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We Don’t Need Any Divine Saviors Or Holy Redeemers!

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( I don’t need any divine saviors or holy redeemers. I don’t need anybody trying to save my soul, which is the topic of tonight’s discussion.

On Sunday, I was watching a YouTube Channel called the Atheist Experience. When I saw it, the show was LIVE, and I called in to the show because the host was taking calls. But I called in too late. They had stopped taking calls at a certain time. My purpose for calling in to the program was that I wanted to make some comments about a previous caller’s position on whether the universe has an intelligent designer.

Of course, my answer is NO. The universe does not have an intelligent designer. In fact, the universe has always been here. When it comes to the universe itself, there is no beginning or ending.

I also wanted to speak with the host about my experiences as a former Christian and Hebrew Israelite. As many of you have already heard, I left Christianity in early 2019, and it was one of the best decisions I could’ve made for my life. I don’t regret it. I know my pastor is still praying for me. I know my sister is still praying for me. I come from a religious family who are predominantly Christian.


Sometimes, I still feel as though I’ve disappointed my pastor and other people. But I also know that many of my former church members and fellow-Christians don’t give a damn whether I left the church or Christianity.

I feel like I have disappointed them. Sometimes, I get this feeling that what if pastor sees my videos in which I’m speaking against Christianity, and she becomes disappointed about the things I said. But I really don’t care about the disappointment that I may cause compared to the years that I spent living in fear-based consciousness; living in fear that I’m going to hell when I die if I ever turned my back on Jesus or left the church or Christianity.

I’ve spent many years being taught that Christ is the way, the truth, and the life; and that no man comes unto the Father but by him. I’ve also spent many years living in fear of hell, which doesn’t pale in comparison to the disappointment I think I’ve caused them. Unless you’ve spent most of your life living in fear of going to hell for something you said or done to displease god; then you can’t possibly understand how that feels. And to this very day, I am still on speaking terms with the pastor.

What I went through with Christians in the church doesn’t even fall on the same level as the shit I recently experienced with a so-called god-fearing woman in the Hebrew Israelite tradition claiming to be polygynist when she really doesn’t want polygyny at all. The treacherous persons that exist in the Kemetic-Hebrew Israelite-pro-black, and Pan-Afrikan unconsciousness community are some of the worst characters I’ve ever dealt with. Many people in the pro-black unconsciousness community have come from violent homes and backgrounds where they’ve been abused by parents or neglected or abandoned, and nobody ever gave many of them unconditional love, which is why many of them are sociopaths.

No amount of religion or spirituality is going to fix that. All the prayer in the world won’t fix what happened to you in your adolescence. All the prayer in the world won’t bring back the fear that I felt for many years. And I’m talking about the fear of going to hell if I made a mistake or did something to displease god, or if I turned away from the church or Jesus.

I was brought up in Christianity, but I could easily have been brought up in the Nation of Islam or brought up in the Kemetic community. Some of the same teachings espoused in the Nation of Islam are also taught in Christianity. Some of the teachings espoused in Christianity has been carried over to the Kemetic community. The only difference is the gods and goddesses go by different names. Black slaves went from Christianity to the Hebrew Israelite doctrine in the late 1800s and then to the Nation of Islam in the 1900s. Then, from there, black people adopted the Kemetic religious system. But all of it was learned from white people who gave you your Westernized religion and spiritual system.

For everyone who is praying for me, or wishing me well, or wishing me contentment, or wishing me happiness; thank you for all your prayers and support. I will also say that your prayers would be better spent on tearing down the system of racism and white supremacy. All your prayers would be better spent on praying for the fall of white supremacy, and also the fall of black supremacy. Black supremacy is white supremacy. Your prayers would be better spent on healing the sick and those with fatal diseases.

All the prayers, all the love, all the wishing me wells are not going to make me see your gods from the bible and Qur’an and Torah in a different light, because no matter how much Christianity has played a pivotal role in shaping my reality, it has also played a negative role in keeping me in fear-based consciousness, which has been used against humanity in order to enslave humanity for thousands of years.

We’ve all been brainwashed by the system, and also by these governments using religion and spirituality to keep us living in constant fear of hell or in fear of the Boogey Man, and I am here to break that religious and spiritual chain out from around your mind. So, while you’re thinking you’re reconverting me, I’m actually brainwashing you back into reality. Because you need to come out of these religious systems in order to see the reality of your life and the reality of your condition. Most of y’all don’t have nothing. We’re struggling over here in this country. Many can’t retire off these jobs by the time you reach 50 years old, and your health is not great. You at work sick all the time; struggling to perform manual labor at work. Many of y’all work in these warehouses lifting heavy boxes, and you’re 50 years old, 60 and 64 years old. You live in an environment that is psychotic, and they want to defund the police, so that when you call 911, the police will be slow to respond. If they abolish certain police departments, and defund the police, it will be hard for you to get help when calling 911. As a result, the police will take longer to respond to you, and this will put more black women and children in greater danger in their own neighborhoods.

I have broken the chains of religious mind control programming from around my mind, and I see the world and the people living in it outside the realm of organized religion. There was a time when I only saw the world within the pages of the bible. Now, I see the world outside the pages of the bible. So, you can’t poison me with your Christianity anymore. You can’t poison me with your Judaism. You can’t poison me with your Hebrew Israelite doctrines. I am not going to be a slave to your biblical god called Yahweh or your New Testament character called Jesus or Yeshua or Yesha. I am not going to be your slave in your Pro-Black Consciousness Church. Your Jesus never existed historically, and it is my duty to tell you that. Pastor is praying hard for me, and some other people are also praying for me. But I won’t change my mind about what I really think about your gods and goddesses as monsters and who hate humanity.

The Jezebel in the black consciousness church thought she could influence and manipulate me into worshiping her fake malevolent deity called Yahawah (which is really Yahweh, also called Jehovah), and I have already rejected all your fake gods and goddesses from the ancient world, from your ancient religions and spiritual systems, from the ancient Babylonian religious systems, from the ancient Kemetic religious systems. I’m not worshiping your gods and goddesses. I have no use for THEM. I am not going to bow down to them nor serve them. I AM NOT GOING TO BE THEIR SLAVE. I DON’T NEED THEM TO SAVE ME EITHER. I don’t need any divine saviors or redeemers. I won’t be a slave on the pro-black consciousness plantation.

And this is why a lot of you that run in those pro-black consciousness circles don’t like Sista Noble and Angelsnupnup7, because we’ve rejected your pro-black consciousness teachings, and we’re not going to let you enslave us in your pro-black consciousness church. We’re not gonna worship your gods and goddesses, and you cannot bully us into worshiping your gods and goddesses. I’m not gonna worship Yahweh or Yahawah or Jehovah. Neither will I worship Yahawashi.

But keep on praying for me. You are more than welcome to do so. But in good conscience, I cannot worship a malevolent entity that doesn’t care for humanity, and even your own bible says that this god from the Old Testament brought a flood upon the world and destroyed all but Noah, his wife, his sons, and their wives. In the bible, this deity called Yahweh has done more to harm humans than the biblical Satan. In fact, you won’t read too many stories in the Old Testament about Satan killing innocent women and children more than Yahweh.


Staff Writer; Alberta Parish

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  1. Pelvo White, Jr. says:

    Atheist, you can no more exercise the freedom of mind, and body enough to reject the salvation of God than you can your will to breathe, or to drink water, or to eat food.You were redeemed by virtue of the blood of Jesus Christ which was shed on the cross for you. This means that Jesus Christ, the son of God,died on the cross for you thereby buying you back from the destruction of sin.No matter how far you may wander from your creator, you can always return home.Pray to God ( i.e. ask God to take away all confusion, and anger in your mind ), and God will mercifully guide you back home.

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