Gym Shaming is Unnecessary.

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( When one decides to take control of their health, and fitness, shaming of any kind should not have to be a concern. Unfortunately too many people feel uncomfortable going into a gym when they are obese, or out of shape. However, it is also becoming an issue when going to the gym and one is fit. Seriously, this gets down to self-confidence issues, a bit of jealousy, and a touch of arrogance. Everyone deserves to chance to get the body they want in a gym of their choice if they are willing to work for it. It is juvenile, but gyms can turn into a game of clicks based on level of fitness. I always thought going to the gym was about getting healthy, fit, and even relieving stress. This is impossible if we are so concerned about gym image that the purpose of going is clouded.

Just as the sick go to the hospital the obese and out of shape belong in the gym. No one should feel ashamed of their state because they are going to a place by which they can begin working on their physical health. Yes, I can admit when you walk in and see other members there working out with chiseled bodies that can be intimidating. However, some of them began overweight and out of shape…what you see now is the result of their hard work. Instead of allowing their sheer presence to make you body conscience look at them as a goal to be reached. There are people there that will see you working towards a goal and encourage you along the way; they remember what is was like just getting started.

Black Woman - At Gym.

It is very important not to get discouraged to the point that jealousy creeps into your gym experience. With that being said yes there are those fit folks that can make you feel insecure as they look down on you, and make snide comments about overweight people. Some even go as far as leaving weights on machines knowing the person coming behind them are incapable of moving the weight. That is terrible, and should be reported to management. Never let those kind of people run you out of the gym. The goal is fitness, and improving your health…stay focused on that goal.

There are gym members that are the poster men and women for fitness. They have the bodies we all wish we had. However, now some gyms want environments that make members feel comfortable, but in turn they are discriminating against people that are fit, and honestly against those that are dedicated to being in the gym. Those that are out of shape have no right to create an environment that shames the members that are fit.

Yes, some may feel uncomfortable that they don’t look like those that have been in the gym for years, but they earned the body they have. Some of those people started off overweight, and they disciplined themselves in their workout regimens. Their body is a result of relentless hard work, and they have every right to be proud of their accomplishments.

Gym shaming happens on both ends of the spectrum, and on both sides it’s wrong. No one should have to worry about feeling uncomfortable where they pay money to get fit. Not every gym member is arrogant and inconsiderate because they are fit, and not every gym member is insecure and lazy because they are out of shape. We all should be able to work out, and reach out goals in peace. Shame has no place in a gym.

Staff Writer; Christian Starr

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