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Vaccine Mandates will lead to Starvation and Mass Depopulation.

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( I first heard of the Holodomor listening to a lecture by Dr. Jordan Peterson. I am embarrassed to admit in all my readings on Russia, Stalin, and Lenin, I had never come across this historical event. Upon which I found a book titled Execution by Hunger: The Hidden Holocaust by Miron Dolot. Dolot describes the great famine that transpired in the Soviet Ukraine from 1932 to 1933 that killed millions of Ukrainians. Writing under a pseudonym, he validates that the Holodomor (Terror-famine) was an intentional genocide and that the Soviet authorities under Lenin, do not only allow for high rates of starvation but vigorously encouraged and sustained it.

To understand Holodomor and the targeted class or group of people (the kulak), it is required to beginning with the fall of the House of Romanov in 1917. The result of this downfall left the peasant class controlling more than 90 percent of all farmable land in the then prior Soviet Ukraine. These people became known as the Kulaks.

Lenin could not have the control and ownership of the land in the hands of peasants, so he implemented a policy of “Socialization” which caused the decrease in the number of “kulak” households and more than 70 percent of loss in their property ownership. Lenin’s strategy was designed and implemented to foster class guilt. He realized that by signifying folk were being victimized by the Kulak via their massive land ownership albeit they were simple middle-class farmers, when they were not that he could take the land, they owned and sow division that would result in their eradication without having to do so himself.


I mention the Kulak and Holodomor because we see the same approach implemented by Lenin being employed to encourage these vaccine mandates and shutdowns. Instead of the Kulak, today it is the unvaccinated. By the incessant reinforcing to the vaccinated that they are the victims of the unvaxed, one can create a distraction and at the same time enhance their sense of being victims. This only results in the preferred group developing a hatred whereby they infer in practice they will act to do all to “get them before they get us.”

Instead of taking one’s private property as Lenin facilitated with the Kulaks, today they are taking livelihoods. They are closing businesses and preventing people from shopping or eating in restaurants. They are placing kids behind academically on the global stage making them less able to compete. They even suggest in between health care is a human right that the unvaxed should be denied healthcare. They have spoken it into existence – they desire a metaverse free of individual freedom and liberty. This is not American, this is globalist.

In 1918 the first grain quotas came into existence to seize grain from the kulaks. Her, the avoided placing blame on China and blames Americans for wanting their freedoms so they closed schools and stopped all forms of civil and social interaction. It was even suggested that things would get back to normal if a vaccine was developed. It was and nothing changed. One could ask, if vaccinations are safe and effective, why do we need to cancel social gatherings or New Year’s Eve parties? Data indicates that the triple-vaccinated are more than four times more likely to produce a positive test for Omicron than unvaccinated. So is it working or is it not?

These are not isolated events but rather intentional events. The query is why? victimization via class guilt ultimately led to genocide and the starvation of millions of people under Lenin and it appears the same is the desire with all these mandates. It is known that the elites, especially the tech and political liberal oligarchs are worried about climate change and over population. Could this be the path of least resistance? What I can say is that all of this is being put in place based on fake data and lies. There is no other rational conclusion other than broad totalitarian control and mass depopulation to reduce the Earth to a playground for a few. This is just one example.

Rising crime – planned. Ending cash bail – planned. Homeless everywhere – planned. Crushing small businesses, ranchers, and farmers – planned. Why else implement any of these vaccine mandates that have not gone through any real lasting clinical trial for long term efficacy? And as I said, this is just one part. For example, in a state legislator in Washington state just drafted a bill that would lesser sentencing for murderers who commit drive-by shooting to encourage “racial equity.” All of the aforementioned are intentional acts designed to reduce the population and destroy the American citizen penchant for self-determination, liberty and freedom.

It is clear the Bill of Rights is an issue, thus the backend approach to obviate it. The rest of the world knows how average Americans value the constitution. This is what the globalist despise. That we are a people living daily the idea that we will die for freedom and the right to make our own decisions. But to them, instead we are disposable lab rats. Otherwise, why insist there be no liability to the manufacturer and give them a 75-year confidentiality clause on the list of ingredients.

Historians note 140 million acres were taken from Kulak landowners and that this was a deliberate process. What the current administration is doing presently is no different when we think of the family businesses destroyed and families placed in a likely future of poverty. The mass starvation the Kulak experienced is no difference from denying the unvaccinated to shop in grocery stores or eat in restaurants. In the meantime, overdose rate in the nation is growing and property crime rates are increasing. One would think this was what F.A. Hayek spoke of in “The Road to Serfdom” in 1944. This my friends are how totalitarian governments rise to power. Klaus Schwab’s knows this. Maybe therefore his Young Global Leaders class of 2021 includes cats like Ibram X Kendi, Bill Gates, Jeff Bezos, Peter Buttigieg, Emmanuel Macron, and Gavin Newsom. Their goal is fascism or what they describe as a “public-private co-operation in the global public interest” for “stakeholder capitalism.”

These vaccine mandates can only end one way – in starvation and mass depopulation when we do not know their long-term effects. This is not improbable when the tools used to do such divide folk into perpetrators and victims – the vaxed and unvaxed. Fascism, socialism, and communism have always relied on class guilt to achieve political goals. Ask yourself if you see the same similarities I Have noticed now. Fact is these folk will not give up their private jets or beach front properties, they want us to, and they want us to stop eating meat while they don’t and desire to produce and sell us fake meat. Still, just condemn and shame the people that refuse taking a vaccine with no data on the long term impacts and the plight of the Kulaks returns once again.

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