The Empty Vessels: President Joe Biden and the Mainstream Media.

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( The Empty Vessels sounds like a cover band, in reality it’s something Rod Serling could narrate for an episode of the Twilight Zone. I would imagine it would go something like this: Picture. The portrait of a lost collection of misfits: Joe Biden, out-of-date, timeworn and a relic of the past, and his collection of caretakers called journalist. Mr. Biden has just barely avoided being sent to a nursing home after having been treated for two brain aneurisms. Now feeble and vocally incoherent, he is protected by an assemblage of imbeciles that no longer have the desire or capacity to do their job. He is now leader of the free world roaming all the way to his prearranged end point, which, contrary to Mr. Biden’s plan and his custodians, happens to be in the gloomiest corner of the Twilight Zone (hope I made Rod proud, an all time favorite).

Yes, what was once considered the seat of leadership for the free world, the Whitehouse, has morphed into a gloomy nursing home located in the twilight zone. No matter where one looks, there is a crisis rearing its ugly head out of the muck.  The only things this administration has proffered to be capable and proficient at is lying, slander, being corrupt and overwhelmingly financially feckless.  Let us start with the canary in the coal mine – the crisis on our southern border.

Biden is literally letting a bunch of random people into the country who we know nothing about. What are their criminal or public health histories? You tell me because the Biden administration doesn’t have a clue and their media minions will not ask these kind of questions. If they do ask question they never push back and allow his staff to push them around like Tumbleweeds. We do not even know how many have entered the country and how many have been bused or flown to other areas of the United States. The president and his vapid media claim that these folk are “asylum seekers.” However, this is incorrect and misleading because you don’t need to cross illegally into our nation to seek asylum. Correct me if I am wrong, but one doesn’t have to travel through a half dozen other countries to get the US to claim asylum. Why not ask for asylum in any of those other countries? These are illegal immigrants.


President Biden claims he’s getting the border crisis under control while in the same sentence admitting that it has no clue what’s going on. What is factual is that Haitian immigrants camped out by the thousands under a bridge in Texas are being released in the U.S. on a large scale albeit the Whitehouse is telling us that they are being sent back home. They say they know the exact number of people coming across our border but cannot state the number of how many have been sent back and how many have been released into the country. Either they are lying about it, or they don’t know. More unfortunate is that the media and administration affirm that the border is closed but 200,000 monthly travel across it like an intersection on Peachtree Street. Does the media confront them on this? No. Funny, how the Biden administration is always concerned about the illegal immigrants and the refugee’s safety, but never show concern for the safety of the American people who are exposed to crime, Covid status or drug deaths due to Fentanyl – all the consequence of an insecure border. This reminds me of Emperor Domitian from Rome.  The historical record that the Romans theoretically won against the Dacians, but Domitian offered a treaty that was more favorable for the Dacians than the Romans.

It seems to me that without a national border, there is no reason to have a national government.  Article IV, Section 4 of the US Constitution states, “The United States shall guarantee to every state in this union a republican form of government and shall protect each of them against invasion; and on application of the legislature, or of the executive (when the legislature cannot be convened) against domestic violence.”  When you have more than 1 million people illegally entering the country without restraint, it says that the present administration is ducking their responsibility. The icing on the cake is that the Biden administration is mandating vaccines for U.S. companies with 100 employees or more, but they cool with hundreds of thousands illegally entering the U.S. – no vaccine required, odd.

There is also inflation. Data suggest that Americans are less enthusiastic than they were in March that economic situations in the country as will improve over the next year. Around 74 percent opine that they consider present economic conditions are only fair or poor. A recent Pew survey found out that 29 percent of adults expect that economic conditions a year from now will be improved: a proportion lower than the 44 percent reported this past March. More accurately, as it stands, 34 percent think that the economy will be about the same, while 37 percent say that the economy will be worse a year from now. This means that the economy looks much worse now than it did three months ago.

No one feels economically the country is heading in the right direction. A University of Michigan Survey found that U.S. consumer sentiment is at near decade lows. To be honest, although the index improved a tad from last August, it remains close to the near decade low noticed in August, with consumers seeing the economy worse today than at any time during the COVID-19 pandemic. And regular folk aren’t the only ones.  Now the Federal Reserve officials have downgraded their expectations for the economy, dropping their predictions for growth and raising concerns for unemployment and inflation, according to what was released Wednesday at the end of the Fed’s monetary policy meeting. The latest projections display that the median belief is for the economy to grow at an inflation-adjusted 5.9 percent this year, down from an expectation for 7 percent at the June meeting. They also see slower growth and unemployment higher now than this summer. Less growth and higher unemployment are incompatible with efforts to bringing down inflation (something this administration doesn’t get).

Biden is an abject failure and even people in other countries are seeing it. We are in a disastrous economy thanks to policies his party have implemented. But there is more.

Biden described his withdrawal from Afghanistan as a major success and wants credit for it, or at least for it to viewed positively. Giving credit to Biden for “ending the war” is like giving credit to a child who did the homework but got all the answers wrong and turned it in late. I still can’t believe he actually left American citizens behind like that. It is truly hard to put it in words my shock at what this Administration did. I knew they would blame US citizens trapped in Afghanistan when I heard Jen Psaki say they would get out all Americans who “want to” leave. Like everyone who gets left behind wanted it that way. Now the DHS Secretary is saying that just 3 percent of 60,000 Afghan evacuees in U.S. have special immigrant visas.

Not only did he give the Taliban $83 billion in equipment and piles of money, there are reports floating around that his administration is considering releasing Afghan funds held in the U.S. to the terrorist organization in exchange to get Americans out of the country. Shit, the Taliban are better supplied than 75% of countries. Of course the Taliban needs money. They have to put gas in the choppers that they’re hanging American allies from. One could say Biden has done a better job helping the Taliban than the U.S. If they give the Taliban money this entire Administration should be charged with treason for giving aid and comfort to the enemy. Every other president repeatedly stated that we don’t negotiate with terrorists. Appears Biden’s mantra is “How much to stop attacking us?”

The most unsettling thing was that his actions resulted in the death of 13 U.S. service members via a suicide bombing attack in Kabul. The manner in which he engaged with their families was pathetic. I’m really tired of Biden bringing up his dead son every time he’s done something wrong. He’s doing it for sympathy and using it as a crutch to get people to feel sorry for him. Biden doesn’t know what these families went through. He had the ability to tell his son he loved him and goodbye. These parents had their children torn away without the chance to see them or hold them ever again.

Under this administration, all is fair game, no questions asked.  All norms are being dismantled and inverted.  Actual passports are now nonoperational while illegal immigrants don’t require any form of passport at all, let alone “vaccine passports.” Just think about it, the White House on Wednesday blamed United Kingdom Prime Minister Boris Johnson after President Joe Biden disregarded American reporters in the Oval Office. Johnson called on two reporters from his press corps for questions, but Biden did not do the same for American reporters. Reporters were perceptibly troubled after Biden aides bellowed them out of the room — at one point obfuscating the president’s effort to answer a question.

Remember, they nominated Biden because he was the “most experienced” and least extreme candidate the Democrats could produce. This is the best they can do folks. I believe it was Plato that coined the saying “An empty vessel makes the loudest sound, so they that have the least wit are the greatest babblers.” This from my perspective is a solid description of our 46th president and the media mongrels that are supposedly covering his administration.

Everything that the US is dealing with is a direct cause from this administration. They don’t take accountability for anything and they blame Trump for everything.

We all know that Biden isn’t capable of doing anything “on purpose.”  However, whoever is actually running the country probably is. Biden is definitely the worst president we’ve ever had, and it is only going to get worse. His administration is the largest threat Americans are facing right now. I know I dated myself with the Twilight Zone reference, but that is honestly where I think we are right now. Somethings when you see them you know from observation they are not true: such as fine used to describe malt liquor or competent to describe Joe Biden and journalism to define the mainstream media.

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