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How Much Does a Pool Installation Cost?

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( Before you start planning out your dream pool, you might be wondering how much a standard pool installation costs. Unfortunately, there is no single answer that works for everyone. Each backyard, pool type, and system is different – and the cost will be different, too. Here are some of the basic options that can affect how much your pool installation will cost.


There are three main types of pools used across the US. Fiberglass, concrete, and vinyl pools perform differently and the costs can vary based on size. Fiberglass pools are less expensive to start with. They require less monthly or yearly maintenance. However, fiberglass pools can get more expensive than the other types, especially when size is considered. Concrete pools (sometimes called gunite) have the highest base cost on average. They cost more to maintain yearly, too.

Vinyl requires more maintenance every few years but keeps a modest average price compared to the others. The type of pool you choose depends on your aesthetic and needs, but you should also weigh the cost and materials before you decide.


Size and Depth

Of course, the size and depth of your pool are important factors to consider when examining cost. Larger, deeper pools require more excavation and setup. They require more materials, so they are naturally more expensive.

Special Features

Special features can drive up the cost of your pool installation. Water features, raised decks, LED lighting, spas, and special designs can all increase your price. Of course, these features all vary wildly. LED lighting might run you about $1,000 on average, whereas a heater can be as expensive as $10,000. Diving boards and waterfalls can be inexpensive, but they can also add a hefty sum to your price.

Consider your budget. Before scheduling a consultation with a pool building contractor, make a list of the features you want. Sort common features into three categories: those you need, those you could live without, and those you just don’t want. Your contractor will be able to price each feature once the basic costs are out of the way.

In-ground or Aboveground

Aboveground pools are much less expensive than inground pools. Inground pools offer more aesthetic options, but they are exponentially more expensive. Of course, this cost is influenced by the type of pool you choose. For example, a 12’ above ground pool costs about $1,800 according to the national average. An Inground pool requires excavation and a more intensive installation. Even small inground pools start at about $18,000 according to the national average.

Whichever you choose depends on your preferences. Inground pools are permanent, though. And while costs for above ground pools are lower initially, they can increase as you choose bigger options with more features. You can even choose an above ground pool with a permanent installation.

Decks and Surrounds

The pool deck or surround is another important consideration. You’ll have to choose the material you want. You can have tiles, pavers, bricks, or concrete surrounds – each has its benefits and drawbacks. Tiles and pavers also have multiple subtypes to choose from, all of which can influence the price you pay for the deck.

Is it possible to install a pool without a deck? Yes and no. While it’s technically possible, some contractors might warn against it. If you don’t want a deck (or don’t want to pay for one), consider consulting with your contractor to find out what can be done instead.

Your Backyard

Even if you choose a small inground pool with no additional features, your backyard can present a financial nightmare. A sloped backyard needs to be graded, re-sloped, and prepared for a pool. If your backyard isn’t exactly flat, these costs can add up. A sloped design can lead to a heftier fee as you prepare for your pool installation. Even above-ground pools run into issues with steep sloping.

Before you consider the costs for installation, you’ll have to look at how your backyard is shaped. Something as simple as the shape or design of your backyard can produce additional costs.


The figures above are based on the natural average. There’s no way to know exactly how expensive a pool installation will be until you contact a professional. For a South Florida swimming pool installation, don’t hesitate to contact Floridian. Our professional installers will be more than happy to create a free quote or schedule a consultation for your dream pool.

Staff Writer; Dean Jacobs


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