Full Review of CBD Pain Cream from JUSTCBD.

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(ThyBlackMan.com) We have all heard about the miraculous effects of CBD for muscle, joint, and nerve pains, but it’s hard to believe that it actually works. 

After struggling with knee pains due to a running injury and aches on my upper body due to weight-lifting, I started looking into options that could assist my constant turmoil. 

I went to a physiotherapist, bought a bunch of medications, and even used to get regular massages: anything that could get me out of it. 

Then, I came across JUSTCBD’s site and found out about the CBD pain relief creams. You can also go and try them out for yourself: buy CBD pain cream from JUSTCBD

CBD Cream from JUSTCBD

The CBD creams sold at JUSTCBD’s site contain pure CBD oil extracted from the Cannabis Sativa plant. They are also infused with essential oils, cocoa butter, coconut oil, and amino acids. This creates an icy sensation wherever it’s applied. It also protects your skin, keeps it silky smooth, and doesn’t leave you with any burns or other skin issues. 

Oftentimes, companies add unnecessary amounts of fragrances that can irritate your skin. JUSTCBD takes care of this and has perfected its CBD pain cream formula to suit even the most sensitive skin types. 

My skin is pretty sensitive, and the creams I bought used to leave angry rashes behind. However, since I have shifted to JUSTCBD’s products, my skin has remained fresh and soft. 

All you need to do is rub the cream on the specific concerned areas in your body; as the blood flow improves, most of your pain flows away with it. The anti-inflammatory properties of CBD can also assist with burns on your skin. 

Typically, the cream takes about 45 minutes to work, and you will be surprised to notice how pain-free you will feel afterward.  


Types of CBD Creams

There are many forms of pain relief potions introduced by JUSTCBD. These include: 

  • Roll-ons
  • Gels
  • Creams
  • Freeze creams
  • Heat Relief creams
  • Airless pumps

So you get to choose from all these options. If you are someone who likes the affected area to be cool, you can use their freeze pain relief cream. It goes to show that JUSTCBD takes its business seriously and is willing to accommodate clients’ every request.

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My Journey from Pain to Relief

I used to be someone who struggled to sit upright. My back muscles would swell and ache, such that I was almost always in a crouched-up position. 

After using the CBD pain cream from JUSTCBD, I felt instant results. 

It acts fast so that you can use it in emergencies. You can easily apply it to your skin as it gets absorbed quickly and doesn’t leave an oily, sticky feel to your skin. 

Most pain relief creams or sprays have a pungent smell which can be embarrassing for some people. Since JUSTCBD’s lotions are fragrance-free, you don’t need to worry about this either!

All in all, I was entirely blown by the incredible results and am loving the new me. No more sudden shooting pains in my body, no more bad posture!

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Staff Writer; John Moore