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Liberal White Elitism and Their Commodification of Race.

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(ThyBlackMan.com) If you ever get the chance, I would suggest that you read the book The Color Purple by American author Alice Walker. Unlike Orwell’s 1984 and I Know Why the Caged Bird Sings by Maya Angelou, I only read The Color Purple once while at Morehouse and it has had an imprint in my memory. In Letters 42 or 43, there was a character in the book named Mrs. Millie who was the wife of the mayor of the town where Celie and Sofia lived. Mrs. Millie, although it is in the 1930s, is the spitting image of the white liberal of 2021 for she is a haughty and pompous racist who considers herself to be a champion for black people. When she meets Sofia, she just hugs and kisses on her children as if they were poodles and is amazed, even astonished at how well mannered and clean they are. But in a condescending manner, she asks Sofia if she would be her maid. Refusing the offer, her husband the mayor gets involved and it results in Sofia being sentenced to twelve years in jail. The sentence is eventually commuted to twelve years labor as the mayor’s and Mrs. Millie’s maid.

Although considered to be fiction, Mrs. Millie is the mirror image of the white liberal. They think they are doing good when in their heart they harbor divisive racist beliefs towards Blacks that they are afraid to admit thus causing them to project such views on others to make themselves feel good. Substance or improvement in the condition of the individuals they purport to care about is not paramount, rather how people see what they do as a form of status. They as I say are Mrs. Millie, the type of white supposedly progressive who seeks approval for what should be basic human decency because as she sees it, she “has always been good to you [Black] people.”

To the modern white progressive, Black people, as well as Asians and even Jews are “you people.” They are so vain: they cannot imagine themselves as being vapid bigots because they think their words are more important than their actions. Take Joe Biden. If ever there was an idle and deserted area in the skull of any person, it would be his. Although it isn’t odd since he had two brain aneurysms in 1988 and surgical treatment for both, his racist tendencies and statements continue to be spewed from his mouth. Recently he suggested that “young Black entrepreneurs are just as capable of succeeding given the chance as white entrepreneurs are. But they don’t have lawyers, they don’t have accountants, but they have great ideas.” This is something that Mrs. Millie would say and may even believe to such an extent to put in place political policy to affirm this prejudicial and racist point of view.

2021 Liberal White Elitism

Like most liberal policy, the victim always are mostly Black folk. From catch and release immigration policy to bail reform, Blacks take a direct hit when we look at the results. Take ending cash bail. Based on what the data has demonstrated over the past year, Blacks and Asians seem to suffer in major urban areas when repeat offenders and violent criminals are released after, I don’t know, pushing people in front of trains, punching elderly Asian Men and women or setting a woman’s hair on fire while riding the bus. White well-to do liberals do not ride buses and rarely take the train, at least at certain times of the day.

This how they see minority communities – that they are too dumb to get a lawyer, or even worse, see law and order as being incompatible with being compassionate. Fact is some folks are unfixable and that evil is real. This is not a true consideration for white liberals’ to consider for race, like lumber, oil and pork bellies is a commodity.

Liberals recognize that race and racism is a money maker. From Al Sharpton to Ibram X. Kendi, racism and being a racist is a loot clocking activity. If a kid gets on a bus and sets a woman hair on fire, this is acceptable if the kid is black. Just like attacks on Jews and Asians across the nation (by mostly Blacks sad to say) is ignored unless a white male is the perpetrator. Why because Blacks attacking folks is okay and normal but the aberration (truly) is when whites do the same – this is a money maker. It is as if they expect us to accept a rise in crime as if we really want such in our community.

When criminals are set free, they typically return to which from they came. The reality is that most violent crime occurs in Black communities and consequently we are the victims. They do not live in high crime areas but the Mrs. Millie in them seem to desire the “you people” they falsely claim to care about continue to be victims.  Think about Minneapolis, where over 1500 businesses, mostly minority and immigrant owned have been destroyed or damaged during the Aftermath of the George Floyd riots. None of these whites raised any loot for these businesses but they did for the criminals who did the dirt – even Asian Americans the likes of Vice President Kamala Harris. Then there is the fact Black folk don’t support the veneration of men who aim guns at the stomach of pregnant women or cats wanted for homicide. But let white liberals tell it – we should and they are hero’s. Never hear white progressive types praise or honor David Dorn do you?

Crime is rising everywhere one looks, from South Carolina to Oakland to Chicago to San Francisco. In San Francisco for example, white liberals promoted and voted for Prop 47 in 2014 which made it no longer a felony for a person to steal merchandise if it was in value less than $950 or to receive stolen merchandise of the same dollar amount. Since then, due to an increase in shop lifting, 17 Walgreens have closed in the past five years. Then there is Chicago where there have been more homicides so far this year than in 2020, where they changed police protocol regarding foot pursuit after a 13-year-old boy was killed after being outside after midnight shooting at cars. Instead of asking basic questions like why he was out doing such and where were his parents, they create a new foot chase policy. So now, if a woman or man is robbed and they have less than $400 on them, police can’t chase them. Again, a policy that hurt minorities for $400 is a lot to an average middle or lower-class family and single parent.

In San Francisco, the progressive liberal white folks typical of the bay area (yes, I am stereotyping seeing it is retro chic to do such currently), are leaving the government public school system in hordes. It appears they recognize their social justice crusade is good for blacks but not themselves. Strange given these were the same folk more concerned with renaming schools and trying to decide how racist was President Lincoln instead of opening them and addressing the fact that 12 and 19 percent of Blacks in the district are proficient in math and reading respectively. But what would one expect from a state where 75 percent of Black boys do not meet state reading standards?

This is the white liberal way – ask your school what they are teaching your children and they either call you crazy or a racist or both. Don’t even try to ask about marxism in the form of critical racism. Every continent except one on the Earth has practiced slavery yet we the only nation engaging in the attempt to teach dumb sht like CRT. Or actually believe that allowing a business to re-open is equal to creating a job. The true white supremacists are folk like Joe Biden, AOC and white college educated liberals. These the only cats I know would have Black folk rioting and burning stuff over the death of a criminal.

Me, I’m equal opportunity. If you white and try to carjack me – you the enemy. If you black and disrespectful towards my daughter – you the enemy. If you gay or transgender and you curse my mother – you the enemy and if I must got brass for you all. The reality is that God is trying to tell us something, but our eyes are closed, and many refuse to hear. But what do I know? I’m just a country boy that reads as much as I can without bias or an ivy league degree. I’m a writer and I write shit – either what I know, think, feel or experience.

Staff Writer; Torrance T. Stephens

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4 Responses to “Liberal White Elitism and Their Commodification of Race.”
  1. Bigenuff says:

    You are complaining a lot about “white liberal”. It was not White liberals who built the ghettos, or who built the system that has resulted in criminalization of the Black man. It was White reactionaries.

    The ghettos have to be dismantled, or rebuilt from what they are now. Blacks must be fully integrated into America. What is the Answer?

    It is simple. Education monies and teacher pay is based upon need, and challenges. The best teachers need to be in the ghetto. Quadruple the pay and they will be there.

    Secondly: Every person who has a criminal record (white, black, otherwise) will be accessed to give individualized plan for complete reintegration into society at large. A felony conviction will no longer be an automatic lifelong social disenfrachisement.

    Free education will be offered to all people, with resources geared most to places of low investment.

    Zoning changes allowing for low density affordable housing, among single family zoning.

    To do it, we will need White Liberals. Because the other side of that coin will not be any help at all.

  2. Darren Phillips says:

    Morehouse Man to Morehouse Man. Keep it up brother!!!! You are being heard.

  3. God bless you Torrance Stephens for we need many more black men like you.

  4. Brian Kellogg says:

    Rewarding Read! Torrance T. Stephens is spot on and skilled in conveying some very perceptive observations. His title says it all and he keeps his focus so well. Thank You!

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