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Children’s Are Killing Children’s in Chicago.

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( Chiraq also known as Chicago has become the hotbed capital of murder, rape, shooting of the innocent and guilty children of the African American community. Chicago has become and is the most violent city in the State of Illinois and in the entire of nation. Indeed, the areas in question are those populated with African Americans under the governance of the Democratic party and their LGBT agenda of indoctrinating every single black boy and girl into becoming gay or lesbian as an alternative to been a black gang member, drug dealer or a thug.

First of all, Lets remember that Crime in Black America has a direct co-relation and it is very proportionate to poverty, unemployment, lack of education and fatherless homes which are the issues that the DNC and the Christian churches refuse to tackle and address in order to stop the violence and chaos in the inner cities; but, more so their inability to recognized that a home without a father figure and a home without a good source of income will always lead our young boys and girls to commit crimes, become a burden to society and cause the labeling and profiling of an entire race and community by the mistakes of a few bad apples, who themselves had no other choice to become who they are and what they learn from those who grew up in the same environment.

So whom Do We Blame For The Death and Destructions In The Inner Cities?

Well first of all, we need to blame ourselves for allowing ourselves to first fall victims to the lies and promises of the Democratic parties and Black Christian Churches that only gives us promises and symbolisms that do nothing to help our young black Christian children who are the future of our race and community. Secondly, we should blame those black pastors and priest who continue to preach their garbage Religion of the Slaves also known as Christianity etc., which have done nothing for our African American community with the exception of given joyful songs, prayers, wishes and hopes that have not solve anything in the black community and have not stop the school to prison pipeline, unemployment and fatherless homes. Third, we need to blame our lovely black sisters who are unmarried, unwed, loose, easy walking around with other people hair on their head and having unprotected sex with low class saggy pants fatherless black males who themselves where born to single mothers and no fathers, who then give birth to other bastard children out of wedlock.

Chiraq killings

Obviously, America the Great is aware that the violence, gangs, drugs in the inner cities of Chicago are the results of black children raised by single mothers in a home without a father figure and or a male role model, a home without education, a home with a generation of poverty, a home where the single black mothers have no morals, standards, integrity and common sense to understand that a child without a father figure will most likely result in him or her becoming a gang member, drug dealer, child molester, thug, gangster rapper, NBA player with emotionally unstable views and beliefs.

Indeed, over 90% of gang members, drug dealers, thugs and incarcerated black men and black women came from a home without a father figure or role model, poverty, unemployment, lack of education under a single parent home, who herself came from the same type of environment which lead her to follow the same mistakes of her mother of having bastard children out of wedlock and without having a male role model for her son or daughter and or a husband or boyfriend to be at her side in order to raise those children properly.

It is quite shocking to see that every State and City in America where African Americans lived that is under the control of the DNC or democratic party has the highest rate of crime, violence, gangs, drugs, murders, rape, unemployment and excessive police brutality; while, those cities and States under the Republican party have the lowest percentage of crime, violence, poverty etc. Yes, those areas control by the Republican party and or Republican candidates offers the best opportunities of success, freedom and safety for African Americas.

A black men is more likely to get killed and robbed in a Democratic control city with gun control than in a Republicans control neighborhood. Certainly, it has been proven that black men and black women who lived in Republican control areas are safer, got jobs, go to college, dress properly, have no drugs or criminal records, and or live longer than those African Americans living in Democratic control neighborhoods.

I have mention before that African American Alpha men are going to vote for the Republican Candidate Trump who did more for the black community than what our current President Biden is doing for the African American community. Yes, the democratic party under Biden and Kamala have done nothing that is specific and or tangible for the black men and black women of America; but, they have done a lot for other racial and religious groups in America and abroad. The Biden Administration has done nothing and has neither spoke on solving the violence, poverty and unemployment affecting the African American community in the city of Chicago, Illinois. The young black women and men living in the inner cities of Chicago are under attack with severe unemployment, poverty, fatherless home and police brutality; Yet, the DNC and the democratic party have done nothing and have neither attempted to fix the problem by creating solutions to the chaos of death and destruction in those poor black communities.

The Children’s are Killing Children’s in Chicago and America is doing nothing to stop the violence and create solutions to stop the violence. The Children in Chicago need jobs, Vocational center to learn a trade such as plumbers, mechanics, electrician, painter, masonry, coding etc.. they need an alpha Republican black role model to teach them right from wrong, they need guidance, they need education at the hands of black educators and professionals, they need to learned how to save money and invest in their black banks and their black financial institutions. Our young children in Chicago need a father at home next to their mothers so they could understand what is love and learned to be married first before having children. We need to make our black women of America understand that having a child out of wedlock is very detrimental to the social order and the economical survival of our black community.

A black woman should never have a baby out of wedlock and she must tried her best not to have an abortion since it is the same as murder. All African American women living in Chicago should abstain from having unprotected sex and having kids without been married and finding the right black men who himself must have a job with no drugs or gang affiliation and He must be a law abiding citizen but willing to fight back against racism and discrimination to protect himself and that of his wife and children against the Replacement theory followers.

With that said, the only way to stop the violence in Chicago is to first advise our black brother and sisters to stop having unprotected sex, to stop bringing children into this world without having a job, having an education at black school and HBCU’s, to get married first before having children, to stop listening to the lies of the democratic parties, to stop listening to the fake hopes given to our community by black priest and pastors preaching the Religions of the Slaves aka Christianity which was use a tool to oppress, enslave, rape, sodomies, lynched our African slaves ancestors in America and abroad. The African American community need to stand together and boycott everything that promotes violence and destruction in our communities such as rap music and Hip Hop, We also need to stop destroying our image by immediately refusing to spend a dime or nickel at stores and business that are not owned by black but yet take all the little wealth and money out of our community.

We need to stop putting thing on our head that does not belong to us such as Friesian Horse Hairs and wigs which destroys our beautiful given natural African hair and African image. We need to stop doing drugs, smoking weed, drinking alcohol and we need to stop spending our black dollars at certain stores such a Nike and Adidas stores, Louis Vuitton, Walmart, Starbucks etc.. we need to stop supporting entities and companies that do not help the black community and neither invest in the well being of our young black children and the infrastructures of the inner cities.

Staff Writer; Eugenio Stewart

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