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African Americans Will Never Vote Democrats Ever Again!

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( Enough is Enough! All African Americans are tired of been use by the white Democratic Party for their own agenda of enriching themselves and defecating on black America over and over again. I am tired, you are tired and we are tired completely of all the lies, promises, symbolism, and blatant humiliation on the black struggles and constant racism, bias, prejudice, and double standard still present and permanent in our society today, tomorrow and the future.

Your current child molester President Biden who love touching children, whispering in their ears, blowing on their hair and admiring little girls who crossed their legs like adults, has now make it clear that He will not support and fulfill his promised of given $45 billion dollars to our black HBCU’S and He has signed documents to stop all donations and contributions from the federal government towards black educational institutions while still given PWI (Predominant white institutions), their cut of yearly federal grants and loans. Indeed, Biden promised black America to help us after he got elected for president and again we have been duped by this undercover KKK and skin head white supremacy who told black America what they wanted to hear in order to get the black vote.

Now, what about the Platinum plan that was presented to the DNC to create jobs, investment, and trade schools for black America for which Pedo Biden promised to take a look at it within his 100 days in office; yet, He has not done anything for African Americans in the last six 10 months but he has certainly given every other race and organizations whatever they asked for and more so whatever they did not asked for. The Hispanics got the prosperity act and guarantee citizenship and job for those at the border, The Asians got the covid-19 Hate Crime Bill, The LGBT got a piece of the pie as well, The Refugee Afghan are getting citizenship, jobs, businesses, loans, grants and housing while we still have hundreds of thousands of homeless black people living on the streets with no jobs or a roof on their head.

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Of Course, nothing for black America or African Americans but white America and the Democratic National Committee is giving over $4 billion dollars to the Afghan Refugee coming from the Ghettos of Afghanistan. Even though, white Americas has already spent over $845 billion dollars in the war in Afghanistan, over $20 billion dollar a year in the training of Afghan soldiers, over $200 billion dollars in military equipment and supplied for the Afghan government and yet the Democratic Party has done nothing for black America. You notice how America is admitting and giving permanent resident and citizenship to over 65,000 Afghan refugees with no hesitation; but, as soon as they notice about 10, 000 Haitians at the border of Texas asking for the same, it became a problem to racist white America and Creepy Joe Biden immediately mobilized the military, law enforcement to the border and began a forceful relocation and removal of our black Haitian brothers and within a week all Haitian were deported back to a country in turmoil similar to the turmoil in Afghanistan.

Black people! please wake up and open your eyes because the racist white democrats are fucking us really good and dry and we are not felling or seeing it. These racist Democratic KKK are hiding under the umbrella of equality but they do not care for you except when they need your vote to defeat the Republican party who were finish with you after the civil war and now the Democrats are done with you Negro. Wake up and open your eyes because every other race in America is getting what they want without even asking for it and while black America keep begging for something you keep getting symbolism, promises and a Juneteenth holiday that will only benefit every other race and white America. Now, we should all wonder whose jobs are these Afghan Refugees are going to take, acquire or take from whom? Yes, These Afghan Refugees are going to take the few unskilled labor jobs from black America in the same way that other immigrant races have been taken all the jobs from black men and black woman since the 1990″s

In my last article ” The March of no Return for African Americans” I clearly stated the following: “President sleepy hollow Joe Biden and the rest of hypocrites of the Democratic party gave black people a federal holiday “Juneteenth holiday”, that does not benefit black America in any way possible and neither does it create generational wealth and prosperity; instead, it only gives black America the image of symbolism which do nothing to create jobs and economic growth in the African American community. The Juneteenth holiday will be use by white, Asian, Hispanic and any other non-black races in this country to enjoy a pay holiday, pay vacation, to profit and make money by selling items related to that holiday to the black community.

Indeed, other ethnic groups in America are going to make millions in sales of Juneteenth paraphernalia to the black people and none of that profit will end up in the African American community. Now, the fault of this unwanted symbolism of celebration lies in the hearts, minds and souls of black people such as coons, sell out, house Negros for always allowing others races to come into the black community and allowing them to take the little that remains away from the inner cities” Now, you understand that the Democrats had no intention in helping out the HBCU’S but more so to weaken their success and eliminate any schools that will benefit black people in any way possible.

I hate to go back and make you remember the past but I have to do so because with African American people it takes about a dozen times to make a black men and woman remember what is actually going on around them. When Biden took office, He immediately gave the Hispanic community the Prosperity Act Bill, follow by the Covid 19 Asian Hate Crime and added incentives for investment and loans in their Asian communities. Biden also proposed to give residency to over 11 million Hispanic and Asian migrants with guarantee jobs and housing but nothing for the black Haitians. He provides more benefit for the LGBT Community, Loans and international Grants to third world countries that do not include African Countries. Again, as you can see, our mentally unstable still racist Neanderthal cave dweller President Biden did not give the black anything and he will not give you anything in this term or in his second term if he does make it.

Do not vote anymore Black America, do not allow Biden and Happy Feet Karmala and or any of the coons and sellouts of the black congressional caucus to tell you or convince you to vote democratic party every again. These bourgeoisie traitors do not give a fuck about you and they will never do anything to create any type of generational wealth for black America and they will never ever pass any bills to protect your black children from the race soldier’s aka police officers from killing, raping, touching and disrespecting your black daughters and black sons. Stop voting for people who do not look like you, struggle like you, think like you, suffer like you and endure the constant system racism that we endure in the past, today, tomorrow and the future.

Fuck Joe Biden and Fuck Karmala Harris, these two pieces of shit have not done anything for blacks and will never do anything for blacks but they will show up at your doors for your vote for their second term on or about the year 2024 in order for the democratic party to be re-elected. Yes, it is true that the only times white America and the Democratic party needs black people is when there is a war with another country, when they need your political vote, during experiments on human bodies and when they need you to entertain them during the Olympics, super bowl and NBA finals.  I will say to my fellow African Americans, Afro- Caribbean’s, Afro-Latinos and those who are physically and psychologically black: Do not allow yourself to fall in the same trap of “Vote for Democrats and we will do something after we win the election”. No, do not fall for it anymore again because if you do then you will get the same thing from before which is “NOTHING”. Stop voting for Democrats, Stop voting for Republicans.

Finally, African Americans we need support each other and support our black media such as the one providing you with this article. In Addition, we need to find black leaders who believe and support the black independent movements, black education, black marriage, black business ship and all black everything such as:

Dr. Umar Johnson

Dr. Claud Anderson

Judge Joe Brown

Attorney Dennis Spurling

Mrs. Mechee X

Minister Louis Farrakhan

Grand Master J

Staff Writer; Eugenio Stewart

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One Response to “African Americans Will Never Vote Democrats Ever Again!”
  1. Pelvo White, Jr. says:

    Some people use profane words to supplement a deficiency in thought and vocabulary. The Democratic Party has done, and continue to do what is necessary to help maintain your individual freedoms.