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Important things to consider before you move cross country.

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( Moving cross country is a big thing. There is lots to plan and you need to consider cross country moving companies to use. Keeping organized is key, using a moving checklist can help you keep things in order. This article helps you do just that!

Organizing your moving firm

One of the main things to look for when getting online moving quotes is the terms in the estimate. A moving cost calculator is only reliable if it captures every cost scenario you may face.

Because of this you should know that non-binding estimates can change. Although they are accurate, it leaves scope for the moving firm to add extra costs if your possessions weigh more than they should for example. Binding estimates are a fixed price between you and the removal company that guarantees a price for the agreed services.

Arranging the collection and delivery

Your collection and delivery dates are vital for your cross country move. You need to lock these dates in with your cross country moving company to ensure all your possessions are collected on time so you can vacate the property you are leaving.

A bill of lading ensures that everything is documented between both parties. You can then legally receive the delivery of your possessions on the agreed date, and you have comeback if the terms are not adhered to.

Delayed deliveries do not necessarily mean you will get compensation. They are designed to make sure things run as smoothly as possible. That said, there is the possibility to take legal action if you feel, and can prove, the moving company could have prevented late delivery.


Getting your paperwork in place

To ensure everything runs as smoothly as possible, you need to get your paperwork in place. Your original estimate from the moving company is one document, but you also need a detailed moving agreement, inventory, and bill of lading.

All of these documents should be signed in order to validate them for purposes of your contract, and you would need that in the event there is any dispute.

You will also need to consider the insurance your moving company provides in case of loss or damage to your property. Limited liability is the lowest level of insurance, and is free. For cross country moves, the moving firm is responsible for providing limited liability insurance.

For extra protection, added valuation insurance means you receive the lost or damage item’s current replacement value. The cost of premiums is calculated depending on the value of your property. Full value insurance is the top level and covers the exact costs of replacement.

Ask your chosen firms what level of insurance they provide as standard, and make your call of whether to include added valuation or full value for additional peace of mind.

Getting ready for the big day

Moving house is a fun, but potentially stressful time all round. The more preparation you can do before the big day comes around, the better you will be organized. Get your paperwork in place, your preparation done and you will be sailing from state-to-state in no time at all!

Staff Writer; Gary Brown

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