Thursday, June 8, 2023

Film Review; Mrs. Harris Goes to Paris.

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Tweet ( “You’re a dreamer.” That’s what her friends say. That’s her essence. Middle-aged Ada Harris (Lesley Manville, The Crown) works tirelessly as a housekeeper for rich folks in 1950s London. She scrubs, sews and keeps things tidy for wealthy, impervious snots. Her husband Eddie, a solider, went missing and never returned... [Read more...]

How to Defend Yourself Against False Accusations.

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Tweet ( False accusations have the potential to do more than just cause feelings of upset and anger. Being falsely accused can have devastating consequences when brought against a person in a court of law. Whether the case is domestic, civil, or criminal, false accusations, if believed, can cause someone to lose their home and family... [Read more...]

5 Things You Should Consider Before Suing Someone.

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Tweet ( Introduction If you’ve decided to file a lawsuit against someone, there are several things you should consider before doing so. Most people dive into the lawsuit, hoping it can resolve the issue in a short period. But if you’re considering suing another individual, you should consider these five things before suing... [Read more...]

Vice President Kamala Harris: The horror of Babylon.

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Tweet ( The American experience has become a horror story that’s about to get truly scary. The most blatantly sexually corrupt – and publicly reviled – woman in American political history remains just one heartbeat away from the presidency of the United States as the Obama team waits for the exact right moment to pull the plug... [Read more...]

Movie Review; Nope.

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Tweet ( (**1/2) It came from outer space. Or somewhere. Something’s hovering over Otis Haywood’s (Keith David, Barbershop) ranch in SoCal’s parched Santa Clarita Valley. Otis comes from a long line of horsemen and is a noted animal wrangler for TV and film. His son OJ (David Kaluuya, Get Out) works beside him and his stallions.... [Read more...]

(R.I.P.) Emmett Till Case Demands Simple Justice.

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Tweet ( “The wheels of justice turn slowly, but grind exceedingly fine,” goes the saying. For the brutal killing of Emmett Till in 1955, just how fine those wheels will grind remains to be seen even to this day. Emmett Till was a 14-year-old boy growing up in Chicago. In 1955, he traveled to Money, Mississippi, in the Mississippi... [Read more...]

If Schools and Parents really cared, decency would prevail.

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Tweet ( My late mother used to say: “It doesn’t take any real amount of brains or even common sense to not step in a pile of manure at the bottom of the steps leading up to your door. However, it does take caring about what you track into the house to remove your shoes before you enter the house.” This is obviously... [Read more...]

The Modern Enslavement of The African-American Community in America.

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Tweet ( As we draw close to the pivotal 2022 midterm election in November, many are discussing the electoral trend of the Hispanic community away from the Democrat, progressive socialist party. When I was Chairman of the Republican Party of Texas, I assessed that the reason why the Rio Grande Valley was blue was because we had not engaged... [Read more...]

Full Review of CBD Pain Cream from JUSTCBD.

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Tweet ( We have all heard about the miraculous effects of CBD for muscle, joint, and nerve pains, but it’s hard to believe that it actually works.  After struggling with knee pains due to a running injury and aches on my upper body due to weight-lifting, I started looking into options that could assist my constant turmoil.  I went... [Read more...]

(R.I.P.) Did George Floyd Ever Happen?

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Tweet ( Since the police murder of George Floyd here’s what’s happened. There have been countless marches and rallies to stop the police slaying of Blacks. The killings continue. There have been countless calls for local and state prosecutions of cops who wantonly kill. The killings continue. There have been countless press conferences,... [Read more...]

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