Press Release; Loclivin w/ Mzladylox.

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( Locs have been around for centuries. While some claim that they descend from ancient Greece, others swear that they were first spotted in Egypt. But if there is one thing we know for certain, it is that they are a big part of African culture to this day. From Nigeria to Kenya, they have symbolized different aspects of culture and different periods of history. For instance, in Kenya, they were a popular fixture among freedom fighters within the Kikuyu tribe during the fight for independence.

And while this particular hairstyle may have come to be by accident at the time, it is still quite popular in Kenya and Africa as a whole. In many ways, locs symbolize peace, authenticity, rebirth, and spirituality. So it’s not surprising that they are a great part of African American culture with celebrities like Wiz Khalifa and Jaden Smith rocking them from time to time.

Introducing Mz Lady Lox

As more and more African Americans embrace locs, there is one household name that has stood the test of time, especially in Atlanta – Mz Lady Lox . As a practicing loctician for over 20 years, she has learned a lot about the power of locs, their history, and the spirituality behind them. Like many young women, she originally thought the best career plan for her was to join corporate America and work her way up. And so she got her first job as a fraud investigator at the Bank of America.

It was only when she moved to Atlanta that she considered doing hair full-time; a choice that ultimately changed the trajectory of her life. Not only did she get her first hairstylist job but she also got to work with top brands like Jamaican Mango & Lime, Bronner Brothers, and Taliah Waajid. She has done it all – she has been a hair model, stylist, brand ambassador, and platform artist.

Her qualifications

In the spirit of continuous learning, Mz Lady Lox has earned practicing credentials from the Hogan Institute of Cosmetology. What’s more? She has both a natural braiding license and an instructional certification from Virginia-based SBC Braiding Academy. No matter how you look at it, Mz Lady Lox is a professional through and through.

Locs and overcoming fear

While Mz Lady Lox looks like the epitome of confidence and self-actualization, things weren’t so clear when she was younger. Believe it or not, she gave up on hair for a while when she was a teenager, even though she has loved it since she was a little girl. But after a while in the corporate world, she came back and slowly faced her fears, even becoming an instructor at one of the schools from which she graduated.

Suffice to say, the more time she has spent doing locs, the freer and more confident she has become. That’s why she is really passionate about empowering people to chase after their dreams and use her experience as an example.

Mz Lady Lox

Locs and wellness

If there is one thing that Mz Lady Lox believes, it is that the health of your locs is dependent on your overall health and wellness. As such, she encourages a holistic approach to hair care. Having learned at the feet of great hair professionals such as Thando Kafele, Maria Thompson, and Malaika Tamu Cooper, she is a great believer in the power of a natural health regimen over hair health.

This has not only helped her properly advise her clients and mentees but also informs her own loc journey. It’s no wonder that she has been growing her own locs for over 20 years now.

Locs and spirituality

As anyone who has ever heard Mz Lady Lox speak will tell you, she sees locs as more than just a hairstyle. To her, it is an expression and celebration of what it means to have nappy hair. It signifies the beauty of accepting all of that God created you to be and wear it with pride and grace.

Needless to say, her loc journey is greatly intertwined with her spiritual journey. In fact, for her, these two journeys began at around the same time – after having her daughter. In many ways, it was her experience with pregnancy and childbirth that triggered her yearning for something greater than her. It is this that inspired her to install her locs, even within a corporate job – a space where a lot of African Americans are still struggling to feel comfortable with their natural hair.

It’s no wonder that she believes that there is a certain kind of consciousness that comes with the decision to loc your hair and that it comes with a level of self-acceptance and love, regardless of what others think. Ultimately, Mz Lady Lox believes in authenticity, knowing one’s self, and being strong in one’s self.

Locs and healing

Through her loc journey, Mz Lady Lox has not only found her own healing but has also contributed to the healing of others. As a survivor of physical, mental, and emotional abuse, she seeks to help and inspire those that have or are still going through the same experience. This has allowed her to connect with some of her clients more deeply and create a bigger impact in her community.

Locs and women’s empowerment

All you have to do is hear how Mz. Lady Lox speaks to see how passionate she is about empowering women. She believes it is important for women to have agency over their own hair, bodies, and lives. And while this may sometimes start with getting locs, it should spiral to all aspects of their life.

Mz Lady Lox’s work

Truth be told, Mz Lady Lox is more than a loctician. She is an educator, speaker,  and businesswoman. Her salon, Unique Naturalz, is one of the most highly-rated ones in Atlanta. Also, she educates stylists and consumers through shows like Khembe’s Return To Your Roots, Kansas City Natural Hair Show, and Premiere Hair Show.

It is, therefore, no wonder that she has been featured in several magazines including XXL, Vibe Magazine, Braid Game, Taji Mag, The Source, and Sophisticate’s Black Hairstyles.

Mz Lady Lox’s top locs maintenance advice

If you want to keep your locs healthy and strong, there are a few things that Mz Lady Lox recommends. First of all, shampoo your locs every 2 to 3 weeks and use a light conditioner. This will keep them clean and prevent buildup. Secondly, always ensure your locs dry well to avoid mildew and odor.

If things have already started going south, don’t worry – soaking your locs in apple cider vinegar will clear all that out. Also, oil your scalp three times a week and spray some oil on your locs just as regularly. This will keep your locs shiny and healthy all through the week.

Finally, never try to color your locs at home – always seek out a licensed cosmetologist to do this for you.

And if you’re ever in Atlanta, feel free to book a consultation with Mz Lady Lox herself. Visit her website to book a time slot on StyleSeat or connect with her on Facebook and Instagram to learn more about her services. And remember, wear your crown with poise and always keep your chin up – you are royalty!