Slavery in America Was A Choice, Do you Agree or Not?

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( We all remember the day of May 1st, 2018 on the TMZ show when Millionaire, artist, producer, entrepreneur and former future President Candidate Kanye West utter the words of “When you hear about Slavery for 400 years, that sounds like a Choice”. Yes, this remarks sparked the greatest 10 minute debate on the TMZ show between Kanye West, Candace Owens and TMZ staff Van Lathan, an unapologetic proud African American man just like our King Kong Consciousness black Leader Dr. Umar Johnson. This statement sparked anger, anguished, sorrow and outraged in the African American community; But, not in the white American community because they completely understood what he meant. So, the questions that we should asked ourselves is, Was Kanye West telling the truth about slavery was the choice of black men and black women in America?

According to the Transatlantic Slave trade data base over 12.5 million Africans were taken out of Africa and transported to North America where only about 10 million survive the 6 months dreaded middle passage and voyage on the rough seas and in a cramp, dilapidated conditions where there was no potable water, food and good sanitation since these European slave masters where the most nasty people of all cultures in the world. These Africans became slaves then negroes then African Americans, Afro Caribbeans and Afro-Latinos. During Slavery in America, the African Slaves endure the most horrible conditions that included starvation, poor quality left over food, rape, lynching, beating, whipping, castration, sodomy, murder, assaults, and the famous bucking farms at the hands of white Europeans who will later become Caucasians, white Americans, white supremacies, DNC, GOP and race soldiers.

The Africans that ended up in the United States of America had many opportunities to fight back, to jump over board and or to commit suicide during their capture, transportations, relocation to the new world of North America but the majority of them choose to become slaves and be exploited for over 400 years with the exception of one or two slave rebellions that occur such as the Nat Turner Rebellion which did not succeed do to a house negro slave holding a white man’s black dictionary aka Bible worshiping the Religion of the Slaves aka Christianity, who proceeded to snitched and tell the white masters that a group of Alpha black slaves were plotting to escape and seek revenge by killing every nasty, dirty, child molester, killer white slave master and his white families for the atrocities and enslavement of millions of innocent African men and women. Yes, we were betrayed by a house negro beta male who today is a preacher, priest, and or a thug wearing a saggy pants, smoking weed and drinking alcohol all day with no job, education or aspiration of becoming a real man by doing the right thing.


Of course, a strong alpha black men and women do not fight His/her fellow black men/women but instead saved their energy and strength to fight off the children of the slave Masters who are today making more laws and creating the school to prison pipeline to destroy the black community while at the same time using the black churches, priest, pastors and the so called unmarried, unwed single black women with dozen of children with dozens of different black beta males to destroyed the African American community with their slave mentality using the rap music of death, sex and destruction. Well, lets not deviate so much from the Slavery been a choice! but we can see that slavery has a lot to do with the current situation in black America which has put the black community in peril and rapidly collapsing on a daily basis.

The African, Slave and/or African American men/women had a choice to either say No, No and NO! But instead the black men and women surrender and bend the knee to white skin demons infected with the disease of madness insanity, insecurity, fear and small private parts who were spreading their diseases around the world and their garbage religion of the slaves for which African Americans have adopted to this day and continue to spread using words of the past with no solutions for the future. Manny other cultures and ethnic groups became slave around the world but the majority of those other ethnic groups chose to fight to the death and into extinction such as many Native American Indian tribes but more so the famous indigenous Indians of the Caribbean Known as the Taino’s, the warriors who fought for their freedom and die free from white oppression and enslavement.

The Taino Indians of the Caribbean were one of the largest of the Arawak people inhabitant the areas of Jamaica, Haiti, Dominican Republic, Florida and Puerto Rico. These Taino Indians were scattered all over the Caribbean with their ancestors originating from South America and who will divide their kingdoms under a cacique (chieftain) with the Western Taino’s taking over control of Jamaica, Cuba, Bahamas; The Classic Taino’s had the Dominican Republic, Puerto Rico; The Eastern Taino’s were located all over the Lesser Antilles near Trinidad & Tobago and the fourth group of Taino’s where located in what we called today the State of Florida. The Taino indigenous people of the Caribbean areas where a proud people, family oriented, fearless, and loyal to their chieftain, culture and people. Upon, the arrival of the European, Spaniards, French, Dutch, British to the new world, the Taino’s saw a people that did not have color, heart or culture with a greed for power and riches for which they were going to take by force from the Taino’s and then use the Taino’s as work force to cultivate the land and dig out what ever riches were hidden in the land of the Taino’s. The Taino’s realize that if they did not fight these Europeans demons, their way of life was going to end and their wife and children were going to be rape, buggery, killed lynched and sold into slavery for which they could not allowed; therefore, The Taino’s chieftains order all Taino men over the age of 16 to go to war against these Neanderthal cave dwellers.

Unfortunately, the Taino warriors and culture will become extinct as a people and culture following the onslaught of the Europeans Spanish colonial powers, who will first exterminate half the population of the Taino’s primarily with their infectious diseases brought directly from Europe for which the indigenous people did not have no immunity. Then warfare between the Taino men against the European Armada will eventually decimate the majority of the Taino’s men between ages 16 to 65 with the last Taino chieftain dropping to his knee mortally wounded and screaming aloud ” I rather die as a free man than be your dog” and so the Taino Chieftain took his life as a true free man. With the collapse of the Taino man power, the white Europeans took advantage and began the massive enslavement of the surviving Taino children and women with many dying of the brutality of harsh enslavement. The population of the Taino’s will decline to less than 500 with a few left committing suicide and the remaining to be taking as wife by the Europeans Spaniards and British cave dweller settlers. So the million dollar question for Black America is why didn’t you fight to the death like the Taino people?

In the United States of America every resident or citizen regardless of their ethnic and racial background has a choice to do whatever they want with their life. Any men has the right or choice to exercise his second amendment right if he chooses to and Any women also has the choice to exercised her second amendment right is she chooses too but many decline to do so and many are prohibited to do so either based on their skin color, gender, sexual orientation, criminal background or social economical status. We also as citizens of this country have a choice to vote or not vote, to exercised your right to speak freely about your disagreement and grievance with your government, friends, family, employers etc.. if you so desire and many of us do and other don’t. So Again, Why didn’t African Americans exercise their rights as human beings to fight to the death for their freedom against white Europeans who were enslaving them and committing the worst atrocities for over 400 years in the United States of America. Slavery in America was a thousand times worst than in any other part of the world and yet black people chose to endure such treatment.

In America today, f you are a man and want to get married or stay single it is your choice, if you want to have kids before or after marriage is your choice, if you want to be straight, gay, transgender or bisexual it is your choice; if you want to work, go to college or not it is your choice; but, what about your choice as a human being to never bend the knee to another man that wants to enslave you, oppress you, rape your wife and sexually molest your underage daughters and son’s? So, why didn’t you fight black men in America and why didn’t you tried your best to escape and set free your black women who were been use as sexual objects from the time they turn 7 years old by the Neanderthal cave dweller white American slave masters and his gang of racist white male possie.

Yes! it is better to die free than die under bondage by a people that do not look like you, think like you, and endure the pain and suffering that African Americans have gone through for 400 years and continue to suffered via psychological warfare, broken homes, fatherless homes and economical castration instill on our black community by the now children of the slave master which we know them as DNC, Republican, Race soldiers, White Supremacies, Judicial government etc… One more time America! Was Kanye West wrong for saying that Slavery was a choice, knowing that a man and a woman regardless of your race, gender or sexual preference have a right to be free and to fight for their freedom to the death and to protect your family such as wife, children, parents, grandparents from been harm by complete strangers and even from within your own community that have betrayed you and the culture in general.

Stop and think for a minute! Will you allow yourself to be a slave to another group of people knowing that there is that 98% possibility that those people will either rape, sodomies your wife and children?. You did not hear me. Let me say it again,, if you are a white man, do you want to be slave to an Hispanic man; if you are an Hispanic man do you want to be slave to an Asian man and if you are an LGBT do you want to be slave to a straight Priest or Pastor? I am certain that your answer will be NO and regardless if you had no weapons at hand you will do what ever in your power to fight and protect your love ones to the death and even to the point of committing suicide in mass numbers before becoming a slave to another man or woman.

Certainly, I have to agree with Kanye West in his statement that indeed Slavery was a choice for African Americans and they choose to be enslaved, rape, lynched, killed, murder, decapitated sodomies, assault, beaten,, poison, castrated, and emasculated by white Neanderthal cave dweller group of people that were smaller in statue with small private parts, missing and decaying tooth, poor hygiene, full of diseases, practicing bestiality and with a greed for riches and power. Yes, any person with those attributes should have never been allowed to enslaved and conquer any land since the only thing they brought was death, destruction and the creation of new races and cultures that today are so confused and do not really understand who they are and to whom they belong too. Sometimes I question why didn’t my ancestors fought to the death and or committed mass suicide to prevent their love ones from becoming slaves, but I cannot found a reasonable answer to quench my thirst for such explanations.

As of the year 2022, the African American community continues to be psychological affected by the actions of slavery against their forefathers and by the continue systemic racism imposed on the black community but more so on the black men where our strong black men have become victim to the school to prison pipeline, unemployment, broken homes, fatherless home which has led to high crime rate in the black community and understandably so since Crime has a direct co-relation and it is very proportionate to poverty, unemployment, lack of education and more important fatherless homes. The black men is in decline due to circumstances out of his control but place in front of him by our government with the purposely introduction of drugs and illegal weapons by the United States government and the agenda of telling black women to choose welfare over a black men at home as father figure to his children.

The cycle of destruction is so ramped that black men are fighting each other like animals and killing each other for simple things such as shoes, cars, jewelry, making eye contact, wearing the wrong colors etc.. Yes, a black man is quick to kill another black man for no reason; Yet, that same black man will not even think about killing or hurting a white man that has enter his black community to bring drugs, weapons, diseases, to assault our black women and kidnap our black children and then walk away in front of the same black man with a gun who will not say or do anything to the racist white man. Indeed, our black beta men in America wearing saggy pants and tattoos on their face only have the will to fight other black men but they do not have the will and courage to fight and destroyed a racist white man and white supremacist standing in front of the black community holding the dead body of a black 7 year old little girl that was hanged on a tree by racist white men.

With that said, Black America it is your fault for the things that white America and other races are doing to you and your love ones because you refuse to fight back and fight to the death to protect the black community from those who do not look like you and do not wish you any good for you and your love ones but they will come to your neighborhood and open a dozen stores and not hired any blacks whatsoever but they will take the little money you give them and they will take that money to fixed their own neighborhoods, send their children to college, purchase more property and open more business while you and the black community is suffering and dying. Yes, White America gives other cultures more opportunities to open businesses in your black neighborhoods and these people will not and will never hire a black man but they will take your money when you enter their racist stores to buy your fire water aka alcohol and your tobacco products so you could unwrapped it and place the white man’s drug in it and then you will smoke yourself out into a brain aneurism and death. Wake up black America because you are loosing and it is your fault for not choosing to fight back and fight to the death. Just in case you have not notice black America that with the influx of illegal immigrants and migrants into America in the early 1990’s there was an increase in black youth incarcerations because the white business owners gave the jobs to the illegals and the migrants from Asia, middle east and central/south America.

Today you have the Afghan refugee coming to America and receiving hundreds of thousand of dollars each and guarantee jobs while you are still unemployed and homeless; and again with the war in Ukraine you now have over one hundred thousands Ukrainians fleeing to America and who will now become the New Hispanics taking all the jobs while you are still jobless and going to prison for not been able to get a job which force you to commit a crime to support yourself and your family. Yes, Space Cadet President Biden keeps sending millions and millions of dollars to Ukraine to help white people but He only gives black Americans symbolism, Juneteenth and a black woman face on a quarter and dollar bill. Did you hear what is said? Biden announced 800 million dollars in aid for white Ukrainians in Europe who are not friendly to blacks and when those white Ukrainians arrive to America and some are already here they are going to treat you in the same way that all other races treat you, like a weak and savage animal.


Staff Writer; Eugenio Stewart

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