Are Some Democrats Catching On To The Scam?

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( It’s not often that you listen to a liberal and think, “This one gets it,” but that’s what happened to me on Sunday morning while watching a clip from MSNBC. I know, MSNBC! Right? But it’s true. A young left-wing woman “taking to the streets” to protest the Supreme Court decision to overturn Roe v. Wade was talking to whatever microphone pointer the worthless network sent out there to cover the story when she said the damnedest thing: Democrats are only using this decision to fundraise for themselves. Is it possible these people are catching on to the scam?

“So, I received a text message from Joe Biden‘s campaign yesterday saying that the Supreme Court had overturned Roe versus Wade and that it was my responsibility to then rush $15 to democratic national party,” this woman starts. “And I thought that was absolutely outrageous because my rights should not be a fundraising point for them, or a campaigning point.”

As shocking as that was – I mean I’m really surprised that any of these people have realized they’re simply piggy banks for corrupt politicians – that wasn’t the most shocking point. This woman was hip to the simple fact that, like just about everything politicians promise, they love to dangle the prospect of “solving” the issue more than they ever want to actually do anything about it.

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She continued, “They have had multiple opportunities to actually codify Roe into law over the past 20,30, 40, 50 years and they haven’t done it. And if they’re going to keep campaigning on this point they should actually do something about it.”

That right there is the scam of all politics, both parties, to keep people who care about an issue on the hook for as long as humanly possible without ever actually doing anything about that particular issue.

Party doesn’t really matter, the gimmick works and that’s all these politicians care about.

Since Roe in 1973, Democrats had compete control of the government during the Carter administration, the first 2 years of the Clinton administration, and the first 2 years of the Obama administration, where they had 60 votes in the Senate for a lot of that time and could have done anything they wanted to do. They also have it now, though just barely. If Democrats wanted to codify Roe into law they could have done it at any of those points, but they never even tried.

That’s the thing to remember, they never tried. Democrats were content with not getting their hands dirty while basking in whatever reflective “glory” they could for allegedly supporting the cause. If they would have passed a law, how could they have fundraised off the possibility of the decision being overturned? Elections are about the future, not rewards for what you’ve done in the past. If they “solved” the problem they would no longer have the problem to scare people about, get their money and motivate their vote.

Immigration is the same thing. How many times have you heard Democrats whine about the need for “comprehensive immigration reform”? More than you can count. It always involves conditional border security (don’t count on it) and a “pathway to citizenship” for illegal aliens they’re counting on to vote for them. But they’ve never really done anything about it.

Democrats viewed the issue as important to motivating white suburbanites brainwashed into their “anti-racism” garbage and Hispanic voters Democrats believe they can hook with the race issue as easily as they’ve hooked black voters. For a while, it worked. That’s the only way to explain why, when they could have done anything they wanted they did nothing but fundraise on the problems with the status quo.

Republicans aren’t much better. Remember when every single one of them was elected to repeal Obamacare? For more than half a decade, the GOP swore it was their single focus. They sure voted to do it an awful lot when Obama was still President and would veto it. When Trump came in, they almost passed it once. John McCain’s feeble thumbs down in the middle of the night put an end to what even he’d promised, and then the issue went away. No one is talking about it anymore. The money was raised, the issue still exists, they just don’t care. The only real explanation is this is what they wanted, but they didn’t want their fingerprints on it.

Are people catching on to the way politicians work? Maybe. That left-winger is a good start because she nailed it. But she’s only one person who was in a sea of people, each of whom still buy all of it. We’ve got a long way to go…at least we’re moving in the right direction.

Written by Derek Hunter

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