Tuesday, May 24, 2022

Book Review; Bringing Grandma Home: A Coronavirus Tale.

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(ThyBlackMan.com) In Bringing Grandma Home by Stanley G Buford, we are introduced to Tee and Kay, who are two siblings unhappy because of all the changes the Corona Virus has brought about. They weren’t able to go to school, play at the park with friends, or go on any special trips because of the virus. They didn’t like wearing masks everywhere and their hands were chapped and sore from washing so much. They find out their grandma is in the hospital with Covid-19.

The whole family is worried, and they plan on bringing grandma to stay at their house once she gets better. They are upset because they couldn’t even go to visit their grandma in the hospital. The days passed and the family was doing the same routine over and over again which was boring for the children. Finally, their grandma came home from the hospital which made Tee and Kay very happy. Grandma hears their complaints about restrictions due to Covid-19 and sets the record straight! The reviewer then states: I think Stanley G Buford has done a brilliant job in taking a serious situation and making it easy to understand and enjoyable for all to read.


Kindle eBook Edition; 44 pages


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Bringing Grandma Home: A Coronavirus Tale, is a heartwarming story of family and love every child struggling with understanding why the world is changing so much needs to read.

It’s not about what we can’t do, but what we should do to keep everyone safe. Bringing Grandma Home: A Coronavirus Tale, is indeed a fun book for kids and a teaching tool for adults.

Moreover, as a former Healthcare Specialist and classroom teacher Stanley has a background that immerses him in the complexities of his subject matter while simplifying it for his audience. Stanley is a graduate of DePaul University and holds a degree in Curriculum Development; with a Specialization in Economic Education, small wonder that he writes on this subject with ease and expertise. To keep his skills honed Mr. Buford has taken several classes online that deal with improving the life for healthcare workers in the era of Covid 19. Notable among these classes was: Covid-19 Training for Healthcare workers at Stanford University; and Mind Control: Managing your Personal Health Through Covid-19 at the University of Toronto.

Staff Writer; Tiffany Ferrell

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