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African Americans: A One Week Challenge: Brothers, Focus On Your Possibilities.

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( Ask yourself a question today. Ask yourself that for what are you living? To get busy in useless fights on social media? Or to feel tempted to respond to the hatred being spread by news channels? Don’t you think that it’s all happening just to distract you so that you can’t stay focused on your life? They all are spreading negativity when there’s so much good happening around us.

Those manufactured issues are there to keep you busy. They make everyone feel hopeless about the system, about people, and about possibilities. Stop it, brothers. Stop fighting for their manufactured agenda and start focusing on your possibilities. Those fabricated issues will lead you to depression. Take this one week challenge, adopt a better lifestyle and mindset. It’s easy and it costs you nothing.

Your first step should be to look for the beauty and those acts of kindness around you. There’s so much happening but why you are not seeing because you have programmed your mind to see what’s not good. It’s not your fault, and it’s not the fault of your parents or friends who introduced you to news channels or hate content. The fault is in the way we learned to look at things. Majority wins, and that’s what happened to us because nobody ever told us to check facts before trusting what people, television and internet show us.

Look at the beautiful things happening around you. You are blessed with a life and you are given the power to lead your life on your own terms. We humans have got this gift naturally. We can see, learn, think and make decisions on our own. We don’t need someone to push us. Do you really look at your life in the same way you looked at it when you were a kid? Probably not.

Don’t blame people, don’t blame situations, and don’t curse those bad things that taught you to build limits. For a week, look at your possibilities. Look around you and think what you can do to make things beautiful. Look at your relationships and think what you can do to make them the best. Look at your financial status, education, skills, your lifestyle, your food, your accessories, your happiness, and your thoughts. There is always a room for improvement and see, how many things are there to work on.

The magic of looking at your possibility is that it keeps you busy in improving yourself. It helps you stay away from negativity. It helps you make something better for yourself and for people. There’s so much you can achieve because your possibilities are endless. If you want to take a live test, ask yourself to write the answer of “What I want to do in my life?” Do you feel that writing about that big dream in the answer will sound unrealistic? That’s the problem, brothers.

Many of us have imposed limits on ourselves and our thoughts. What’s stopping you from achieving the dream you feel is you big enough? It’s just your mindset that stops you. It’s just the way you handle situations and how you manage things stops you from chasing your dreams because according to you those goals are unrealistic or too big to achieve.

Please don’t say “It’s impossible or I can’t do this…” because if you are saying this, you have already given up. You have admitted that you will lose and your mind is telling you there is a solid reason why you are giving up. Break that habit. Just break it because nothing is impossible for you.

Don’t give up before you even start. You are taught to create limits, you are taught to lie to yourself, you are taught to settle down for less, you are taught to feel full even when you’re hungry. For how long will you lie to yourself? For how long will you live with the same mindset? What will you lose if you start looking at the possibilities and take actions?

It’s all in your mind. Even if you still can’t think beyond those limits, can you give yourself one week? Can you live in this way just for a week? Try it, test it because you won’t be losing anything. Give it a try, brothers.

Staff Writer; Corey Shaw

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