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President Space Cadet Biden and Vice-President Happy Feet Kamala Will Only Served One Term.

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( Yes, good old country racist white Deviant Biden and black misanthropist but black Phallus lover happy feet Kamala will only served one term in the presidency just as Donald Trump did. Unfortunately black America made the biggest mistakes in voting for this old cracker and a nutty half breed who again gave black people promises and once elected gave black people symbolism and every other race money, bills, reforms, solutions and power. Well, this is what African Americans get for believing in the lies of an old racist piece of garbage who is constantly touching and whispering unknown innuendos onto the ears of little children and admiring little white girls crossing their legs like grown woman.

Back in the 1970’s, Deviant Biden refer to black young men as rampaging savages with no future who deserved prison time or death. He stated that black men needed to be shot and lock up for life in the prison pipe and it did not matter that they were poor, from a single mother home, unemployed, fatherless and or with mental problems. Black America, you have witness with your own eyes that Biden and Kamala gave the same thing that former President Obama and every other Democratic President in this country has gave you and black America, which is Nothing! You will not get anything from Democrats, Liberals and those that claimed to support black empowerment; Yet, African Americans still continue to vote for nothing with hopes of getting nothing. This Democratic Presidency that won via fraud and deception has given everyone else what they asked for and what they did not asked for but they gave black America symbolism and broken promises.

kamala and biden 2022

How stupid can our black people be? How fucking stupid are you black men and black women? Why do you continue to vote for people who don’t care for you but only use you for political gains. The Democratic party does not love you need you or want you except for when they need your vote. Eventually, with time your vote will not be needed anymore since the Democratic Government of Biden are letting hundreds of thousands of illegal people from central America, middle east and Asia into the country who are not black or Haitians and who are going to replace you in the voting polls in the same way that they have been replacing you in the workforce. You know who they are and you see them every they in your community owning all the fast restaurants, laundry mat, gas stations, liquors stores, beauty shops, nails salons etc.. Now, you have Asians and Hispanics owning, managing, cooking and operating soul food restaurants in the inner cities with dumb black men and women lining up and standing in line for hours just to eat some fried chicken, grits, chit ling, collar greens from people who do not even look like you, think like you, suffered like you and endure oppression like you. Yes, Asians and Hispanics are now the masters of the black economy and they are cooking black people food for black people and they have taking over every industry and business in the inner cities for which they control the black hair products and hair weave, extensions, Indian, Remi hair etc. and they take all that money from black communities and put it to use for their communities generational wealth.

It has been more than 100 days since Biden and Harris took over control of the white house and what have they done to improve the life of black people in America. There is a high crime among the inner cities which is due in part to poverty, unemployment, lack of education and fatherless homes; Yet, what have those two nut jobs done for the black ghettos in America. There is no Jobs for our black youth, there is no guidance and father figure, there is no solutions to the madness of black women twerking on the street and putting chemicals in their head that burn their scalp which then requires them to wear other races hair on their head or better yet Friesian Horse hair. African American women continue to support Kamala Harris who doe not support black people but only enjoys black people for their vote and when she is sitting on a black penis and once she is finished using the black queens and black men penis she goes back home to her happy camper Jewish husband to water their gardens and talk shit about how black people are so dumb and stupid. The only time happy feet Karmala becomes black is when she needs your support, vote, and some black dick to satisfy the needs that her husband cannot fulfill with the exception of financial stability and the honor of telling the world that she is married to a Jewish man with a small penis.

Wait a minute! in less than one year the Asian community received the Asian Hate Crime-covid 19 bill and yet for the last 50 years black America has been waiting for the Emmit Till Lynching Bill that has not been pass or approved but black people think Racist white Biden and Indian Kamala gives a fuck about you. No, they do not and they will never care for you. Do you remember when Biden told that child rapist Charlemagne the God that “if you do not vote for him, then you are not black” Of course, we all remember that and yet black people voted and got nothing in returned. Doesn’t it surprise you that Biden will only talk to uneducated black people but refuses to have an interview or conversation with the Leader of the Nation of Islam Minister Louis Farrakhan; NPR Audie Cornish; WP. Global Opinion Editor Karen Attiah; Black economist Dr. Claud Anderson; Psychologist Dr, Umar Johnson, Judge Joe Brown, and the producer of Fatherless America Tommy Sotomayor or anyone who is pro-black and highly intelligent. Creepy Joe Biden will rather interview with Cardi B. as a representative of ghetto black America who is not 100% black and who sing songs about sex, drugs, death, destruction to the ears of black people, mothers, children, men; women etc…but, then she turns the music off when her little daughter is in the room so she will not listen to the garbage her mother sings for dumb black America. Indeed, Biden has made it clear to the world that he rather talk about black issues to a former stripper who use to drug men and robbed them or to a man who has been accused of raping a minor. Yes, this is the respect that Democrats have for you and they will give you what you deserve ” The Middle Finger”.

There are so many wrongs done by this administration after all the uproar to remove the previous one and yet the African Americans are still suffering the most and not ripping the benefits of other cultures entering here illegally and legally who are getting the most from the black American vote. For that reason it is time for black people, African American, negros, niggers Mayata etc.,, to wake up and stop voting for democrats, stop voting permanently for anything and anybody in this country. You have been voting for the last 100 years and you have receive nothing in return with the exceptions of Juneteenth, black live matter signs painted on the wall and streets, free music and free chicken from Democrats. These racist white Demons will give you nothing and the little wealth that is left to be spread for the minorities is going to white women first since they are considered minorities follow by Hispanics, Asian Middle eastern, pacific islanders, Jews and finally the Afghan Refugee who are now guarantee to received $75,000 to $250,000 thousand per person and per family every year until they are able to integrate the working American society.

With that said and to end this rant of madness for which I believe is necessary for black people to hear and understand that we as a people and as Negroes are loosing badly while every other race is benefiting from our demised and misfortune. Black America or better yet African Americans are becoming obsolete where you will not be needed anymore for your vote or workforce since the illegals are outnumbering and replacing you in the work force and at the voting polls. Black America stop voting for Democrats and vote for the creation of a Black Wall Street like our forefathers did and who were under segregation and yet accomplished more under those conditions than what black people under integration have accomplished. Indeed, separation is the only solution for black America.

Staff Writer; Eugenio Stewart

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One Response to “President Space Cadet Biden and Vice-President Happy Feet Kamala Will Only Served One Term.”
  1. Pelvo White, Jr. says:

    Your thoughts about the accomplishments of the Democratic Party, President Biden, and Vice-President Harris are as flawed as your usage of the English Language which you sprinkled with vulgar explicative deletives, and misuse of the tenses which, when taken altogether, evidences a deficiency of the mastery of vocabulary clearly exhibiting poorly applied English Grammar. Subsequently, your overall appraisal of the performance of the Democratic Party thus far is inaccurate and shallow. Finally, if African Americans separate from America,given the political organizations of nations presently existing globally, who will protect us ? We are presently too much consumers rather than political leaders. Separating from America will make us outcasts from NATO nations forced to turn to NON-NATO nations which are chiefly headed by existential, nihilist autocrats or dictators. A compulsory education fed pluralistic democracy with a capitalist economic base that believes in an unequal distribution of available goods and services based on merit, such as that of the United States of America, is the only way the African American will achieve life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness.

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