Christians Alike: Do YOU Fear The Truth?

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( In the movie A Few Good Men, Jack Nicholson yells at Tom Cruise the famous words “you can’t handle the truth”. And for many of you today, truer words were never spoken. From 2022-2023 I wrote fact and evidence- based articles on the medical industry, the mark of the beast, the vaccines, LGBTQ, slave mindsets, offense, personal responsibility, excuses and at least a dozen other subjects that many people would rather leave alone. Yet while so many of you got offended, you almost never offered any hard evidence to refute the facts of these articles. You just wanted to disagree, ignoring the facts, the proof, the data – the evidence. Many of you likely didn’t even go back to look at all of it. You just wanted to oppose, insult and argue. But did you realize insults and arguments are often protective mechanisms used consciously (and often subconsciously) by those who don’t want to accept the truth? Even now many of you are saying “yeah right, that’s your opinion”. Another predictable defense mechanism.

Do YOU fear the truth? That is the question. The truth about some things, all things or nothing? So in this article we are going to dive into the topic head on, looking at the truth and aversion to it from a psychological, sociological and even theological perspective. But please realize, the fact that I do not quote Pavlov, Freud, the Bible or a group of sociological paradigms does not mean I am not examining them in light of the issue. If I did quote all of the above, many of you would find this article as boring to read as I would find it to write. Thus I would defeat my own efforts and that is unproductive. With that said, let’s jump in. Stay with me.

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Why do people fear the truth? That is the perfect place to start. The first reason I would suggest is that it makes them look in the mirror. Truth shines a light in your eyes and mine. It exposes, uncovers and challenges us to look at what most people want to turn away from and avoid. The truth, you see, does not just shine a bright light on things from outside of the darkness so you can see up ahead of you. The truth also shines a light directly into that comfort cave you have been hiding in. The truth is a two-way flashlight. It also shines a light on what has been hiding in that cave with you. And it shines a light on you. That means the truth challenges denial, insecurities and excuses. The truth shows us what we should have known or should have found out. The truth pretty much illuminates everything.


The truth challenges us to wake up, think higher, be smarter, choose wiser, follow through, do homework, get answers, be resourceful and stop letting other people think for us. These are key reasons the truth is unpopular – and thus why many of you reject it. Truth demands change, and from a psychological perspective, people are often resistant to change. Change takes work, work you probably don’t want to do. Thus many of you would rather be a comfortable zombie following the crowd. You don’t want to hear the facts. You don’t want to look them up for yourself. You don’t want to accept the evidence. So you label anything that disagrees with what you want to think as “opinion”, or “nonsense” or some other label so you can dismiss it. Thus when someone comes along with real proof, hard evidence and verifiable facts to support a claim or position, you don’t want to hear it. Because you just want to think and believe what you want and how you want things to be instead of the truth. Unfortunately that attitude and mindset create the core of self-deception. And you get angry because you know it.


Secondly, people fear the truth because it breaks them out of a comfort zone where they now have to step up and act on the truth they know. Ignorance is not bliss, ignorance is just ignorance. But there is personal accountability in knowing the truth. Something inside of you that calls you to act on what you know. And for many, that is an uncomfortable position to be in. Fear paralyzes you from acting on the truth. And that is one main reason fear is unproductive, dangerous and self-sabotaging. Fear is a barrier that can be put in place to artificially to block the truth, causing you to both resist and deny the facts, the evidence and the proof right in front of your face. The truth is then invisible to people who are around it every day. You in fact become a zombie when it comes to the truth.

I need to give you a few examples. Decades ago whole at my sister’s home, I noticed she had Kenneth Copeland on the TV. She was a big fan of his teaching and would sit still and listen. I heard him say that day “the biggest failure in the Bible is God”. He went on to explain it in context, but his explanation only made it worse. Stop, hold the phone. I asked my sister who was sitting quietly listening if she heard the blasphemy/heresy Copeland had just spewed out of his mouth. She said no and that “he did not say that”. Fortunately her husband was recoding the program and I asked him to play it back. My sister got upset at my accusation, but her husband played the tape, nevertheless. Copeland had said exactly what I said he did. My sister was shocked that she did not hear him when she was listening so closely. That is an example of the “zombie” behavior I speak of. Why didn’t my sister hear what Copeland said? Apply what you are learning in this article and you will know why.

Thirdly, people fear the truth because they have heard, lived with and acted on lies for so long. The truth becomes foreign. Brainwashing, indoctrination and eventually mind control or behavioral manipulation are extremely effective. All of these have protective mechanisms to keep you trapped in the bondage of lies. Mechanisms which simultaneously reinforce the deception while throwing out barriers which cause you to reject the truth. In the field of psy-ops or behavioral modification and manipulation, that is called “maintenance”. And those mechanisms are why so many of you feel angry inside when you hear the truth. Clearly if the truth will set you free, lies will do the opposite – keeping your mind, perspectives, attitudes and actions in bondage. And if the maintenance is effective, you will never realize what is happening. At least not until you read an article like this and dare to look in the mirror.

As a part of the third reason, people fear the truth because it also exposes their heroes and those they trust, something they definitely don’t want to accept, no matter how much proof you show them. To you die hard Trumpsters, Donald Trump is a traitor, narcissistic, opportunistic, immature serial liar. Can you accept that when there is a ton of proof? To you democrats, the democratic party of the south owned the slaves – and they still do, especially the mental slaves. Can you accept the truth? To you women who think it is your right to kill an innocent unborn child that has its own body, call it your body and get a doctor to help you murder for convenience, can you accept the truth of what you are doing? To you who are LGBTQ, can you accept the fact that what you do is not the norm on this planet, thus abnormal, contrary to biological nature thus unnatural and according to the Bible, clearly ungodly? Did I make you mad yet? Not me, but the truth.


The fourth reason piggybacks off the third reason. Anything that is foreign or unknown is often unwelcome. Quite a few people do not know how to approach something new, something they have never encountered before. Thus truth becomes perceived as a threat to your reality. But you need to know that reality is based on facts, evidence, proof and what is thus REAL. Not on personal bias, personal opinion nor personal preference devoid of the truth. Are you still with me? Or do you feel something welling up inside that is bothering you even as you read this article? If you do, your heart, spirit and/or mind are tugging at you because you know on some level that what I am saying is TRUE.

Fifth of all, people fear the truth because acceptance of it sets you apart and makes you stand out from all those who live in lies, darkness and denial. Zombies hang around with what? Zombies. And most people don’t want to stand out, not even with the truth on their side. That is why so many people hesitate to share the truth, even once they know, verify and accept it. As an advanced life coach, I have seen all of this hundreds of times. People walking around saying they are awake, but acting more like zombies who won’t say a word about the truth they know and pretend not to know.

There are other reasons that people may fear the truth. But the rest are for another time, another article. The truth hurts. Did I hit a nerve? Good. Whatever you choose to think after reading this article, like it or not, the truth will still set you free. If the truth is in you, that is. But what if you would rather be in bondage to lies, denial and deception? Then I cannot help you. Still, you will find that denial only delays your inevitable face to face meeting with the Truth. Denial can only last so long. And while we all have preferences, beliefs, personal opinions and experiences, none of them change the facts. None of them change the truth. Therefore your reality must be based on the facts, the truth, the evidence. Can YOU handle the truth?

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