A Free Thinker, who loves to talk about Politics, etc. Also, all about uplifting the Black Community even if it doesn’t fit your mindset. One may hit me up at; TrevoCraw@ThyBlackMan.com.