Rollow Follow; White Women Do It Too!!

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( There once was a time when you could only go to White Women for certain “ lewd acts or services ” and they were known for certain behavior. Now, as Black Women, we are willing to prove that we are JUST as filthy as White Women. One of the most regurgitated responses I get whenever I discuss our destructive behavior as Black Women is ‘White women do it too!!”

I only get this response whenever I post on FILTH, anything that could be deemed positive, i.e. submission, we go back to being Black Women REAL quick. White Women Do it Too…so what? That gives us an excuse to be just as dysfunctional as them?
How can a Black Man trust his seed with a Black Woman? How can he trust her(us) to instill confidence and leadership in his children if we are always trying to be like someone else, or trying to justify our behavior with a juvenile response like “they do it too!!”
I mean seriously! We sound like CHILDREN. And if our CHILDREN came home saying that they got in trouble because somebody else “did it too”, that would NOT be acceptable, but in true hypocritical form we give ourselves passes, but attempt to hold everyone else accountable.
And we wonder why Black Men are going to white women. Hell, we imitate them so much, I guess they figure they are better off getting the real thing. Besides, we are shape-shifters, you never know when we might morph back into “Black Women“. Well yes you do, when we are asked to be held accountable, submit, be moral, understanding and anything else that isn’t related to filth.
You never hear Black Men say “White Men Do it Too!” And if they did, we would call them weak for following behind another group of men. Well what does that make us Black Woman? I thought we were “Strong?” LIES! What “strong” woman follows behind someone else? What Strong woman tries so hard to LOOK like someone else? What Strong woman tries so hard to BE someone else?
What we don’t realize is that proven successful formulas for white women, don’t work out that well for . For some reason, we keep thinking that we have the same luxury as white women. Kim Kardashian(who I already know many of you will argue that she is NOT white) made a sex tape, and turned that tape into platform that has earned her MILLIONS. Mimi Faust made a sex tape, and while she was proud that initially her sex tape was more popular that Kim’s (as if that was an admirable achievement), what REAL legacy has she left for her daughter?  Kim Kardashian, while she will always been known for her sex tape, has also built an Empire, while Mimi Faust’s highest claim to fame, at least as it stands now, is her infamous porno. A white woman can lie down on her back and rise to a company that makes HER rich, a Black Woman can lie down on her back and rise to a company that gets rich off of HER. So even when we TRY to duplicate their filthy blueprint, everything still falls apart.
The Real Housewives of Orange County was the first “Real Housewives” show to air on Bravo. White Women cursing, fighting, being destructive, dysfunctional and acting a fool. So what do we do? We make The Real Housewives of Atlanta, where WE curse, fight, engage in destructive behavior and act a fool. The Real Housewives of Atlanta is the most watched out of the “Real Housewives” franchises. That means millions of people tune in to watch us as Black Women willingly engage and promote negative behavior and stereotypes. Then we have the audacity to get upset with how Black Women are viewed in the media. We are putting these images out there.
We’ve been following behind White Women for YEARS!  White Women left their homes. What did we do? We played Rollow Follow and left our homes too. And we wonder how they’ve gotten our men. Well aside from our assistance(us telling them that they are no good and we don’t need them)apparently they’ve outwitted us. They’ve heard our complaints and used it to  their strategic advantage.
Here are a couple of things that “white women do too” that we conveniently ignore.
White women “love Black Men too!!!”……. Why don’t we?
White women “support their men”…………. Why don’t we?
White women “submit”………………………….Why don’t we?
Why is that comparing us to White Women is acceptable when it involves immoral, degenerate  and destructive behavior?
Black Woman, I have a serious question that I want us to ponder…when did the Mother of Civilization become the White Woman’s lapdog? How can we tell our daughters that they are beautiful if we are operating on a  blonde haired, blue-eyed standard of beauty?  Even to the point where we are having surgery to PERMANENTLY lighten our eyes? When we are BLEACHING our skin? How can we tell our daughters to love the texture of their hair when we’ve made the weave industry a billion dollar industry? How can we tell our sons to bring home a woman that looks like us, when he is confused at the face that looks back at him? How can we talk about the lack of Black Love, when we clearly have a LACK of SELF love?  Can you REALLY blame Black Men for chasing after “massa’s daughter” when we are giving her chase as well?  
We can’t condemn them when have our own game of Rollow Follow going on. We seem to be comfortable with the current state of our condition and our families. We seem to be content with the way the Black Woman is portrayed . We seem to be OK with being rebellious, uncouth and promiscuous. But hey, why not? “White Women Do it Too”.  Sigh.   The Creator has now become a Slave, and a dutiful one at that.  
Staff Writer; Nojma Muhammad
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