Saturday, June 25, 2022

Famous fathers of the 2022 NBA Draft.

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Tweet ( Following a memorable and historic 75th anniversary season for the NBA that culminated in the Golden State Warriors winning the NBA championship over the Boston Celtics, the 2022 NBA Draft quickly followed less than two weeks after Golden State was crowned champions. This year’s NBA Draft features a number of versatile and... [Read more...]

Black Men’s Style Guide To Looking Fresh In 2022: Flex Your Best Look!

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Tweet ( Are you fed up with your current appearance? Finding the right appearance can be difficult, especially if you are having problems keeping up with all of the current black men’s haircuts.  However… Fortunately for you, there are so many various black guys’ hairstyles to choose from that your possibilities are truly... [Read more...]

Joe Biden Lets in 1 Million Illegal Border Crossings — Maybe 2 Million.

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Tweet ( Have you been following the court case Biden v. Texas? It’s not in the headlines every day, but court filings in the case are giving us the best picture yet of what the Biden administration is doing on the U.S.-Mexico border. And the news is very, very bad. Much of what follows comes from the very informative reporting... [Read more...]

Donald Trump has too much baggage.

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Tweet ( According to a new poll, a majority of Americans do not want either Joe Biden or Donald Trump to be their presidential candidates in 2024. Count me in among that majority. As for Biden, I cannot imagine him running again at his advanced (and diminished) age. Plus, his presidency thus far has been a disaster, and I strongly... [Read more...]

Net Worth, earning per Share…Here are 10 Financial Terms You Must Know.

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Tweet ( Not everyone is a math whiz or even likes math. But there are specific financial terms you should know and understand. Otherwise, reading the news, working in the business world, and making major financial decisions will be a challenge. Learning the most common financial terms will help you better understand how the economy works.... [Read more...]

Understanding Joe Biden’s Inflation in 10 Minutes.

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Tweet ( Inflation, rising consumer prices, skyrocketing gas prices — we hear about these topics every day. We feel the effects of these economic buzzwords, they cut like scalpels into our wallets, bank accounts, and 401K plans. These bad economic times mean we don’t get the cool new gadget we’ve been saving for, the kids don’t... [Read more...]

Organic Growth Strategy: How to Grow a Million Dollar Business.

Tweet ( Organically growing is the best way to get long-term success, whether a start-up or an established company. By definition, organic growth is the company’s expansion through the reinvestment of profits and acquiring new customers/markets. It’s a sustainable way to grow a business, and it’s the only way to scale... [Read more...]

Awakening; Juneteenth National Independence Day.

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Tweet ( Juneteenth is known by many names. It’s officially Juneteenth National Independence Day, but is also known as Jubilee Day, Emancipation Day, Freedom Day, and Black Independence Day.  On that day we commemorate the emancipation of enslaved persons of African descent and celebrate the richness of the African-American culture. Before... [Read more...]

WHO should celebrate the newly-announced billionaire statuses of LeBron James and Tiger Woods?

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Tweet ( While the 2022 NBA Finals and professional golf events have been making major sports headlines in the last week, two athletes who have been the faces of those over the past decade aren’t actually participating. LeBron James has been watching the entire 2022 NBA postseason as the Los Angeles Lakers underwent a highly disappointing... [Read more...]

A Freedom That Can’t Be Stolen.

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Tweet ( Imagine being a slave, and on this particular day, Union Army Major General Gordon Granger forced your master to set you free immediately! You and your master may have heard about the Emancipation Proclamation two years earlier, but it didn’t free you. Gaining physical freedom is one thing. But how did formerly enslaved... [Read more...]

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