Republican Allen West’s presence traumatizes hateful ‘blacks’.

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( When it comes to so-called black people, there’s one inescapable truth, and it is that they exist to be victims. Their self-esteem may be found in melanin, but they find their value in claiming the highest rung of immiseration.

Those who identify as such may contest what I’ve just said, but they cannot disprove it by their behavior and hebephrenic emotional adherence to same. In brief, those I reference live their lives as victims. Victimology is the agreed upon mentality that gives valuation to their existence.

Heaven forbid anyone dares to say the lid that covers the trash can of their existence, which is responsible for keeping them oppressed, doesn’t exist. The lid, according to them and the chieftains of the plantation they’re emotionally confined on, is “racism.”

This is particularly evident on college/university campuses today, which are the equivalent of the minor leagues for those who will advance this demonic theology into politics and other careers.


It was evidenced yet again, when Lt. Col. Allen West gave a speech at University of Buffalo April 7, 2022, titled “America is not Racist – Why American Values are Exceptional.” That was all it took for the jeremiads and reminders of the endless agonizing torture of being “black in America” to begin.

The truth these people are loath to accept is that what they really suffer from has nothing to do with the fallacious idea that America is racist and committed to oppressing the so-called black man. What they suffer from is a satanic variant of solipsism, i.e., an extreme form of egocentrism intended to focus attention on self so as to garner pity and guilt-based accouterments viewed as entitlements based upon the myth of societal inequality.

Allen West is my longtime friend, and even if he were not, I couldn’t find fault with what he said. However, for these impractical and asphyxiatingly ignorant excuses for pursuers of knowledge, Allen’s factual statement was cause for protest and disruption.

During Allen’s speech, his detractors preened about with signs. One sign read, “Black lives matter.” You know that’s a damnable lie, because if said lives mattered, instead of protesting the truth Lt. Col. West spoke, they would be protesting the industrialized extermination of their children by abortion. A murder scheme, I might add, by which the very people they claim are the bane of their existence and oppressors, exterminate them. Another person carried a sign that read: “I’m black and I’m proud,” which was another damnable lie. Black is a crayon color, not a skin color nor an ethnicity. The only model of behavior these “blacks” represent is one of abject commonality and the rejection of modernity. Their chants of “no justice, no peace” further prove my assessment of their moral opprobriousness.

One of the Pavlovian malcontents, Samiha Islam, allegedly a sophomore statistics and human services major, claimed her participation in protest during West’s speech was: “for the fact that racism is real and a part of our history and our current reality.” I would say her current reality is the problem, because it’s fantasyland.

The poor pathetic members of the school’s Black Student Union (BSU) were so traumatized that it was necessary for them to have “town hall” meeting several days after Allen West spoke at the school. Here note that Lt. Col. West’s speech and open Q&A afterward were not mandatory to attend nor were members of the BSU extended an invitation as such to attend.

The “town hall” meeting organized by the BSU was in reality nothing more than a mass session of manufactured complaint. The campus Graduate Student Association (GSA) issued a statement condemning West for what they laughably called “anti-black hate speech.”

These are university students who at some point are expected to have involvement in their areas of domicile and employment. The question that begs an answer is what positive societal involvement can they provide.

It’s clear that the only acceptable dialogue they’re open to is one that reduces them to the lowest common denominator. They will argue to the contrary, but that’s because they’re too blind and/or ignorant to realize that’s what they insist being recognized as.

It’s stunning to realize what neo-Leninism has done to the minds and character of people in the melanin demographic. They fail to realize they’re the bane of their own existence. They are the haters and antagonists. Their kind cannot be reasoned with on any intellectual level, because the inculcation of inferiority has been so thorough. They’re wholly given over to rage and hatred.

They’re a people who curse Christ as the “white man’s God,” but they boast of being spiritual. They argue their children do not get a fair chance, but they omit that 77% of their births are to single women. Additionally, the majority of these women have limited marketable employment skills sufficient to produce family supportable incomes.

There are over 330 million Americans, but instead of recognizing themselves as part of the majority, i.e., Americans, they reduce themselves to identifying as a minority, foolishly ignoring the fact that melanin content isn’t a nationality nor an ethnicity. They complain of police killing the thugs in their neighborhoods, but who shot their heroes like Malcolm X, Notorious B.I.G., Tupac, Houdini, Charizma and Young Dolph?

Is it the police driving through the streets they live on killing their children, or is it their own kind? Is it the police killing the young blacks in Philadelphia, or is it those who look just like them?

I’ve said it before: I’m not a crayon color nor was I raised to view myself as inferior. I’m a born-again Christian male. I’m not a minority; I’m an American. I went to college on merit, not on the quota system to a school I was unprepared for academically. Academically, I was prepared to attend and excel at any college or university. I’m proud of that.

It’s beyond time America stops genuflecting to thuggery and accepting blame for the bad decisions and poor attitudes of those who embrace victimology as a culture.

Written by Mychal Massie

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