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How Probiotics Promote Gut Health and Weight Loss.

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( There’s a lot of talk in health magazines and in blog articles about probiotics. These supplements have been credited for promoting weight loss, improving gut health, and supporting immune function. But what are probiotics anyway and how do they work? Keep reading to learn more about probiotic bacteria and how they can potentially help fight obesity.

Probiotics are considered good bacteria.

Bacteria often have a negative connotation. It makes people think of germs and illness – things that hurt the body. When you get sick, your doctor might prescribe antibiotics, a medication that attacks bad bacteria. However, no all bacteria are bad.

Within your digestive system, you have good bacteria that promote gut health. When you need to improve your gut bacteria you might take a probiotic, which adds good bacteria instead of removing the bad stuff.

Probiotics are found in a variety of foods. If you eat yogurt in the morning then you are taking in probiotics because the bacteria used to make the creamy treat. Kimchi, a favorite side in Korea, is packed with probiotics. However, sometimes you need a boost of probiotics to have a healthy gut. When people can’t take in enough probiotics just by eating food, they turn to supplements in the form of capsules.


Probiotic supplements might help with weight loss.

Recently, scientists have been reviewing the relationship between the gut microbiome and obesity. They have found that people with high obesity rates have fewer microorganisms in their guts and less diverse bacteria. This has lead them to wonder about the use of a probiotic for weight loss.

One theory is that certain probiotic strains release hormones that control your appetite. When your brain realizes it’s full, it will tell you to stop eating. This can lower your calorie intake and reduce your overall body fat.

Another theory has to do with the types of foods that people with obesity eat. A high-fat diet full of processed foods won’t introduce good bacteria to the gut. Meanwhile, a healthy diet full of fruits and vegetables will bring in helpful microorganisms and nutrients, which will assist with digestion and prevent bloating.

While a probiotic supplement can’t control your weight on its own, it can provide a dietary supplement that reduces inflammation and aids digestion as a whole. They can ingest the beneficial bacteria as a pill in the same way they consume antibiotics.

Probiotics contribute to gut health.

Even if you have a healthy digestive tract right now, probiotic supplements can help protect your stomach and intestines in the future. There are many health benefits of taking capsules of friendly bacteria.

Supplements can reduce inflammation, preventing heartburn and unwanted diarrhea. Beneficial bacteria can also affect other systems, improving your mental health and improving heart functions through lowered blood pressure.

Additionally, good digestive health can also boost your immune system. Your body won’t have to work on addressing bad bacteria, so it can focus on other areas of your body. This can promote wellness as a whole, even if the capsules you take are meant for your digestion.

You don’t have to wait to use probiotics for weight loss. By getting into the habit of taking these capsules when you are healthy, you can focus on weight management while addressing other bodily functions that you hope to improve.

Scientists are still working to fully understand the correlation between body fat and different probiotic strains. However, if you want to improve your overall health while also working on weight maintenance, talk to your doctor about taking probiotics. They might be able to recommend some clinical trials that target fat storage while offering suggestions for you to reach a healthy weight.

Staff Writer; Mark Shaw

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