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United States of America Madness, Madness, War.

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( After graduating from Morehouse, I was introduced to Reggae Artist Linton Kwesi Johnson and his song Five Nights of Bleeding.  At the end of each verse he would say: “It’s war amongst the rebels, madness, madness, war.” Presently, I can see no more of a fitting description of the 2023 environment in the United States than that.

Unless you have been behind a rock and regardless of political affiliation, rapid changes are occurring that if not checked, may turn our great nation into what we see and complain about abroad. It is translucent that America is possibly on the brink of destabilization simply as a function of our current political leadership’s childish and emotional response due to their hatred for Former President Donald Trump. Instead of addressing the problems experienced by the masses in this post-pandemic era, they target dull insignificant policy implementation that do nothing to improve the life of regular citizens. Their efforts instead are to make our lives worse at the benefit of the elite. This is not the way to grow the greatness of America but rather a way to further ostracize the populous making them perceive themselves as the enemy. Regrettably, when the people become the enemy the country begins to decline.

I am not just saying this, the evidence speaks for itself. A few years back YouTube disabled comments to the White House Channel – a historical first. There is also the stringent focus on policy that does not assist the citizenry but rather labels and target us as if we are the problem. Ending the Keystone XL gas pipeline, stopping building of the border wall and the Biden administration order halting oil leasing on public lands. If this isn’t enough, there is also the massive push to prioritize manufactured issues of racism over economic and social realities of the nation. We have reached the stage of cancel culture where you can be cancelled for what others might have said and what you may have not done. This is ominous.


Although President Joe Biden focused on the theme of unity in his inaugural address, his actions and those of his party have indicated otherwise. It was Malcolm X who stated “that person that you see calling himself a liberal is the most dangerous thing in the Western Hemisphere. He is the most deceitful he is like a fox.” No more than before is this statement less true today. What we have seen thus far is startling: people being fired for using wrong social media platform, being arrested for making fun of Hillary Clinton or requesting that Women’s health be described as health for “women who get pregnant and bleed.” It is so ridiculous that one could say that biological sex and racism are being used as a distraction, so they won’t have to tackle the real and difficult issues America confronts.

As I have asserted prior, I could care less about who you worship, sleep with or what race you identify with, but I am concerned with if you live in a safe community, are able to provide for your family or are free to be yourself in the pursuit of life, liberty and happiness. I do not require to be protected from myself nor told what I can say or think. I am not a domestic terrorist and to refer to others as if their thoughts are impure because they have a different belief isn’t the America I grew up in. My question is how long until they start screaming “witch” and they start burning people on a stake? We’re not so far from it right now especially if left of center political dogma portends that a global social order is preferred to an American society and all progressive liberal ideology is perfect and all else is evil.

Plain and simple, this is a power grab that selects winners and losers based on race or social justice and it has nothing to do with improving the lives of voters. And it is our fault for we pay attention to words as opposed to deeds: we watch what they say and pay little if any attention to their policy. Their words say they care but the policy indicates people with allergies and diabetes need to suffer, that adolescent suicide is not a problem or opioid addiction. Rather that transgender’s serving in the military is a major concern and the average citizens playing wall street the same way the professionals do is problematic. Destroying women sports is paramount as opposed to job creation. Likewise, corporate welfare, open borders and federalizing elections (against the constitution) are considered more essential than continuing the policies implemented by the previous administration that resulted in record low levels in black poverty and unemployment and record increases in black wages earned. Clearly things are about to get expensive in these United States.

This is the goal: the secularizing of America based on skin color and biological sex, not character because it is about control and conformity of the serfs of the middle and lower classes. They know this is their last time they will ever hold office, so they’re going to grab as much money and power as possible while passing the most nonsensical bills imaginable in order to crush what’s left of our country. Anytime you suggest that folk who disagree with you are more dangerous than Al Qaeda and Wall street, progressive and big tech are considered the good guys versus main street there is a problem. They are building a green zone in DC because they know they will need it when they start the gun grab, for the only reason you would need a permanent fence is to protect the people inside against the common person.  Ironic given they resisted a wall on the southern border yet are cool with building one around the Capitol.

None of what is being suggested or implemented represent pragmatic approaches to doing what s best for America. Neither a focus on solar power or diversity based on skin color and not ideas is practical. They consider all who did not support a focus on the global world order over American interest and values as domestic terrorist when the true terrorist are domestic corporatist extremist. We have so many problems, but funding abortions worldwide is what gathers their attention. Outside of that, it is targeting anyone who is conservative or voted for Trump and labeling them as racist and requesting they be put on a watch list. Funny seeing that cats the likes of Biden, Schumer, Pelosi and Kerry are the OGs of white privilege and racist politics.  When they can lock you up 10 years for talking about one of the worst people in history you know you are in big trouble.

As a Black man, it is easy to see. When you suggest that solar power is the solution to all of our problems, it is just a code phrase for China knows what is best for America. Afterall, 9 of the top 10 solar panel manufactures are in China accounting for close to 70 percent of all solar equipment made in the world. So, when they suggest these jobs are best, they are saying after we destroy your job, fly to China and they will have work for you. Never mind that these jobs pay less that any employment proffered by the fossil fuel industry. Sounds like the Chinese lecturing Honk Kong if you asked me.

This is America and we do not have leaders: communist nations have leaders, we have representatives. These politicians are not our leaders, supposedly as stated in the constitution they are our servants.  The primary reason for the existence of government is to protect the lives and property of its citizens. The question we now face is, who’s going to protect us from our own government?

People are supposed to question the media, not take orders from them, that’s why the media has gotten so ugly. Instead of attempting to listen, their preference is to back people up against the wall and into a corner. For many this is frightening and makes them feel there is nothing they can do about it. They no longer feel that their vote counts and that there is no longer any checks or balances in our government. Unfortunately, all that is left is the unthinkable, something I don’t and will never advocate for. But as Linton Kwesi Johnson sang: “It’s war amongst the rebels, madness, madness, war.”  It is only what is expected when half the nation believes that the current administration came to power via voter fraud.

Staff Writer; Torrance T. Stephens

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