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Critical Race Theory: Absolutely Necessary.

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( Critical Race Theory (CRT), a Harvard law developed legal theory that expresses U.S. social institutions (i.e., the criminal justice system, labor market, housing market, and healthcare system) are laced with racism embedded in laws, regulations, rules, and procedures that lead to differential outcomes by race.  And that these issues must be admitted to, confronted and exposed, if real equality is to ever exist. But many Caucasian Americans do not want that equality to ever happen and many African American mental slaves have no idea what it would look like, so they fear it.

Simply put, the theory examines that all these systems have stacked the deck against “minorities” based on racism, placing people of color at a disadvantage in almost every core area needed for us to succeed. And you know what, that is true. So even if it may not seem that way to you, the reality in America for us as a people is not determined by your personal experiences (nor mine). Yet the numbers overall do not lie and now much of the Caucasian community is in an uproar because they expected us to “hush up about the truth nigger, forget the truth or take your handouts and be quiet boy”. Still, for those of us who are fully awake, we know Obama was just a placebo and we saw under Trump that America is still foundationally racist. America has learned very little but learned how to cover up quite a lot, all while ostracizing those who speak the truth.

THE AFRICAN AMERICAN COMMUNITY IS CRITICIZED BY ITS OPPRESSORS FOR EXPOSING THE VERY VICTIMIZATION THOSE OPPRESSORS IMPOSED AND STILL IMPOSE TODAY! America as a nation is neither sympathetic nor empathetic to the African American call for justice and equality. Even the mere discussion of the truth threatens the position of the racist or closet racist and his or her comfort zone. That is what stirs the anger inside them when they are faced with Critical Race Theory. They do not want to acknowledge their roles in the victimization of people of color in America. Whether those roles are overt or covert, inadvertent, unintentional, passive or aggressive. So when they look in the mirror, it is a painful reminder of what exists even today. And to African Americans I say, you don’t have to feel like a victim in order to still be one. When any group of people suffer victimization, the individuals are impacted just like the whole. If your people are victimized, so are you. Whether you feel and see it or not.

Critical Race Theory

America’s foundation was built on “discovered” land that was already discovered, the labor of African slaves, the murder of the land’s indigenous people and the rebellion of hypocritical British citizens who refused to follow the rules of England. The “founding fathers” still promoted in grades K-12 as great men and “patriots” were actually men who refused to follow the rules in their own land so they stole someone else’s then hypocritically imposed their will on the inhabitants and the slaves they brought here. Where is the greatness in this?

America is alive today, alive but not well. And the foundation of any living thing is always in its roots. The poison roots of an apple tree will produce poison limbs which in turn will bear poison fruit – no matter how good it looks, how much time passes, how it tastes nor how the fruit wants to ignore its roots. The roots began long ago but the apples are today. Whatever is in the roots is in the tree and whatever is in the tree is in the fruit. Especially when that tree is planted in stolen ground and the blood cries out from that ground as a testimony against it. Truth cannot be killed, only temporarily concealed.


Today corporation after corporation benefits from all that free slave labor that people want to just leave in the past. A stolen harvest of sorts. And from oil fields to crops, “white” America has reaped a harvest that it never sowed, all the while and even to this day, denying equality to those whose ancestors sowed those very fields across America. But now, because so many of the descendants of the perpetrators do not want their children to hear about what their ancestors did and what still goes on today, they don’t want it even discussed for the purpose of critical thinking in schools. Wake up people because racism did not go anywhere just because it changed form – trading in a white sheet for a business suit, an auction block for a court system and a plantation for a prison.

A side note, before some of you try to say I am a bitter victim who does not believe in personal responsibility. I grew up in a loving two parent middle class household where both parents worked full time and they were married for 54 years until my father passed away. I attended a top African American public high school as an AP student then a university that was 85% white. My friends were of all colors and ethnicities. I went on to work in corporate America, own a small business and become a director of public safety. My friends of all colors are law enforcement, attorneys, college professors, those who never went to college and many in between. Likewise, I dated women of various colors and ethnicities. And I do not claim to be a hopeless, helpless victim of racism holding me back. I have a strong sense of worth, ethnic and spiritual identity. I am not even a Democrat, I am a social and fiscal conservative. Though I have not directly been personally oppressed, I still recognize the truth of Critical Race Theory. Now back to the issue at hand.

So let’s see how this is “supposed” to work. You give us Obama and we are supposed to be good little nigger slaves. You give us Kamala and we are not supposed to speak of injustice, systematic racism and discrimination. You let “Black Lives Matters” go on for a few years until you pay off the founders, and we are supposed to smile and dance a jig. You allow “back” mayors and police chiefs and we are supposed to forget what happens every single day to people of color because they are people of color. If you asked the Jewish community to settle for any of that, they would be outraged. If you asked the LGBTQ community to settle for that, they would not stand for it. Even if you asked the feminists not to voice their issues, they would not stand for it either. But the “good ole niggras” just need to be quiet. Well I won’t.

The truth hurts, especially when it is still the truth today. And you have to wonder if the same people complaining about Critical Race Theory (CRT) also complained about Darwin’s theory of evolution, a theory taught in K-12 schools for as long as most of us can remember. A theory taught as if it was fact. A theory with parts disproved and parts never proven.

I see two major groups emerging to be disgusted by CRT. The first is Caucasian people who would prefer to sweep the entire present-day matter under the rug. They don’t want their children to know that racist history repeats itself and during the Trump presidency that is exactly what overtly happened. They don’t want their children to know that only a few years ago Hispanic children coming to America (yes illegally) were forcefully separated from their parents and locked in cages. They don’t want their children to find out the facts about the disproportionate opportunities for African Americans vs Caucasians. Did it happen under Obama and Trump? Yes, it did because that is America TODAY! And Trump was elected because he represents the real America with the white sheet or robe pulled off.

Those who fear the truth don’t want their children to realize that Asian Americans have been mistreated during the Covid-19 pandemic in America. Not 50 years ago but rather in this decade since 2020. They don’t want their children to realize how the indigenous people of this land still struggle for generations due to what the “pale faces” have done and continue to do. So, they would rather just label the truth as “teaching or promoting racism” and act as if these treacherous realities do not exist today. How dare the oppressors criticize the oppressed for speaking the truth and demanding that America look in the mirror.

As long as history stays white-washed, the Caucasians upset about CRT have no problem. But racism, degradation, profiling and oppression are not just history, they are all alive and well today. As long as the contributions of so many African Americans in America are devalued, minimized, ignored, undervalued, misplaced, replaced and excluded out of the history books, all of the so-called “patriotic Americans” are content and don’t seem to complain about that. As long as George Floyd is a “black” man being killed on TV, the racist Caucasian Americans (not every white person) don’t feel the need to be outraged, show up at rallies and stand against racism. Denzel and Halle didn’t get their top awards until they both played black trash without morals (in Training Day and Monster’s Ball). Yet there they were, smiling at the podium for Massa. Wake up people. African American children disappear (or their organs do), but let Jon Benet Ramsey disappear, and the Caucasian community loses it. All life is not equal in America.

The second group against CRT is those African Americans who have been assimilated so much that they live in denial about the racist world around them. They actually believe they are fully accepted as equals by the Caucasian community around them. Really? How many of their Caucasian friends would date them or be OK with their children dating? African Americans in denial think their personal experiences determine reality. Wrong. And even if their “reality” is based on their personal experiences, it is not built on the overall facts, the data, the evidence and the totality of the black in America experience. To them I say the totality of reality is not determined by what you drive, where you live and how many of the master’s breadcrumbs you are allowed to place in your bank account.

To them I also say “coonery” is alive and well. Why didn’t I say Uncle Tom is alive and well? Because far too many of you who have not even read Uncle Tom’s Cabin still think Josiah Henson was a sell out and traitor to his own people. Wrong again. Read the book. Then read the Willie Lynch letters. Am I a racist? Not at all, I am a realist. I am a truth seeker. I am a researcher who looks at the past and the present, exposing the bad actors and perpetrators in the process.


So many Americans “pledge allegiance to the flag and to the Republic for which it stands”. What does that flag stand for? Freedom? Whose? The home of the brave? Was it brave to flee England instead of staying there to confront the problems? Victory? Whose? Pride? Is America proud of its history and how its origin came about? What does the Republic stand for if it will not correct its past and present sins? Liberty and justice for all? Is that what Breonna Taylor got? Is that what George Floyd got? Is that what the racists were trying to promote when they hunted down Ahmad Arbery and killed him? And the list goes on – from outright murder to discrimination, profiling to disproportionate and mass incarceration to judicial bias, institutional racism to HBCU segregation in disguise, inadequate education to brainwashing. And I could spell it all out for weeks.

Clearly critical thinking demands examination of critical issues, not suppression of them. And hiding the truth until you hope it goes away (or it is not remembered as the truth anymore) does not make it magically disappear. To those who oppose Critical Race Theory, what are you afraid of being opposed? Embedded racism is alive and well in the very veins of America whether CRT is taught in K-12 or not. Are we supposed to deny it, forget about it or ignore it? Why should we? Hiding the facts under the rug of denial will not make them go away, especially for the many people of color who live it every day. And waiting until our children get to college to teach them the truth coupled with critical thinking on the tough issues and questions only does them a disservice by restricting their mental growth on a sociological level. You can only delay the inevitable before the truth comes to light.

Please watch, listen and be aware of the opposition against CRT in your school districts and classrooms throughout the community. I could unpack all the data that proves present-day deeply embedded racism in America on multiple levels. But why? The evidence, no matter how strong, won’t convince the racist or the brainwashed African American in denial to wake up. And the evidence is not necessary for those of us who know the truth. Understand Critical Race Theory (CRT) and fight for it to be included everywhere. Because the truth of history is not just about the white-washed version of it written, taught and promoted through the eyes, power and resources of the oppressor. Do not go quietly into the night and do not be a good little slave.

Staff Writer; Trevo Craw


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